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Inception Business Services


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Inception Business Services (IBS) provides consulting and outsourcing services in the Marketing & Branding function. Some of the services we offer are as below:

Online Marketing and Social Media Management - This involved website, blogs, content and social media strategy, social media management and execution on a day to day basis, FB and Google advertising, other online ads, co-promotions, etc

Content creation or re-writing - From very specialised 10-15 page original written documents, to articles, to brand collateral content.

Marketing consulting strategy - done by organisations which are typically 5-10 years old. So we can organise workshops, do their company SWOT, re-do the company or brand positioning. We also do stand alone workshops for customer engagement strategy, brand communication strategy, etc.

Market Study and Business Plan Development - If a business wants to start in a new location or if people are trying to enter a new audience segment or if a new business is wanting to check feasibility, we do very specific market study and submit report. We also subsequently can help with the Business Plan or the Marketing plan development for the same.

Go to market / Store launch or activation - If a retail establishment has started a new store, then planning promotions to bring in traffic and walk in. If a business is based elsewhere and starting off in chennai, we can plan and activate this market with a complete go-to-market strategy.

If you would like any of the above services you can mail us to or you can call us on 044-42698056

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Inception Business Services

  1. 1. 8 WHY IBS? b a We help leverage existing resources and enhance business value. 5 ! K [ Why we exist? Solving managerial bandwidth in organizations. IBS " Know us And work with us > $ v SERVICES ON OFFER Tailor-made solutions 9 # S WHO WE ARE Management & Marketing professionals t ( K Let’s come & see HOW WE WORK Projects and Monthly Fees / Retainer WHAT WE DELIVER Z services that straddle both thinking and execution
  3. 3. Why we exist? v I
  4. 4. Why we exist? Some pertinent needs that we help fulfill N TRUSTED PARTNER “I am just starting my business. I need a trusted partner to help me get my business up and running.” E CO-OWNED EXECUTION “We are constantly juggling so many balls. We need an effective partner to take ownership of some of the projects and see them through to meaningful execution” ] EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVES “We have enough resources, but we are looking for someone to help us with an external perspective and innovative ideas.” Q BANDWITH ISSUES “We know the right things to do, but we don't have the right resources or the time to get it done. We need reliable support to release crucial bandwidth and get more done.” Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  6. 6. From thinking to execution We deliver the entire gamut u w Ñ ( Thinking Macro Micro execution With and for you Brainstorming or Strategy Discussions Ideation - bird’s eye view of your business needs Setting plans and tasks - Moving to fix the nuts and bolts Doing – With available time and resources Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  7. 7. III Services on offer ( a
  8. 8. our services Our strength suite marketing consulting outsourcing communication 4 q $ 2 Brand Identity Brand positioning Marketing / Business plan Training/Coaching Social Media Management Brand content Customer Internal Extensive research and content Inbound marketing Brand collaterals Brand Management Property Development Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  9. 9. our clients some of our partners Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  10. 10. BRANDproperties We help create properties that create an impact 01 JUN Inception Day was organized on 1st June 2013. It is our own brand property. It helps establish thought leadership and engage with the right audience. Oct to jan Developed for A photography contest that helped engage with connoisseurs of Indian performing arts. Tie-ups with The Hindu and PSM 201213 Over the last year, conceptualized, created and shared the e-mail newsletter to engage with existing clientele of the brand. Is now a trademark property. Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  11. 11. IV TEAM IBS " K
  12. 12. our organization How we are structured ! ! Thinking Owning ! Project Owners H Project directors Executing ! One point contacts ! ! Content Daily Tasks % partners ! G Project associate Execution ! Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication ! Designers # vendors Web Development !
  13. 13. TEAMIBs Diverse.Passionate.Driven. Cross disciplines Our team draws on people from varying education and experience backgrounds. Brainstorming and ideation for projects typically involves everyone even though specific team members co-own projects. CULTURE.VALUES.PERFORMANCE We ensure our team has a holistic approach to life and work. We encourage people to associate with projects that they find personally fulfilling. It's simple really happy IBS team usually = happy IBS clients. Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  14. 14. t HOW We WORK V 9
  15. 15. How We WORK Completely depends on you [ y Project based assignments •  Time bound projects with defined objectives and milestones. •  Typical for collateral development, corporate/brand identity, positioning discussions, documentation, research, etc.  Monthly ongoing assignments •  Managing brands on an ongoing basis - online marketing, social media management, bogs & other brand content, customer engagement initiatives, etc •  Six months to one year plus contracts.  Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication
  16. 16. WORKFLOW How we operate and run assignments l & BEGIN WORK Start project r SCOPING Our inputs and work plan b o REVIEWS Feedback Converse (listen & understand) Y 6 Monitor Constantly Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication Execution Project or ongoing
  17. 17. VI WHY IBS? # b
  18. 18. whyIBS one ( six We work as your collaborative partner and more often than not step into your shoes to think and execute Ü five We constantly learn the latest happenings and bring to you state of the art solutions ! We bring fresh ideas and perspectives that add value to your business ) What’s so special We understand what your current business need is and provide solutions accordingly Three " four We come with a problem solving mindset and stay till everything is fixed two ' Marketing | Consulting | Outsourcing | Communication We constantly watch your timelines, budgets and requirements and operate and deliver within those specifications
  19. 19. THANK YOU * Hoping to begin our association soon!