U D L Wordle In The Classroom


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This is a presentation that is created in part to fulfill the requirements of the the course on Universal Design for Learning (T560) at the Harvard but also to share with fellow educators the use of Wordle in the Classroom.

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U D L Wordle In The Classroom

  1. 1. WORDLE by in the Classroom Paviter Singh
  2. 2. Using Book Builder Coaches Will give you tips related to Pav the classroom application of wordle Will give you technical / Teecha technology related tips and assistance Will remind you how Smarty wordle is related to UDL
  3. 3. Using Book Builder Take Note select green font Action Tasks click underlined type red arrow Visual Guides red circle red box Emphasis text in bold Without...
  4. 4. Using Book Builder Access Visit the Contents Page Contents Page for an overview of the entire book At the bottom of the page, Navigate click on left arrows to go between pages back and right arrows to move forward At the bottom of each Listen page, click play to listen to the Author to the instructions on the slide
  5. 5. What is Wordle? Wordle is a free online tool that enables you to generate word clouds When you enter a body of text, the tool generates a cloud that gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently within the text you provide The greater the number of times a word appears within the text, the larger that word will appear in your cloud The tools allows you to customize the layout, font and colors scheme of your wordle clouds as well as save or print them out Wordle Cloud of President Obama’s speech at the State of the Union
  6. 6. Step 1: Get Online Open a browser to the internet We recommend you use the Firefox Browser for best results
  7. 7. Step 2: Go to Wordle.Net address panel In the address panel of your internet browser type in: http://www.wordle.net Then click the ENTER key on your keyboard
  8. 8. Step 3: Creating a Wordle Cloud There are two methods to create a wordle cloud Selecting the right method for you depends on your intended purpose Tip: Think about how you intend to use this tool in your lesson?
  9. 9. Step 4: Selecting the right method Reason for creating a wordle cloud To “engineer” a wordle cloud by To nd out which words allocating prominence to some occur most frequently words (through a simple within a body of text formula) and not others METHOD 1 METHOD 2
  10. 10. Step 5: Using Method 1 PURPOSE: To nd out which words occur most frequently within a body of text Use METHOD 1
  11. 11. Step 6: Using Method 1 Click on ‘Create your own’ click here
  12. 12. Step 7: Using Method 1 Without closing the internet browser to wordle Select the body of text that you would like to create a wordle cloud out of Right click and select the copy option
  13. 13. Step 8: Using Method 1 Return to the internet browser that is open to wordle Point your mouse to the window where it says ‘Paste in a bunch of text’ Right click and select the paste option
  14. 14. Step 9: Using Method 1 Click on the GO button Wait for between 10 - 20 seconds click here The next thing you see will be your completed wordle cloud!