Leveraging On Web2.0 In Teaching And Learning


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Slides on how Web 2.0 Tools can be used to improve teaching and learning. Includes resources gathered from several online sources.

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Leveraging On Web2.0 In Teaching And Learning

  1. St Anthony’s  Canossian  Secondary  School Paviter Singh Head of Humanities & English paviter_singh@moe.edu.sg 1
  2. Leveraging on Web 2.0 in Teaching/Learning what is the big deal?? 2
  3. The Future of Education The Internet is becoming a platform for unparalleled creativity. 3
  4. The Future of Education Our students are the ones responsible for creating the new content of the WEB. 4
  5. Wikipedia 5
  6. Flickr 6
  7. Slideshare 7
  8. Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Reading Contributing Receiving Collaborating Researching Creating 8
  9. Web 2.0 Trends that will have a profound impact on education A new publishing revolution A culture of openness A tidal wave of information A culture of participation Mass customisation The age of the collaborator The world - flatter & faster The web - a conversation The power of social networking 9
  10. The Future of Education Information is changing WHERE and HOW we learn is changing 10
  11. The Future of Education If we don’t integrate the tools effectively... Formal education will become increasingly irrelevant 11
  12. Pedagogical capabilities of engagement collaboration creativity authenticity openness personal expression discussion participation proactivity passionate interest access to information critical thinking adapted from presentation by Steve Hargadon 12
  13. Our Objective Create a wiki to showcase a lesson that utilises at least 1 tool learnt today 13
  14. Google Docs wordle 14
  15. Some Useful Links https://paviter.wikispaces.com http://www.classroom20.com 15
  16. Google Docs Twenty interesting ways to use google docs in the classroom 16
  17. Twenty Five interesting ways to use twitter in the classroom 17
  18. wordle Thirty Eight interesting ways to use wordle in the classroom 18
  19. Free & Online Facilitates integration of web resources Easy way to create a website without the fuss Good way to find sites that other teachers find useful Do not need to start from scratch Able to take a track created by another teacher & adapt The credit is then rewritten to include both teachers 19
  20. 20
  21. 21
  22. Interactive & Collaborative Free & Online Simple & Easy to use Little Distractions / Adverts Multiple export options 22
  23. • Allows multiple collaborators • Facilitates discussion among students Interactive & • Teacher can observe or contribute Collaborative to discussion as well • Ability to combine information from different mind maps 23
  24. • No payment • Does not require downloading of any software • Key in email address to register Free & Online • Application can even be used without registering • Anywhere, anytime • Able to save mind maps online 24
  25. Simple & Easy • Basic features to use • Short learning curve • No advertisements Little • Distraction free Distractions 25
  26. • Can be easily printed, saved in Multiple multiple formats or emailed Export • Able to change colours and fonts Options or show and hide bubbles 26
  27. Concept Mapping Interactive & Collaborative Free & Online More functions Ability to embed map in website/wiki 27
  28. Free & Online Share documents online Valuable content resource Embed documents in webpages Privacy Option 28
  29. Share • Different methods of uploading documents documents online • Simple, easy to use uploading tool 29
  30. • Not only a means to share Valuable documents Content • Access to many thousands of Resource documents on a variety of topics 30
  31. • Uses a technology called iPaper • No need to launch an external viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat or Embed Word) to view or interact with the documents in document webpages • Able to search through any particular document • Good way to share notes with students, colleagues 31
  32. • Can decide if document is to be Privacy viewed by everyone or select Option group of invited people 32
  33. Similar to Scribd Able to create ‘Slide casts’ (add audio to slides to create a broadcast) 33
  34. Our Objective Create a wiki to showcase a lesson that utilises at least 1 tool learnt today http://web.mac.com/paviter/ReThink 34
  35. Leveraging on Web 2.0 in Teaching/Learning Please give us your feedback http:// www.tinyurl.com/ e4cluster 35
  36. St Anthony’s  Canossian  Secondary  School Paviter Singh Head of Humanities & English paviter_singh@moe.edu.sg 36