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Nodejs Intro


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This presentation was intended to be used at Frankfurt HTML5/CSS3 meetup in April. It wasn't but I still felt like uploading it ;)

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Nodejs Intro

  1. 1. Node.js “Because nothing blocks, less-than-expert programmers are able to develop fast systems.” Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  2. 2. Node.js written in C and JavaScript I/O framework evented non-blocking server-side JavaScript CommonJS module system using V804/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  3. 3. written in C ./configure make make install #> node myfile.js04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  4. 4. I/O network I/O file I/O * I/O04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  5. 5. evented var tcp = require(tcp); var server = tcp.createServer(function (socket) { socket.setEncoding("utf8"); event handlers socket.addListener("connect", function () { socket.send("hellorn"); for anything }); socket.addListener("receive", function (data) { event loop }); socket.send(data); no threads socket.addListener("eof", function () { socket.send("goodbyern"); socket.close(); }); }); server.listen(7000, "localhost");04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  6. 6. non-blocking I/O is never blocking anything callbacks on anything everything in a single thread + loop very small memory footprint04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  7. 7. server-side JS V8 engine CommonJS: file = module // this loads circle.js and the sys object var circle = require(./circle); var sys = require(sys); // use the sys and circle object sys.puts(circle area at radius 4 = + circle.area(4)); no window object04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.
  8. 8. Benefits low memory footprint per connection high concurrency “hanging” requests -> Comet custom TCP/HTTP servers active module community e.g. WebSockets server04/2010 Rocco Georgi, PavingWays Ltd.