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4 prez. romania ultim ppt


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4 prez. romania ultim ppt

  1. 1. Romania Comenius Project Overcoming prejudices through Fairy Tales 2012 - 2014
  2. 2. ROMANIA
  3. 3. Romania is a country located in southeastern Central Europe, on the LowerDanube, north of the Balkan Peninsulaand the north western Black Sea coast. Romania's surface is 237.500Km2 The population is 22,760,449inhabitants Romania has a varied landscape:mountains over 2500m, hills, plains,meadows and Danube Delta. It has cold winters and hot summers.
  4. 4. Romania is the perfect land of contrasts and paradoxes: the country of Constantin Brancusi, Eugen Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade and Nadia Comaneci, but also of Dracula and Nicolae Ceausescu.
  5. 5. The Old World of Romania is a vast museum of ancien heritage and still alive even if only through its famous painted churches and monasteries , its folk. art , or its feudal castles in the Carpathian Mountains. The New World may be embodied by the Parliament Palace and the subway network in Bucharest , or by the Wastern styles of life adopted by Romania” s townsfolk.
  6. 6. Romanian people are of Latin origin like Italians, French, being the only Roman people from the East-Europe. Today the Romanian society is considered to have appropriated most of the democratic values . The political parties alternate to govern country a formed civil society. The norms of the Law State are respected.
  7. 7. Is the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon
  8. 8. Bran castle Majestic human creation in the heart of Carpathians
  9. 9. Peles castle Peleș Castle is a Neo- Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in on an existing medieval route linking Transilvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883. The castle itself is very impressive through the riches it has accumulated: old and new canvases, old furniture, weapons, all sort of curios, everything placed with good taste.
  10. 10. Balea lake Balea Lake is a glacial lake (formed in cirque) located at an altitude of 2040 m, in Fagaras mountains.
  11. 11. Bran-Moeciu We are in a beautiful area on the trail of Count Dracula.
  12. 12. Bucovina One area where tradition is respected and hospitality is the height
  13. 13. Bears cave (Pestera Ursilor)  Bear Cave is also significant because 140 cave bear skeletons were  discovered on the site in 1983.
  14. 14. Romanian Mountains The Carpathians Bucegi mountains DDDDDooooommmmmiiiiinnnnnaaaaattttteeeee ttttthhhhheeeee mmmmmiiiiiddddddddddllllleeeee Dominate the middle of the country : the Eastern Carpathians , the Southern Carpathians , the Western Carpathians
  15. 15. Danube Delta Danube Delta – UNESCO heritage It ‘s the youngest land in Europe , it grows larger by 40 m of land every year. The largest wetland in Europe with over 1200 species of trees and the richest ornithological fauna on the continent.
  16. 16. Poiana Brasov With its central location, Brașov is a suitable location from which to explore Romania, and the distances to several tourist destinations (including the Black Sea resorts, the monasteries in northern Moldavia, and the wooden churches of Maramures) are similar.
  17. 17. Brasov It is also the largest city in a mountain resorts area. The old city is very well preserved and is best seen by taking the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Mountain.
  18. 18. Bucharest Arch of Triumph the Athenaeum
  19. 19. Traditional dancers & peasants @work
  20. 20. HOREZU Horezu, a small mountain town, is situated in the south-western part of the country and is famous-nationally and internationally for a wonderful tradition, that has been preserved and passed over from generation: pottery. The landscapes are amazing and the people’s friendly. These are the reasons why tourism is the main preoccupation of the officials and the local people. It hasn’t got many people about 7000 inhabitants. Around the town there are some small but beautiful villages.
  21. 21. High School Constantin Brancoveanu Horezu
  22. 22. Our school Gr. S. “Constantin Brancoveanu” Horezu is well-equipped and one of the biggest schools in the region, as over 2000 students are educated here by 100 teachers and engineers every year.
  23. 23. The school provides education for both primary students-who start school at the age of 6 or 7 – and secondary students-who finish it in their eighteens or nineteens. Our students study English and French as foreign languages and some of them have already been integrated in a few projects in the past few years.
  24. 24. That is why our school is really interested in getting involved in other European projects, as this is a great opportunity for both our students and our teachers to broaden their cultural horizon by learning more about other cultures and other traditions; to understand the need for better education and equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their social or cultural background.
  25. 25. This material does not represent the official position of the European Union. The material was realized with the financial support of the European Commission.