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Hyderabad Metro Rail Project


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Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

  1. 1. Hyderabad Metro Rail Project - A case study
  2. 2. Topics • Metro Network • FinancialAspects • Sub-structure - Foundation • Super structure - Piers, Bearings, Pre-Cast Segments • Station Concept • Rolling Stock • AutomaticTrain Operation (ATO) • Summary
  4. 4. Financial Aspects Total cost of Project Rs.14,320 Cr. Central GOVT 10% of Total cost L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad limited Remaining Total cost State GOVT (Telangana) Ready to bear the extra cost State GOVT (Andhra Pradesh) 0% • Initially allotted to MAYTAS, but, was cancelled due to delay in Financial closure. • Allotted to L&T in PPP mode, DBFOT basis.
  5. 5. Structure - Overview
  6. 6. Foundation • Soil Investigation • Shifting of Services and Amenities • Foundation • Open foundation • Pile foundation Concrete/ Rock Breaker Vibrator Compactor
  7. 7. Pile driving equipment
  8. 8. Piers Boom Placer Transit Mixer Shuttering • Inner surface of Formwork coated with ‘Mould Releasing Agent’; to prevent adhesion of Concrete to the Formwork. Security Barricade
  9. 9. Piers (Contd.) Piers Total distance covered 72 KM Total no. of piers 2748 Piers in corridor – I 1109 Piers in corridor – II 588 Piers in corridor – III 1051 Piers completed till now 1635 Piers
  10. 10. Bearings • Bearings are used for resisting the rotatory loads
  11. 11. Pre-Fabrication • Piers hold the viaduct, this is done by stringing and sticking the Segments together. Segments Gantry andTravel for Lifting and Loading Segments in theYard
  12. 12. Pre-Cast Segments • In gen, 10 Segments between 2 Piers, each Segment about 40Tons. • PlacingViaduct Segments with the help of Launching Gantry. Launching Gantry Viaduct Segments under-slung during Sticking and Stitching process Slings for holding Viaduct Segments Traveler For Lifting And Shifting Segments VIADUCT VIADUCT P I E R
  13. 13. Pre-Cast Segments (Contd.) Sticking the Pre-Cast Segments Application of Epoxy on surface of Segment
  14. 14. Pre-Cast Segments (Contd.) Stringing of Pre-Cast Segments Stringing Cable Duct in Pre-Cast Segment
  15. 15. Station Concept • The Stations, being windows to the Metro Service, are tastefully designed reflecting local culture. Uppal stationInterior view of station
  16. 16. Station Concept (Contd.) Station Design • Stations are covered by an overlapping roofing system, open at sides, covering the platform • Staircases & Escalators designed based on • Architectural Elements • Functional Aspects.
  17. 17. Rolling Stock • LTHMR has given Rolling Stock contract to Hyundai Rotem Company (South Korea). • Total 57Three-CarTrain Sets. Measurement of car 21.7 X 2.9 X 3.8 (meters) Material of car Stainless steel Gauge length 1435 mm Max. Design Speed 90 Km/h Signal System ATO/ATP Capacity (per train set) 126 seats Power supply 25 KV AC Rolling Stock
  18. 18. AutomaticTrain Operation (ATO) Train controls Interior view • LTHMR has given the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system to TheThales Company . • Thales will Design, Build, Deliver and Manage the installation of the fully automatedCBTC.
  19. 19. Summary • Faster : - JourneyTime  Reduced • Greater traffic capacity equivalent to: • 7 lanes of BusTraffic (or) • 24 lanes of CarTraffic • Low Energy Consumption per Passenger Km: • 20% only  in comparison to Road-based Systems. • Eco-Friendly : • Air Pollution  Nil • Sound Pollution  Negligible
  20. 20. Development never ENDS Thank u !!!!!!!!!!