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Email vs social media in 2016


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Why email marketing beats social media, researched data till 2016 shows the reasons for why email outperforms social.

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Email vs social media in 2016

  1. 1. Email vs Social 71% 13% 2% Consumer's first opens other social and news sites contribute the rest 71%consumers favor email as their first online “check”of the day. –ExactTarget Engagement For 2000subscribers,average industry open rate is 21.73i.e 435opens for 2000 people For 2000page likes,average 120people will see your message For 2000followers,40twitter followers or less people will see your message According to HubSpot,75%of marketers saythat theyare using more email than theywere three years ago. Cost Howmuch does email marketing costs? Price varies with provider,lowon pockets?then Mailchimp is the best mailchimp is free upto 2000subscribers, further it'll cost you as lowas 75$/month for 10000subscribers Facebook cpc is between $0.20and $0.30. google cpc varies commonlyfrom $0.9- $5.8perclick Conclusion:Email beats social. sources: this infographic brought to you by read.learn.implement.grow.