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SemPuSH: ISWC 2011 Poster


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P Kapanipathi, J Anaya, A Passant. SemPuSH: Privacy-Aware and Scalable Broadcasting for Semantic Microblogging (Demo) at International Semantic Web Conference 2011

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SemPuSH: ISWC 2011 Poster

  1. 1. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Kno.e.sis Ohio Center Of Excellence Push Updates SemPush: Privacy-Aware and Scalable Broadcasting for Semantic Microblogging 1 Pavan Kapanipathi, Julia Anaya, Alexandre Passant SMOB -- Decentralized realtime architecture SMOB is a Semantic Microblogging Frameworks. SMOB hubs are spread on the Web, owned and managed by users. PubSubHubbub SemPuSH – Protocol Extension PubSubHubbub (PuSH) is a simple, open, server to sever, web hook based communication protocol that is an extension to Atom and RSS. Publisher during the update of new content, also provides its preference on who should receive the content to the Semantic Hub. 1. I have new content for feed X Hubs publish messages and/or subscribe to other hub feeds using PubSubHubBub (PuSH). 2. Give me the new content 1. Hey I have new content for feed X + my preference Y 4. Here is the latest content for feed X Sub - A Sub - B Publisher Hub Subscriber Subscriber Subscriber Subscriber Semantic Hub Publisher Sub - C Subscriber 3. Here it is 4. Get the subscribers of Pub whose profile matches preference Y What is missing? In addition, SMOB can also run on mobile or laptops thanks to Web Sockets. <> a ppo:PrivacyPreference; ppo:appliesToResource <>; ppo:assignAccess acl:Read ppo:hasCondition [ ppo:hasProperty tag:Tag; ppo:resourceAsObject <> ]; ppo:hasAccessSpace [ ppo:hasAccessQuery "ASK { ?x foaf:topic_interest <> }" ]. SMOB now uses Semantic Hub to provide its users a privacy-aware (controlled) content dissemination. A SMOB user generates preferences (SPARQL Query) based on hashtags he/she uses. SMOB automatically includes the preference with the content as and when a micropost containing the hashtag is generated. 1. POST 2. Get my privacy settings for dbPedia:Semantic_Web Privacy Preference The following example shows how a publisher, using PPO, can restrict a microblog post to users that are interested in the same concept used to tag the post. Social Graph SemPuSH in SMOB Semantic Social Graph The publisher uses the light weight vocabulary PPO to define his/her privacy preferences. 5. Here is the latest content for feed X As in PuSH, the complexity of usercontrolled dissemination is at the Hub. Semantic Hub stores the profiles of the users as a publisher centric social graph, thatis used to fetch the list of subscribers eligible to receive the content. PubSubHubbub used for Distributed Social Networks such as SMOB does not allow publisher controlled dissemination of content, i.e. the content is broadcasted to all the subscribers for the corresponding publisher. Semantic Hub stores the FOAF profiles of the users (pub/sub) during their first interaction with the Semantic Hub. The FOAF of the users are linked using the push vocabulary. The push vocabulary is a light weight vocabulary used to model information of users communicating via the Semantic Hub. Sub - D 3. Here it is 2. Give me the latest content for feed X “Presentation at ISWC by me on Sunday #semanticweb” 6. Get subscribers matching Access Space Social Graph 7. SMOB – B And SMOB - D 4. There is a micropost RDF SMOB – A 5. Get micropost+ Access Space Semantic Hub 3. Access Space: #semanticweb SELECT ?user WHERE { ?user foaf:topic_interest ?topic ?topic dcterms:subject category:Semantic_Web } 8. Push Updates SMOB – B SMOB – C SMOB – D Interest: Knowledge Engg Interest: Computer Networks Interest: Semantic Search Semantic Hub executes the preference on the publisher’s social graph. The subset of the subscribers retried are pushed with the appropriate content. Kapanipathi Pavan, Anaya Julia, Sheth Amit, Slatkin Brett, and Passant Alexandre. Privacy-Aware and Scalable Content Dissemination in Distributed Social Networks. In Proceedings of the 10th International Semantic Web Conference,ISWC’11, 2010. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. SFI/08/CE/I1380 (Lion 2), IRC-SET scholarship, Google Research Award. Enabling Networked Knowledge