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  2. 2. QTP Script for connecting to database(MS Access) Option Explicit Dim con,rs Set con=createobject("adodb.connection") Set rs=createobject("adodb.recordset") con.provider="microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0""d:testdata.mdb""select*from emp",con Do while not rs.eof VbWindow("Form1").VbEdit("val1").Set rs.fields("v1") VbWindow("Form1").VbEdit("val2").Set rs.fields("v2") VbWindow("Form1").VbButton("ADD").Click rs.movenext Loop
  3. 3. Database we are using here is MS Access.before running this script create a table in MS Acess. In the above script i used table called "emp" and column names as "v1" and "v2". "d:testdata.mdb" is path of the table which we created.Main use of this application is to use testdata of table(which is in database) in the application.
  4. 4. DataDriven Testing using ExcelSheet instead of Datatable This is script for data driven using excel sheet. In this script we are not importing excel sheet to datatable.Directly values are supplied to application from excel sheet. Set ex= CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set"D:excel.xls") Set b=a.worksheets("Sheet1") dim login,pwd for i=1 to 3 login=b.Cells(i,"A").value pwd=b.Cells(i,"B").value msgbox login msgbox pwd next
  5. 5. "D:excel.xls" is path of excel sheet."sheet1"indicates sheet name in which values are present. A,B are column names in excel sheet.we have excel sheet with values as shown below in d drive. AB 12 34 56
  6. 6. Descriptive Programming to Create Folder in System Set obj=createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject") Set notepad=obj.createfolder("d:abc") this script will create a folder named "abc" in "d" drive.
  7. 7. Timeout for MessageBoxScript for MessageBox to disappear after particular time without clicking on ok button manually. Set a=createobject("")msgbox_message="Message Box will close by itself in 10seconds so dont click on OK button" msgbox_time="10" msgbox_title="Testing"a.popup msgbox_message,msgbox_time,msgbox_title Where time is in seconds.
  8. 8. Descriptive Programming for Yahoo Login Page SystemUtil.Run"iexplore",""Set g=Browser("name:=Yahoo.*").Page("title:=Yahoo.*") g.WebEdit("name:=login").Set "aaa" g.WebEdit("name:=passwd").SetSecure "bbb" g.WebButton("name:=Sign In").Click g.Link("name:=Inbox.*", "html id:=WelcomeInboxFolderLink").Click g.Link("name:=Sign Out").Click
  9. 9. SystemUtil.Run"iexplore","" statement opens yahoo login page aaa=username bbb=password For more QTP Scripts