Ushering in a new era in power transmission


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Ushering in a new era in power transmission

  1. 1. 1 YITS
  2. 2. 2 YITS
  3. 3. Introduction To develop 1200 kV AC Transmission System and associated equipment indigenously, a joint initiative is taken by POWERGRID, CPRI and Equipment Manufacturers to set up a 1200 kV Testing Station and an experimental line at BINA in Madhya Pradesh. 3 YITS
  4. 4. HOW POWERGRID PLAYS AN IMPORTANTROLE POWERGRID plays a significant role in socio- economic development of the country and in pursuing clear objective of transmitting power across the country In a bid to further boost the transmission capacity of the country, India has moved towards Ultra High voltage (UHV) transmission level. 4 YITS
  5. 5. Voltage Upgradation5 YITS
  6. 6. WHY WE ARE GOING TO 1200KVTRANSMISSIONTable I gives he comparison of Power transfer capability(MW/m) for transmission voltages in India. Table 1 Description 400kv 800kv 1200kv ROW(m) 46 64 92 Capacity(MW) 600-700 2500- 6000- 3000 8000 MW/m 15 45 87 Need for UHV voltage level to transmit power over large distances was always felt.6 YITS
  7. 7. Test Station Details•Two 1000 MVA 1200/400/33 kV Auto Transformers•Two 1200kV & 400kV Bays•One 1200kV line Single Circuit (about 1.1 Km long)•One 1200kV line Double Circuit Line (about 0.8 Km long)7 YITS
  9. 9. Series Capacitor installationSeries capacitors are installed to reach more efficient use of the transmissionlineThe series compensation is an economic method of improving powertransmission capability of the lines9 YITS
  10. 10. 1200 kV National Test Station Establishment of 1200kV UHVAC Test Station at Bina in association with 33 domestic manufacturers For indigenous development of 1200KV technology Indigenous development of equipments shall help in  To conduct development atleast to optimize design of substation and transmission equipments.  Indigenous development shall help in reduction of cost and convenience of O&M 10 YITS
  11. 11. 1200kV Transformer successfullydeveloped, tested and commissioned.Test Setup for 1200kV Transformer 1200kV Transformer successfully tested11 YITS
  12. 12. 1200kV Test Station12 YITS
  13. 13. 1200kV Test Station The initial operational experience of 1200kV Test Station will prove to be the corner stone of future commercial projects India’s first 1200kV UHVAC Transmission Line from Wardha to Aurangabad is already under construction 13 YITS
  14. 14. Bundle Conductor Selection. PGCIL carried out these tests in a Corona cage at UHV test lab at CPRI, Hyderabad. Octagonal Bersimis ACSR (Die 35.1mm) bundle conductor was chosen. Three types of bundle arrangements. with different sub conductor spacing of 350 mm. 450 mm and 550 mm were adopted. 14 YITS
  15. 15. 1200kV Wardha-Aurangabad Line It’s India’s first 1200 kV UHVAC Transmission Line – 400kV Double circuit line upgradable to 1200kV Towers and Foundations are designed considering 1200kV parameters Tower designs are suitable for operation of two circuits of 400kV 15 YITS
  16. 16. 1200KV Transmission Corridor16 YITS
  17. 17. Challenges in 1200kV Transmission17 YITS
  18. 18. Conclusion: According to my view, India has quite an experience in 11 kV to 420 kV systems. But in 800 kV AC system, it has only limited exposure. In this context, the Power Grid was in the forefront of indigenously developing a 1200 KV UHV electrical transmission system. The UHV transmission system, would go a long way in helping to conserve the right of way (as it would replace three 400 kV transmission lines). 18 YITS
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