The Pause Legacy - Chapter 3:More Cake Please


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Some thing happen to sims

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The Pause Legacy - Chapter 3:More Cake Please

  1. 1. Welcome to chapter 3 of The Pause Legacy, where Edmund goes to Vegas.<br />Okay he doesn’t.<br />I don’t remember why he made that face, but God I love it.<br />
  2. 2. Pauline had recently cheated on Edmund right in front of him and as she went into labour. Edmund refused to follow her to the hospital. However, his obsessions with babies soon made him run to meet Pauline.<br />Edmund: “Hey lady, have you seen a large, pregnant woman screaming murder about a man named Edmund?”<br />Lady: “Err yeah, she went through a few minutes ago.”<br />Edmund: “Thanks.”<br />
  3. 3. Edmund: “Hold on Pauline, Daddy’s still coming!”<br />
  4. 4. Edmund made it and the two walked out with their new baby boys, Kingfisher and Roy.<br />The smell of new twins really helps to mellow Edmund out.<br />
  5. 5. Edmund: “You know Pauline, you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to…”<br />Pauline: “That’s what I’m talkin’‘bout.”<br />
  6. 6. Eh, five boys, was it too much to ask for a girl?<br />Hey, where’s Dion?<br />
  7. 7. least he’s finally getting some alone time.<br />
  8. 8. Thankfully is was Jude and Dion’s birthday, yay for two less babies in the house!<br />
  9. 9. Jude became even more like his Dad (which I highly approve of), and became an excitable, inappropriate slob.<br />
  10. 10. And Dion turned into an artistic, lonely slob. ..with Pauline’s fish lips, but his smiles are so cute, he can get away with it.<br />
  11. 11. Oh, look at their lovely noses and eyes and lips (well Jude’s anyway). If they had Edmund’s blue eyes they would be perfect.<br />
  12. 12. The three boys.<br />
  13. 13. Zared: “What do you guys want to do?”<br />Jude: ”I wanna do something VERY inappropriate, I don’t care what.”<br />Dion: “I’d like to go paint.”<br />Zared: “Pfft! Why would you want to do that? Paintings are a waste of time and they’re ugly!”<br />
  14. 14. Not listening to Zared, Dion began painting straight away and was a natural.<br />
  15. 15. While the other two plotted, collaborating their hatred of art and inappropriateness. <br />Zared: “Well, wanna go destroy Dion’s latest “work of art”?”<br />Jude: “I’m listening.”<br />
  16. 16. Hmmm, they may not be talking but at least they will share the same bed now.<br />
  17. 17. Having five kids is a real drain on the resources. So while I could buy them all beds, I couldn’t afford any walls to put them in .__.<br />Let’s hope they don’t mind roughing it.<br />
  18. 18. Zared is just like his Dad, they both like eating cake in the nude.<br />
  19. 19. Edmund: “Good morning son! Permission to go to work?!”<br />Zared: “As you were soldier.”<br />
  20. 20. Pauline! Cavorting with your ex?! Haven’t you learnt anything?!<br />Hank: “Pauline, you know I love hanging around you, but did you really invite me over just to dance?”<br />Pauline: “No.”<br />Hey, I don’t like where this is going again!<br />
  21. 21. Pauline: “Listen Hank, I know we once cared for each other and sometimes I still dream about your perfect bone structure and hulking biceps....mmmm....but Edmund doesn’t trust me at the moment, and for that trust to rise again, I need to prove I love him and that means no more flirting. However innocent and fun it may have been.”<br />Oh Pauline, I’m so proud of you *sniff*<br />
  22. 22. Dion: “Hey Elvis. Thanks for coming home with me. Now we can both go out and roll around in some garbage. I’ve already been! You should smell me! It’s fantastic.”<br />
  23. 23. Elvis: “Dion, I think I’ll go home.”<br />Dion: “Smell that odour before you go.”<br />
  24. 24. So he went home without jumping in a pile of garbage?<br />Dion: “Yes, but I only said those things so he would go home and give me some privacy.”<br />
  25. 25. Jude, you’ve been on the toilet for ages....<br />Jude: “mmm...nearly done okay!”<br />
  26. 26. Jude: “Phew, must have been something I ate?”<br />What was something you ate? Wait a minute...<br />
  27. 27. OH. MY. GOD!<br />Curse you slob sims, that was just cleaned by Zared.<br />
  28. 28. Zared: “Oh no, dirty toilet. It’s on everything. Still not clean, still not clean.”<br />
  29. 29. I got sidetracked and the youngest twins grew into toddlers. Roy is pretty cute.<br />
  30. 30. AHHH! Look at Kingfisher, he’s sooooooocuuuuuuuuute. Look as his eyes, and his little hotdog shirt!<br />He has the best traits of all toddlers so far.<br />
  31. 31. Next it was Zared’s birthday. He’s actually excited about something.<br />Eh, I’m pretty sure this house has had enough birthdays already.<br />
  32. 32. So....yeah....<br />This is Zared for you. No real improvement. Unless I do something like this:<br />
  33. 33. What, didn’t work?<br />
  34. 34. Hey, Zared. Now that you’re a teenager you can finally help with the babies. GET TO IT!<br />
  35. 35. Who wouldn’t want to hold this guy?<br />
  36. 36. Roy: “Dat block must be tasteez. Kingy, I give you dis shiny block for dat boring block.”<br />
  37. 37. How was school Jude?<br />Jude: “Great! I pointed out every little mistake the teacher made, and I found not wearing shoes anywhere to be rather pleasant.”<br />
  38. 38. How was school Dion?<br />Dion: “Horrible! The teacher made me participate in group and she made she wash my hands before lunch!”<br />
  39. 39. Jude: “Come here my pretties.”<br />
  40. 40. Jude: “Got you Mr. Butterfly, now I shall eat you.”<br />
  41. 41. Jude ignored all empty tables and did his homework on a wet bathroom floor. Because the shower wasn’t working I made Dion at least brush his teeth.<br />
  42. 42. Dion: “*sulk* This minty toothpaste makes my teeth hurt.”<br />
  43. 43. Zared: “You stupid shower. I wouldn’t be so angry at it breaking if it didn’t spout like some artistic fountain in the park.”<br />
  44. 44. Zared: “Jude, I have an ingenious plan. I’m going to take cute little Kingfisher to the park with me, that way all the pretty teen girls will swoon over him and I’ll look like the caring older brother who’ll sweep them off their feet.”<br />Jude: “Hmm, Zared that won’t work, I see a major flaw in that plan.”<br />Zared: “Which is?”<br />
  45. 45. Jude: “Zared, you’re really ugly.”<br />Zared: “But...Kingfisher...”<br />Jude: “REALLY, ugly.”<br />
  46. 46. Pauline: “Have you noticed that I haven’t flirted with anyone in ages? Maybe we can begin to trust each other a little more.”<br />Edmund: “Maybe, I’ve been pretty lonely.”<br />Pauline: “Maybe we go somewhere and be less lonely together.”<br />
  47. 47. Edmund: “Eh hehehehheheheh okay.”<br />
  48. 48. Edmund: “Yes that right Roy, Your mummy had got Edmund by the balls.”<br />
  49. 49. Playing Bioshock 2? I’m a fan myself?<br />Zared: “Of course not, I’m doing...homework for military school.”<br />Hmm right, because I’m always hunched over my computer that like that when I do homework.<br />
  50. 50. Zared: “Oh no! Die diedie!”<br />.....<br />Zared: “Ahem, die you nasty assignment.”<br />
  51. 51. Pauline, did the first picture of Edmund.<br />It’s horrible.<br />
  52. 52. Dion didn’t do much better.<br />
  53. 53. Zared: “I’m having trouble deciding what I want to do with my life, Jude. I like the idea of following Dad in the military, but I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it.<br />Jude: “You just need some stimulation for it. Here, I’ll act like I’m in the military and you are my superior.”<br />
  54. 54. Jude: “I salute you, Major Pause!”<br />Zared: “Yes. I think I do quite like it.”<br />
  55. 55. This is Erica Womak, Jude’s cute little friend and potential marriage material.<br />
  56. 56. Jude: “and so I saluted him and made him think that life in military is great and when he trips over the obstacle course, I’ll be there. Ready to point and laugh!”<br />Erica: “Can I join? I also like pointing and laughing.”<br />
  57. 57. Seeing as that Womak kid is the only girl the family knows of I sent Zared on reconnaissance.<br />Zared: “Yes, my first mission. I shall not fail.”<br />
  58. 58. Too man-like.<br />
  59. 59. Too old.<br />
  60. 60. Here’s one! Myra Mae. She has potential.<br />
  61. 61. Another one!....I think, it’s wearing a dress.<br />It’s Casper Santos’ kid so a lot of questions just got answered there. And now you know she didn’t inherit the mono-brow, she doesn’t look so bad. Can’t remember the name, I call her Santos Jnr.<br />
  62. 62. Happened upon this girl too. Not sure why they are all nearly bald. Lice outbreak?<br />Anyway I sent Dion over to meet her.<br />
  63. 63. Dion: “Why don’t any girls have hair in this town?”<br />Baldy: “I don’t know! Boy cooties?”<br />Dion: “I forgot, I hate people so I need to go away now.”<br />
  64. 64. Jude: “How was your little date?”<br />Dion: “It was awful, she had a nose the exact opposite of Zared’s. I wanted to hit it with a rolling pin.”<br />
  65. 65. Jude: “You’d wanna be careful Dion. When you hit people with rolling pins, they die. And their angry ghosts come back and haunt you!”<br />Dion: “That’s stupid. People don’t die from rolling pins. They die in mass riots and crowded concerts.”<br />
  66. 66. Jude: “You’re a stupid twin brother. When I say something you agree with me.”<br />Dion: “Whatever, I’m going to bed.”<br />
  67. 67. It may be a 3X4 room but at least you’re smelly and alone.<br />
  68. 68. Jude: “Damn, Dion sulked off, I need to find and tease somebody and soon. It needs to be good.”<br />
  69. 69. Zared: “Hey Jude, anything good on telly?”<br />Jude: “About as good as your plan to lure in the ladies with Kingfisher! I don’t see any girls hanging off you! What a rush, I needed that.”<br />
  70. 70. Kingfisher can lure in anyone he wants, and he knows it.<br />
  71. 71. Oh yeah, he knows it.<br />
  72. 72. Zared: “How dare Jude speak to me like that. I’m his older brother. I will get revenge, and it will be as tasty as this dinner.”<br />
  73. 73. Z: “Oh yes, I will get him.”<br />Ah! I think I’m going to need to change Zared’s traits.<br />
  74. 74.
  75. 75. I got sidetracked again and it’s now Jude’s and Dion’s birthday.....AGAIN<br />Pauline: “Son, I’m so proud. Give your mother a hug.”<br />Jude: “Mum! I’m trying to grow up here, don’t be all up in my space.”<br />Pauline: “Where did you learn such language?”<br />
  76. 76. Jude becomes even more of a jerk, if that’s even possible.<br />He looks so much like Edmund, he’s like a clone. If only teens could have beards so I can check.<br />
  77. 77. Yes, that didn’t really work evidently.<br />
  78. 78. Dion became the opposite to his brother and is a friendly messy artist who likes to be left alone.<br />With a loverly smile :D<br />
  79. 79. Zared recently started chatting up Jaimey Hart, and thought she was the love of his life.<br />
  80. 80. Jaimey: “Do you like my house, I chose the decorations myself”<br />Zared: “You sure have good taste Jaimey, it’s so......beautiful.”<br />Lying will never get you anywhere.<br />
  81. 81. Then again, it’ll get you everywhere.<br />
  82. 82. I think that kiss squished his face even more.<br />
  83. 83. I’ll leave you with my favourite moment..All seven of them are sleeping at the same time!!!!!!!<br />Who will grow up the cutest?<br />Will Zared trip over the obstacle course and be laughed and pointed at?<br />Find out next time.<br />END Chapter 3<br />