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Retail Sales and Consumer Spending - Canada - January 2023.pptx

  1. Retail Sales – Canada – January 2023 PAUL YOUNG CPA CGA MARCH 24, 2023
  2. Paul Young - Bio • CPA, CGA (1996) • Academia (PF1, FA4, FN2, MU1. and MS2) • SME – Customer Success Management • SME – Risk Management • SME – Close, Consolidate and Reporting • SME – Public Policy • SME – Emerging Technology • SME – Business Process Change • SME – Financial Solutions • SME – Macro/Micro Indicators • SME – Supply Chain Management • SME – Data, AI, Security, and Platform • SME – Internal Controls and Auditing Contact information email: LinkedIn: SlideShare - Twitter: Youtube -
  3. Agenda USA vs Canada (Retail Sales) Gasoline Prices Canada Retail Sales by Segment Canada Retail Sales by Province Canada / eCommerce Global eCommerce Issues facing Retail Retail Council / 2021 Federal Budget Canada Retail Sales Bankruptcies / Reorganizations Home Renovations Amazon Cannabis Stores / Canada Automation Sales Forecasting Supply Chain Cash Flow Management Risk Analytics / Retail Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics
  4. USA vs Canada – Retail Sales U.S. Retail Sales No Gas.pdf A Summertime Slump in Sales.pdf A Real Bump in Volumes.pdf
  5. Price Change by Main Area Source – Stats Canada
  6. Canada vs United States Inflation PRESENTATION TITLE 2/11/20XX 6
  7. Key Cost Drivers
  8. Gasoline
  9. Retail Sales by Segment Source – Stats Canada
  10. Retail Sales by Province Source – Stats Canada
  11. eCommerce Sales / Canada Source – Stats Canada
  12. Global eCommerce Source - /04/global-e-commerce-sales- to-reach-3-9-trillion-in-2020- report/
  13. Issues facing Retail Source - 1. Digital interruption 2. Finding Technological Solutions 3. Maintaining your customer base 4. Evolving customer expectations 5. Modern marketing 6. Inspiring and retaining employees 7. Effective internal communications
  14. Automation  RPA / Retail - rpa-in-retail-industry-46b90a53bbe6  Restructuring of business models for retail will include automation - automation-in-retail-sector/  Business process automation / retail - retail/  Retail Edge Stores -  Rebooting stores through automation - through-in-store-automation  Augment Reality / eCommerce - could-finally-time-augmented-181954198.html  Virtual Reality / eCommerce - virtual-reality-vr-is-drastically-enhancing-the-e-commerce-shopping- experience-infographic/
  15. Blog – Containers Last month, a series of COVID-19 outbreaks in Chinese ports caused the worst shipping delays in years, the impacts of which we will likely still be feeling by the time the holiday season arrives. But port closures are only part of the story behind the recent shipping delays impacting virtually every sector, from furniture deliveries to food product shortages. Shipping containers, especially refrigerated ones, have been extremely hard for manufacturers and distributors to find and fill with goods over the past few months. A key element of the supply chain, shipping containers transport large volumes of goods along global shipping routes. Problems first arose in early 2020 when shipping lines canceled some routes amid growing COVID-19 case numbers worldwide, but shipping container availability worsened as unpredictable port closures, the Suez Canal blockage, and intensifying labor shortages left containers stranded. As a result, international freight costs have also grown dramatically, with limited availability, lengthy delays, and lackluster service causing issues throughout the global supply chain. containers-lead-to-worst-shipping-delays-in-years/?ecms_id=7a28bad3-cea7-44d2-b9f6- 4897b99c1042&ecms_short=ART5655&doc_type=ted_video_article&parent_id=949c24 0b-29da-4827-aa56- f2d4e5339f53&utm_content=featuredvideo&linktype=image&channel=email&campaign _type=thomas_industry_update&campaign_name=tiu210816&utm_campaign=tiu21081 6&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thomas_industry_update&tinid=221763045 Here is my work on supply chain -
  16. Sales Forecasting
  17. Supply Chain
  18. Improving Cash Flow Management
  19. Risk Analytics and Retail
  20. Continuous Intelligence Planning Blog – Mitigating risks with the supply chain using more intelligence supply chain management solutions: The complexity of supply chains has led both the private and public sectors to re-think how they managed their supply chain including the use of infused-AI. This presentation looks at possible solutions as part of mitigating risks related to purchasing to pay cycle as part of managing the supply chain cycle.
  21. ESG Reporting Blog – Sustainability Reporting – Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting (ESG) Here is my update on ESG reporting. Both the private and public sectors continue to expand reporting in areas like environmental, social, and governance. Source - 1=Search&p4=43700072769102092&p5=e&gclid=CjwKCAiA9NGf BhBvEiwAq5vSywPOE60WwM329FuWScZZL3koFUAW4ZBdlA3OY XM0fBebz7qNw5q2sRoC_BwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Blog - 10 key ESG and sustainability trends, ideas for both the Private and Public Sectors - key-esg-and-sustainability-trends-ideas-activity- 7042799510351212545- hwpI?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop
  22. Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics  Small and medium sizes businesses continue to struggle with management of their data  Planning Analytics Digital Pack - G_2.0.0/ c/c_tm1_cloud_system_digital_pack.html  Cognos Analytics on Demand - nalytics/blogs/david-cushing/2018/12/13/1  Planning Analytics with Cognos on Demand – nalytics/blogs/bimpe- adefowora/2020/11/11/padataondemand  Predictability - nalytics/blogs/stuart-martin-phillips1/2020/10/02/easy- forecasting-for-planning-users
  23. Cybersecurity Blog - Improving cybersecurity means understanding how cyberattacks affect both governments and civilians - cybersecurity-means-understanding-how-paul- young/?published=t
  24. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Blog - IBM OpenPages with Watson can deliver a 218% return on investment, finds Forrester study watson-can-deliver-a-218-return-on-investment-finds-forrester- study/?campaign=socialselling&share=592db045-fde8-43e9-8ce3- ff8d18fc175b&channel=linkedin&userID=cfad680f-7c88-4a2e-82e9- f052d0bc4447&advocacy_source=everyonesocial&es_id=581e0fab6d This ties nicely into my work on data, AI, security, and Platform:  Audit -  Data and AI -  Machine Learning -  Blog - Remote auditing not going away post-pandemic – post-pandemic-paul-young/?published=t
  25. Summary Retail sector continues to face challenges Blog – Canada Retail and Consumer Spending for the month-ending January 2023 Interest rates along with inflation are leading to sluggish manufacturing and retail sales - spending?leadSource=uverify%20wall Higher housing costs continue to plague homeowners across Canada - home-ownership-statistics/ Eco-Store - Innovation retail solutions as part of getting to net zero - retail or businesses-cut-emissions-%E2%80%92-and-fast/ or Future of retail sales - retail/amp/ Retail trends and Stats - Top eCommerce Trends - ecommerce ESG and Sustainability - begin-by-considering-suppliers/ or energy/big-question-the-state-of-esg- reporting?utm_medium=cpc.adword.pd&utm_source=google&ppccampaignID=18798097116&ppcadID =&utm_campaign=a.22brand_pmax& response.anonymous&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlPWgBhDHARIsAH2xdNfu- lFihlQVDul4rXZaiWOhVWRUMKT5PPIj0iqeV6T6ELLM0iVCUi4aAk7hEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds