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Digital Marketing continues to explode in terms of demand


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This presentation looks at digital media for March 2017. It looks at the current trends for streaming as well as the issues facing streaming market.

The focus is on looking at applications as well as issues facing streaming as more and more options become available in terms of streaming.

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Digital Marketing continues to explode in terms of demand

  1. 1. Paul Young CPA, CGA March 25, 2017 Digital Media Market – March 2017 Paul Young
  2. 2. Paul Young – Bio  CPA, CGA  26+ years of Corporate Finance and Business Solutions  11+ years of analyzing government policies  8+ years in academia  Advance Accounting  Advance Management Information System  Public Finance  Advance Finance  Audit Risk and Controls
  3. 3. AGENDA This presentation looks at the current state of digital media including streaming.
  4. 4. Source - Microsoft What is Digital Media Digital media refers to audio, video, and photo content that has been encoded (digitally compressed). Encoding content involves converting audio and video input into a digital media file such as a Windows Media file. After digital media is encoded, it can be easily manipulated, distributed, and rendered (played) by computers, and is easily transmitted over computer networks. Examples of digital media types include: Windows Media Audio (WMA), Windows Media Video (WMV), MP3, JPEG, and AVI. For information about the digital media types supported by Windows Media Player, see the article “Information about the Multimedia file types that Windows Media Player supports.
  5. 5.  Mobile devices (smart phones, android)  Android box (streaming for television)  Computers How do you access digital content
  6. 6.  Digital Media / Kodi Kodi itself emphatically is – it's merely a piece of software, as legal as any other distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. However, just as a torrent client can be used as either a legitimate way to distribute files or to share illegally uploaded content, so too can Kodi be used for less reputable pursuits. The XBMC Foundation is remarkably transparent in what Kodi actually is, though. The source code for all supported platforms is available on GitHub, and the creators work with the Software Freedom Law Center, which advises on issues including copyright and trademarking. However, given the open-source nature of Kodi, some of the compatible plug-ins and add- ons can be used for less reputable access to content. Essentially, the onus is on you to use Kodi responsibly, but it's completely legal to have a build of the media centre itself on any device you own.
  7. 7. Six Alleged Piracy Sites Shuttered After MPAA Files Lawsuit Deadline – March 10, 2017
  8. 8.  fire-tv-sticks-and-roku-streaming-media-devices/ Amazon Fire / Kodi • Android companies like Roku, Amazon, etc run scripts as part of detecting downloads • Many android companies do not allow you to add new applications that are not approved by them • You can also put your network at risk to hackers • Nothing is free as someone has to pay for it
  9. 9.  The article makes the case that Hollywood, "in its over-reliance on franchises, has ceded the vast majority of the more stimulating content to premium networks and over-the-top services such as HBO and Showtime, and, increasingly, digital-native platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. These companies also have access to analytics tools that Hollywood could never fathom, and an allergy to its inefficiency." The article argues that with A.I., CGI, big data and innovation, "Silicon Valley has already won," and that "it's only a matter of time -- perhaps a couple of years -- before movies will be streamed on social-media sites." Entertainment – February 27, 2017
  10. 10.  New Radio Application Radioplayer Canada is here, and it’s the only app in the country that brings together nearly 500 Canadian radio stations for your listening pleasure. From news to music to talk radio, the accessible stations run the gamut, and are represented by media giants like Corus Entertainment (which owns Global News) and Rogers Media. It’s not all big names, either; Radioplayer Canada will also stream many college radio, grassroots and local stations. On Wednesday morning, it was confirmed that Canadian public broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada is also making its radio stations available on Radioplayer, bringing together the majority of media outlets in the country. Tired looking for radio stations? Global TV – March 1, 2017
  11. 11.  Top Streaming/TV applications 1. Showbox 2. Crackle 3. TubiTv 4. TerrariumTv App 5. Viewsters 6. Hubi 7. SnagFilms 8. Flippsters 9. Popcorn