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Climate Change Policies - Cap and Trade / Emissions / Carbon Tax / Carbon Pricing - Canada


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This presentation discusses climate change, cap and trade, emissions, carbon tax and carbon pricing.

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Climate Change Policies - Cap and Trade / Emissions / Carbon Tax / Carbon Pricing - Canada

  1. 1. Carbon Tax / Emissions / Climate Change – Canada By: Paul Young, CPA, CGA
  2. 2. Disclaimer • This presentation when it comes carbon tax/pricing/emission/climate change.
  3. 3. Paul Young - Presenter Bio • CPA/CGA • 25 years of experience in Academia, Industry and Financial solutions • Youtube Channel -
  4. 4. Agenda • Summary • Key Sectors • Analysis by major Groups • By Province / Territory • PMI Index
  5. 5. BC Carbon Tax
  6. 6. BC Carbon Tax Program
  7. 7. BC Carbon Tax – Natural Gas
  8. 8. Alberta - Revenues
  9. 9. AB Carbon Pricing
  10. 10. Carbon Tax Fund / Results
  11. 11. Alberta Carbon Tax Investments
  12. 12. Quebec
  13. 13. Ontario Proposed Carbon Taxes
  14. 14. Impact at the pump (Ontario)
  15. 15. • Yet there are no comments from people to why the Greenpeace director spoke out about radical views of Greenpeace, why? • Yet we have people like Butts that will start at nothing to have no carbon in Canada: JT does support keystone So, where do the LPC stand on oil shipments? It appears to me that LPC only interested in pipelines that do not touch LPC held areas!! • Here is what leading scientist said about UN and Climate Change: 105217.html • exaggerated/ • Ocean Trends - • The Weather Channel - • It seems to me that Canada emissions are not the issue as compare to elsewhere in the World: emissions-from-canadas-oil-sands-extremely-low-says-ieas-chief-economist/?__lsa=7cb9-37c0 • How would a carbon tax help reduced emissions in Canada or make an impact on countries like India/China/USA? It seems to me that your party does not live in reality to big issues facing Canada, especially the economy and/or how big emitters have done little to curb greenhouse gases. So, is your party going to look at a carbon tax on items coming from China, India and USA? • Here is the BC results of their Carbon Tax • • Provincial and Consumers Impact: • MORE-2-years-ago-despite-Al-Gore-s-prediction-ICE-FREE-now.html • GHG - • • • • • Mexico - or 27/mexico-pledges-25-cut-in-greenhouse-gas-emissions-growth • Climate Change -
  16. 16. Alberta / emission • legislation-3b-carbon-tax- 156692/?utm_source=CPLT&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CP LT-EN03082016 or • recession
  17. 17. Ontario / Cap and Trade • resources/ontarios-cap-and-trade-fraught-with-regulatory-and-market- challenges/article30274346/ • However, critics are warning that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is imposing stultifying regulations on the very market that it is counting on to deliver low-cost reductions, even as California policy makers are being forced to reassess their own cap- and-trade system after a recent auction of allowances was dramatically undersubscribed. • Getting it right is critical for the country’s largest economy, which has already taken a big hit to its industrial base from the recession and competitiveness challenges. • Toronto’s financial sector could emerge as a major trading centre for the North American carbon markets. “Given we are going to have an Ontario cap-and-trade, everybody should see this as an opportunity for Toronto and Ontario to be at the forefront of this climate market,” said RBC Dominion Securities’ Mr. Radik, who trades emission credits from Europe, the Western Climate Initiative, and a northeastern U.S. states’ electricity market.
  18. 18. Links • Pricing 101 - trade-emissions-carbon-tax-or-carbon-pricing-101 • pricing-impact-on-consumer-good-prices-for-canada