The New Indian Consumer & CMO circa 2014


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What does the new Indian consumer look like? Will they be shopping online? And what about the CMO? How have they evolved? This was a deck presented to Bharathiar management students and also includes slides on why they should pursue marketing as a career

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The New Indian Consumer & CMO circa 2014

  1. 1. Consumer. New, Extra Strength!
  2. 2. About Paul Writer • Paul Writer’s vision is to raise the bar for marketing in India by providing a community platform for marketers to develop and share best practices • Paul Writer was founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, author of No Money Marketing (2009, Tata McGraw-Hill) and former CMO of Wipro who has also held senior marketing positions in Infosys and iGATE • Through its website, e-newsletter, marketing magazine and social media presence, Paul Writer has a reach of around 30,000 • 1000+ senior executives have attended a Paul Writer conference in the past 21 months • To recognize excellence in marketing, Paul Writer hosts award programs such as Hall of Fame, Futurist CMO Awards, Real Estate Marketing, M.IT.R - 100 (Marketing and IT Recognition - 100), Chennai Hot 50 Brands
  3. 3. Consumer circa 2014 • Mostly buys in brick-and-mortar shops, and modern trade formats account for just ~ 8% • Just 10% of India’s internet population - and only 17% have access - is buying online. This results in $9.5 billion in sales. • However, many more research online and buy offline • The middle class accounts for 70% of consumption • Assisted ecommerce Image:
  4. 4. Marketer circa 2014 • Has the ability to track consumer preferences at the individual level. In certain categories can customize offerings as per these preferences • Can predict purchases, using analytics and customer data • • On-the-fly pricing strategies are possible • Access to sophisticated tools to listen to the customer Wide variety of communication options available - digital, print, outdoor, wireless, direct, context-sensitive.... Image:
  5. 5. How Marketers Make a Mark • Given low penetration in many categories, much of marketing in India is about educating customers, converting latent needs to product choices eg Olive Oil, Masala Oats, Diapers, Blenders... • Creating ‘purchase events’ eg Independence Day, Republic Day, Akshaya Tritya, Karva Chauth and now, online sales drives • Hyper-localization eg no garlic/no onion markings on food in Gujarat, Regional flavours eg Danone’s mishti doi, masala lassi • New products & variants to keep consumer interest Image:
  6. 6. Consumer Segments are Exploding • Youth (infants/children/teens/ young adults) • • • • Women • • • Nuclear families, singles, migrants Senior citizens/Silver Spenders Newly affluent Health conscious (heart/diabetes/ age/fitness) Illiterate/semi-literate Luxury consumer, aspirant, valueseeker Image:
  7. 7. Marketing Trends 1.Customer centricity 2.Anytime, anywhere 3.Media Fragmentation 4.Social Commerce 5.Cross-functional customer eco-system Image:
  8. 8. When Marketing Rocks 1. Marketing is not sales - it is about satisfying a need, to enable a product to ‘sell itself’ 2. Marketing is story telling, to create anticipation of the consumption moment, and then prolong the delight 3. Marketing’s role is to create customer advocates, further enabling the product to sell itself 4. Marketing is the science of pricing, of behavioral economics, of consumer research and product design 5. Marketing acts as the voice of the customer, and drives customer centricity Image:
  9. 9. Marketing Myths • Marketing doesn’t pay • You have to do sales before marketing • Marketers don’t become CEOs • Marketing requires a lot of travel, and meeting with shady customers Image:
  10. 10. CMO 2014=Sheldon Cooper + Dan Draper
  11. 11. Thank You Jessie Paul +91 98451 33198 Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt Ltd 102, Trump Tower, 5/2 Eagle Street, Langford Town, Bangalore - 560 025 T: 080 4096 5053 Images from, and their copyrights acknowledged