Building An Iconic Brand - ABCD Model


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This deck talks about building an iconic brand by first understanding what makes a brand tick and then using a simple framework. Presented at Servion Custommerce National Convention 2014, Jaipur by Jessie Paul, author of No Money marketing

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Building An Iconic Brand - ABCD Model

  1. 1. Building Iconic Brands
  2. 2. About Paul Writer • Paul Writer’s vision is to raise the bar for marketing in India by providing a community platform for marketers to develop and share best practices • Paul Writer was founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, author of No Money Marketing (2009, Tata McGraw-Hill) and former CMO of Wipro who has also held senior marketing positions in Infosys and iGATE • Through its website, e-newsletter, marketing magazine and social media presence, Paul Writer has a reach of 30,000+ marketers and senior executives • 1000+ senior executives have attended a Paul Writer conference in the past 24 months • To recognize excellence in marketing, Paul Writer hosts award programs such as Hall of Fame, Futurist CMO Awards, Real Estate Marketing, M.IT.R - 100 (Marketing and IT Recognition - 100), Chennai Hot 50 Brands
  3. 3. Why Paul Writer “The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.” St. Thomas Aquinas
  4. 4. Brands circa 2014 • Has the ability to track consumer preferences at the individual level. Can customize offerings as per these preferences • Can predict purchases, using analytics and customer data • On-the-fly pricing strategies are possible • Wide variety of communication options available - digital, print, outdoor, wireless, direct, contextsensitive.... • Access to sophisticated tools to listen to the customer Image:
  5. 5. Consumer Segments are Exploding • Youth (infants/children/teens/ young adults) • • • • Women • • • Nuclear families, singles, migrants Senior citizens/Silver Spenders Newly affluent Health conscious (heart/diabetes/ age/fitness) Illiterate/semi-literate Luxury consumer, aspirant, valueseeker Image:
  6. 6. 3 Simple Questions • • • Whom am I? Why buy me? Why not buy someone else? Image:
  7. 7. Defining who you are Mindshare Marketshare Profitshare “Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.” - Abdul Kalam Image:
  8. 8. It’s as easy as ABC A - Added Value B - Behavioral Change C - Complexity D- Diffusion
  9. 9. A - Added Value What is it that you, and only you bring to the customer? “The middle of the road is a good place to get run over” On time (Indigo) Convenience (Uber) Longlasting (Bata) Intuitive Design (Apple) Image:
  10. 10. B- Behavioral Change - How easy is it to work with you? • Given sufficient reason, people will change their behavior. But it’s easier if they don’t have to. • Across your touchpoints, do you measure ease of interaction? Or just ease of business? • Are you a habit? A good habit or a bad habit?
  11. 11. C- Complexity • The customer is not a moron. But we’d like to be. • Iconic brands simplify things. Even difficult things. eg IBM, GE
  12. 12. D - Diffusion • How visible is usage? • How easy is sharing? • Are you embracing social commerce? • Are you afraid of social media?
  13. 13. You know you’re an icon when You pull, not push. You have a brand story, not a sales pitch. Your customers are your friends. You are happy. “The middle of the road is a good place to get run over” Image:
  14. 14. Thank You Jessie Paul +91 98451 33198 Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt Ltd 102, Trump Tower, 5/2 Eagle Street, Langford Town, Bangalore - 560 025 T: 080 4096 5053