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  • The convergence of these forces is on a different order of "disruption magnitude"People have created a convergence:It results from their behaviorIt is an outcome of consumerization and democratization of ITBecause technology is now good enough (and ubiquitous)
  • The Gartner enterprise EHR generation model has created metrics for core EHR capabilities that enable easier comparisons of vendor offerings, as well as enable HDOs to set internal expectations more accurately. Our vision is that EHR offerings will evolve through five generations, transforming from very simple systems that provide results reporting into very complex, fully integrated systems focused on the tasks directly related to promoting wellness and providing medical care for individuals across the entire healthcare continuum, within a single healthcare enterprise.In determining the generations of EHRs, Gartner evaluated each of the eight core capabilities of an EHR and determined the progression of functionality expected. To create the generations, we then divided that functionality into five reasonable, incremental steps, but also considered the synergy of each set of functions. A given EHR product may have some increased functionality in certain areas, but to be considered an n-generation product, it must at least have all of the basic capabilities listed for that generation. In addition, each subsequent generation must have all of the capabilities of previous generations.Generation 3 products have been available since 2005, but Generation 4 products are not expected before 2015.
  • Summary HIMSS Preparation Briefing

    1. 1. SUMMARY: HIMSS Preparation Briefing Dr Zafar Chaudry, MD MSc MIS MBA Research Director Healthcare IndustriesThis presentation, including any supporting materials, is owned by Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates and is for the sole use of the intended Gartner audience or otherauthorized recipients. This presentation may contain information that is confidential, proprietary or otherwise legally protected, and it may not be further copied,distributed or publicly displayed without the express written permission of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.© 2012 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Gartner delivers the technology-relatedinsight necessary for our clients to makethe right decisions, every day. 1
    3. 3.  Most EU countries need 10% cost reduction By 2016, 67% of the workforce will own a Smartphone By 2016, 40% of the workforce will be mobile By 2016, 50% of all non-PC devices used in business will be purchased by employees 2
    5. 5. A NEXUS OF FORCES Clinician/Patient behavior is at the core of the nexus of forces: • Creating new communication opportunities • Generating new patterns of data • Superseding the limitations of "old school" IT and business paradigms
    6. 6. Gartner Digital Hospital – HITechMap Strategic Planning Hardware BMS Software Integration Network Governance EPR International Standards Employees Programme Management Patients Enterprise Infrastructure Mobile Enterprise Outsourcing Green Mobile Working Enterprise Information Content Systems Unified Business Communications Intelligence Collaboration Identity &Source: Gartner (2012) Security Access
    7. 7. Five Generations of EHRs Full Generation 5: The Mentor Generation 4: The ColleagueFunctionality Generation 3: The Helper Generation 2: The Documenter Generation 1: Minimal The Collector 1993 1998 2005 2015 2020+ Availability of Products
    8. 8. HIMSS EMRAM Model 7