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Yaletown Hostel: Research Presentation


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Presentation of research of the hostel and budget accommodation industry, and an analysis of the Vancouver market.

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Yaletown Hostel: Research Presentation

  3. 3. WHAT IS A HOSTEL? Hostels are a type of budget accommodation.Typically guest rent a bed in a dormitory and share thehostels facilities with other guests. Hostels encourage social interaction between guests and most provide common areas for guests to mingle.
  4. 4. HOTEL/HOSTEL COMPARISON Hostels are generally located much closer to city centres than comparably priced hotels. Hostels facilitate social interaction between guests and often provide common areas and activities. Hostels tend to have a more casual atmosphere than hotels and promote lifestyle of adventure travel. Because hostels are shared accommodation they provide guests with less privacy.
  5. 5. HOSTEL UNIQUE BENEFITS Hostels provide value for money, while offering a range ofaccommodation options. Hostels staff are community minded and can offer unique local knowledge. Perhaps the primary benefit hostels offer are the many opportunity to engage in social activities with like minded travelers from around the world.
  7. 7. CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS AtmosphereThe overall look, feel and mood of a hostel greatly effects the guestexperience. Guests want to feel comfortable and at home; staying ina hostel with a great atmosphere can make a great trip even better. Safety/Security It’s important for hostels to offer a safe and secure environment.Guests want to feel comfortable with the neighborhood, and know their possessions will be safe. Location Centrally located accommodation is a benefit budget travelers typically wouldn’t receive from a cheap hotel. Hostels with central locations and access to amenities such as transit, shopping and dinning are typically popular.
  8. 8. CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS Staff The quality and knowledge of staff contribute greatly to theoverall guest experience. Guest appreciate staff who are outgoing, courteous and can provide inside knowledge of the city. FunThe social aspect of hostels is appealing for many budget travelers. Successful hostels provide plenty of common space for guests to interact and offer activities such as city tours and pub crawls. Cleanliness Failure to providing a clean environment is often a deal breaker; guests most basic expectations are for their accommodations to be clean and well kept.
  10. 10. TARGET MARKETThe primary target market for the hostel industry is men and women 18-35, who seek high value accommodation and anauthentic experience. For the Vancouver market these guestswill primarily come from the USA; a larger number of will alsocome from overseas with the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China being of specific importance.
  12. 12. COMPETITION ANALYSIS HI-Vancouver Central Located in the Granville entertainmentdistrict, this hostel offers a free breakfast, tours/activities and provides goodsecurity. However, guests reviews suggest amenities are basic and the hostel does not have an adequate kitchen. $30 SameSun Backpacker’s With a 87% guest approval rating this is Vancouver’s top rated hostel. The hostel provides many amenities such as bar, kitchen and nightly activities. Guest reviews indicate this hostel has issues with noise and cleanliness. $29.50
  13. 13. COMPETITION ANALYSIS Cambie Hostel Located in Gastown this hostel is legendary for it’s party atmosphere. The casual feel, focus on common areas and large kitchen are the primary features. However, noise, cleanliness and security issues are common guest complaints. $26 C&N Backpackers Hostel Located in Strathcona, this renovated heritage hostel is known for being clean, safe and having friendly staff. However,facilities are basic and neighborhood safety and noise are common guest complaints.
  15. 15. WHERE IS THE YALETOWN HOSTEL?Yaletown was a former warehouse district and one of Vancouver’s original neighborhoods. Yaletown is an excellent location because the area iscentral, near transit, upscale/safe and has no other budget accommodation.
  16. 16. NEIGHBORHOOD AMENITIES Yaletown station is a short walk from the hostel and provides a direct connection to the airport. Yaletown offers a world of dinning options: from fast food & casual chains to high end restaurants. Yaletown is home to some of Vancouver’s best nightlife. Micro- breweries, lounges and nightclubs. The diverse neighborhood also has necessities, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and banks.
  17. 17. WHAT IS THE YALETOWN HOSTEL? The Yaletown hostel is a boutique hostel,which unlike traditional hostels aims to provide a higherstandard of comfort and amenities. The mid sized hostel will provide mostly dormitory accommodation with most rooms providing beds for up to six guests.
  18. 18. UNIQUE FEATURES A number of common areas including a lounge with TV and a rooftop patio with a large outdoor hot tub. The hostel is equipped with a modern self serve communal kitchen and basic cookware. Guests will have access to an in-hostel complementary bicycle rental service.A complementary breakfast will beprovide in the hostel cafe. At night the cafe will function as a pub.
  20. 20. POSITIONING STATEMENTThe Yaletown hostel is Vancouver’s only boutique hostel,and is about providing guests with more than just a bed.With a focus on atmosphere, social interaction between like-minded travels and local community engagement staying at the hostel is an experience.
  21. 21. CORE VALUES Mission Statement To provide an exceptional guest experience by fostering a fun, social atmosphere and providing friendly local knowledge. Vision Statement To be famous within hostel culture as a destination hostel,and known its fun atmosphere and comfortable facilities.