Measure what matters to compete on relationships linda sharp marketing camp


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Measure what matters to compete on relationships linda sharp marketing camp

  1. 1. Measure What Matters in the Relationship Age Fall 2012 To Compete on Unique Relationships Gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage Informed by The Religence Framework for CRI Customer Relationship Intelligence Community Relationship Intelligence©2012 Religence®, Registered USPTO, Patent Number US 7,526,434
  2. 2. Dilemma: Information Age morphing into Relationship Age,business processes stuck in Industrial Age! 2
  3. 3. Relationship Age Opportunities Transform the Enterprise… operationalize Social Business. Make sense of the data -- measure what matters for business results. Get closer to customers. Innovate.CRI can help YOU lead this BIG change. 3
  5. 5. Stakeholder Value Creation Social CRICustomers / Employees / Influencers /Prospects / Partners / InterestedSuspects Suppliers Parties
  6. 6. Unifying CRI FrameworkConsistent Metrics, and Deliberate, Systematic Process From Communities to the Enterprise e-CRI CRI Segments YouTube Twitter Social CRI Facebook LinkedIn Communities Pinterest Google+ Social Media Wild, Wild West Rules
  7. 7. Social Business Shifts the Focus from: Company & Product to Customers RISK to ADVANTAGE Backward Looking Forward Looking Innovation to Meet Customer’s Real-Time Expectations Measure with our Patented Relationship Development Process for Real-Time Operational CRI: • Manage looking forward with Relationship Value, a leading indicator for profit. • Decide based on Variable Interaction Costs tied to individual customers instead of allocation or headcount. • Rely on what individual people actually DO (Interactions) not on aggregated trends (what people SAY they’ll do). 7
  8. 8. Breakthrough Measures Effect in Relationship Cause-and-Effect. Relationship Numeric Proxy for Interactions. Value Metric Elegant. • KPI for Relationship Development RV The • Leading Indicator Missing for Profit and Satisfaction Metric© 2012 Religence®, Reg. US PTO, Pat.# US 7,526,434
  9. 9. Real-Time Operational Control for Frontline Staff and Managers:Results Based on Real-Time Operational Data:• What is happening right now with individual customers? At what cost? For what effect?• How does the customer experience Real-Time compare to previous successful patterns? Dynamic Patterns• What is best to do next to develop the customer relationship?• What is the most profitable action to take? Real-Time Decisions• How well is this strategy working in real time? 9
  10. 10. Strategic Operational Control for Executives:Results Based on Real-Time Operational Data Tied to IndividualContacts and Real-Time Profit:• Where are you making more money?• Are you growing high-value customers?• Are Communities making a difference?• How well are you driving profit and satisfaction?• How can you achieve sustainable competitive advantage? Real-Time Dynamic• How can you repeat Patterns Real-Time success? Decisions $• Where should you focus next? Real-Time Profit Results 10
  11. 11. ™RV-Q: Strategic, operational guidance for executives whileA Quick Way to back-testing to validate RV as aCompete on leading indicator.Relationships • KPI for Relationship Development RV How well does what people DO, quantified by RV-Q, • Leading Indicator correlate to for Profit and what people SAY… Satisfaction for Innovation, for Satisfaction?© 2012 Religence®, Reg. US PTO, Pat.# US 7,526,434
  12. 12. ™ RV-Q Pilots: Is RV a Leading Indicator?Is Your Next New Thing, the Right New Thing?Step One: Gather product and process innovation ideas from top prioritycustomers using Enterprise Feedback Management Tools. Identify lead users aswell as other internal and external key players.Step Two: Develop pro forma high-level Customer Relationship Process modelof ~ 100 major Interactions and some 30 associated Voice of the CustomerInteractions. Determine what data is available to support it.Step Three: Identify critical process gaps. Map the customer experience tounderstand Customer Value. Innovate incremental and breakthrough change.Step Four: Configure the pro forma model’s major Interactions with RelationshipValue and Variable Interaction Costs. Correlate to actual historical InteractionRecord of customers. Demonstrate the efficacy of RV as a leading indicator.Step Five: Track RV-Q and what people DO going forward with a Social CRI CRI (Customer Relationship Intelligence) Tracking System. Facilitate a new,breakthrough Innovation Community with lead users/ key players at its core.Open new relationships with existing customers. Open new customer segments. 12
  13. 13. Unifying CRI Analytical Tools Mashup Real-Time FRAMEWORK forCRI Data with Enterprise Financial Data OperationalRelationship Relationship Value KPI METRICS PATTERNS Control and Profit Operational Social CRI CRI Tracking System over Customer Lifecycle PROCESS Collaboration PROCESS Collaboration Operational Workflow: Operational Workflow: Customer Experience Marketing CRM Online Communities Management (CEM) Social Automation Customer Media Relationship (Acquisition Management PLUS Retention) (Closing) (Formerly Sales Force Automation) Enterprise Applications ©2009 Religence®, Registered USPTO, Patent Number US 7,526,434
  14. 14. Will Marketing Lead? RV-Q Pilot Project: A quick way to compete on relationships. Strategic, operational guidance for executives while back-testing to validate Relationship Value as a leading indicator for profit and satisfaction. RV-Q Innovation Initiatives: Take a customer point of view for Relationship Age Innovation. Map and track the customer experience to compete on relationships. Operational CRI Retention Initiative: Compete on unique relationships, tied to profit. Start with Retention where the MONEY is. Collaborate with Sales/ Service/ Finance to leverage Stakeholder Community relationships for growth. 14
  15. 15. Executive Briefings and Workshops1. Start CRI with Retention: The MONEY Is in Retention2. Social CRI: A Community Approach to Win in the Social Media Wild, Wild West3. Stakeholder Communities: A New Source of POWER and Innovation4. Measure Social Business with CRI: for Real-Time Management/ Operational Control/ Profit5. Measure Strategy Execution with CRI: to Compete on Relationships6. Measure Value Creation with CRI: for Long-Term Success7. Anticipate What Customers Experience: with Value Creation Mapping8. The Missing Metric: Relationship Value Breakthrough9. CRI: Customer Fundamentals to Thrive Anytime
  16. 16. Why Religence?1. We know how to measure Social Business for value creation-- how to make sense of the chaotic crush of relationship Interaction data …how to distill the relationship gold, to tie it to business results.2. Seminal, foundational CRI Patent for the Relationship Age.3. CRI Framework for Real-Time Operational CRI.4. Seasoned, innovative team to collaborate with you.5. Thought leadership—CRI Book, global recognition with top ranking in McKinsey-HBR Management Innovation Challenge . Let’s Do It… Contact our CEO directly: Linda Sharp (415) 771-7473 2090 Green Street * San Francisco CA 94123 ©2012 Religence®, Registered USPTO, Patent Number US 7,526,434