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Management in the data age


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Management in the data age looks at the challenge of leading business in a time of information abundance.

As technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 3D printing and social media are adopted by business, the role of managers is changing along with our communities and markets.

This presentation looks at some of the challenges and opportunities presented for managers in this new business environment.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Management in the data age

  1. 1. Managing the data age Business in a time of information abundance
  2. 2. • PC and internet revolutions have changed business • Mobile • Accounting software as an example Where are we today?
  3. 3. • Today we’re on the cusp of great change like in 1915 • Energy became cheap and abundant in the 20th Century, today it’s information Entering the data age
  4. 4. • Algorithmic management • Machine learning • Robotics • Faster decision making • We still have the structures of the twentieth century Where next?
  5. 5. • Use windows cleaning robot • The internet of things • Big data • The Japanese response has been increased automation, so now we’re seeing companies releasing new equipment that works autonomously. • We thought robots would look like the android in Lost In Space. • Better than human – Kevin Kelly • Will a robot take your job? – Gary Marcus • Robots and robber barons – Paul Krugman • Myth of the jobless recovery – Matt Yglesias • The end of labor – Timothy Noah The future workforce
  6. 6. • Uber • Changing demographics • Loss of fifty percent of law enforcement Driverless cars
  7. 7. • Faster decision making • Understanding data • Recruiting and training data literate workers Changing management .
  8. 8. • Business has to be leaner • Management needs to be faster • Globalistion accelerating • Workforces and markets aging • End of consumerist economy NOT business as usual
  9. 9. Contact me @paulwallbank