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This five minute talk was given in the Birds of Feather Session on Global Registry of Trusted Repositories and Services at the 3rd Plenary of the Research Data Alliance in Dublin

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  1. 1. PaulVierkant | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin RDA Plenary | Dublin, March 2014
  3. 3. STATUS QUO 600More than Research Data Repositories 2013Launched in Winter Numerous Guidelines and Policies Referenced in
  4. 4. SCHEMA 37Properties 2.1Version Based on Analyses, Feedback and Experience
  5. 5. QUALITY The research data repository provides additional information on its service. The research data repository provides open/restricted/closed access to its data. The terms of use and licenses of the data are provided by the research data repository. The research data repository provides a policy. The research data repository uses a persistent identifier system to make its provided data persistent, unique and citable. The research data repository is either certified or supports a repository standard. The research data repository was reviewed by the team. RESEARCH DATA REPOSITORY GENERAL INFORMATION POLICY LEGAL ASPECTS TECHNICAL STANDARDS QUALITY STANDARDS
  6. 6. QUALITY Possible values for each icon Requirements: ! • be run by a legal entity, such as a sustainable institution (e.g. library, university); • clarify access conditions to the data and repository as well as the terms of use; • have an English GUI; • have focus on research data.
  7. 7. QUALITY 5Editors 1-2 Research Data Repository Registration Workflow Not reviewed RDR Reviewed Research Data Repositories (RDR) Database Suggest RDR Enrichment by Editorial Team Enrichment by RDR Operator Review by Editorial Team hours for review
  8. 8. FUTURE 2015until More Content Functionalities Collaborations Funded by
  9. 9. FUTURE International Board of Editors>900 Global Registry of Research Data Repositories {
  10. 10. THANKYOU PaulVierkant With the exception of all photos and graphics, this slides are licensed under the “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany (CC BY 3.0)“ Licence.