H²0 ecology - the new luxury. Design workshop


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Branding and packaging design workshop - creating a new eco-sustainable mineral water brand.

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H²0 ecology - the new luxury. Design workshop

  1. 1. H²O water - ecology - the new luxuryEcole de Design Nantes AtlantiqueLuxePack Workshop 2010-2011Paul Vickers
  2. 2. Ancient Chinese Proverb“When you drink the water, remember the spring”
  3. 3. Water - perception - imagination
  4. 4. H²0 water Vital for all life forms Covers 70% worlds surface Man is 78% water 1.1 billion people without clean drinking water 1.8 million deaths a year from unclean water50% of the worlds population suffering from water shortages by 2025 1990 – 2005 global consumption quadrupled 2014 global bottled water market forecast value $99,924.1 millionBottled water costs between x 250 and x 10 000 the price of tap water 2 – 3 litres recommended intake per day 260 litres consumed per day per person in non conserving US home
  5. 5. Water – marketing - communications
  6. 6. Water - problems - realities
  7. 7. The challengeH²0 - ecology the new luxury
  8. 8. The challenge H²0 – ecology the new luxury Imagine a scenario to communicate the thesis of ‘H²0 – ecology the new luxury’ What is the source or origin of the water: spring, rain, recycled, roof, deep sea etc. How is it distributed, packaged, consumed: bottle, vending machine, home delivery, piped, refillable etc? Eco-conception and sustainability.What is the consumer target, what is the message and the perception of the product? How can water = ecology + luxury? What are the codes associated with water, ecology and luxury? Positioning, naming, branding, volume and packaging design.
  9. 9. Workshop organisationMonday 6-12 Briefing, discovery, Q & A, Brand Territory and visual codes: Water, Ecology, Luxury. Brainstorming by groups ‘Ecology - the new Luxury’. Magazines, paperboard etc.Tuesday 7-12 Develop creative scenarios, visual territories, concepts. Creative session, discuss concepts, directions. Mood boards/concept boards. David Morin Ullmann, Sociologist.Wednesday 8-12 Presentation of each teams concepts, creative directions to class. Comments, questions, feedback and recommendations. Development, next steps.Rest of week Refine, develop selected design direction. Name, brand, visual identity, visual territory, packaging, volume, materials, communication supports, merchandising, web.Monday 13-12 Pre presentation. Finalisation, recommendations, presentation preparation. Paul Vickers Conference ‘Packaging Design’Tuesday 14-12 Final presentation. Critique. Feedback and inputs for LuxePack 2011.
  10. 10. The global market offer over 3 500 waters
  11. 11. Related media Tapped – the filmThe Story of Bottled Water
  12. 12. Related mediaDirty Water Vending machine UNICEF Tap Project
  13. 13. Related mediaLiquid Gold on the BBCTerra Eco Eau de Luxe
  14. 14. Related mediaBottled water consumption and ecology statistics
  15. 15. References Global drinking water site www.finewaters.com World water brand names www.mineralwaters.org www.nestle-waters.com www.thecoca-colacompany.com www.evian.com Charles Fishman Fast Company article: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/117/features-message-in-a-bottle.html ‘Terra Eco’ magazine, July 2010Bundanoon Australia phenomena and ‘no bottle’ campaigns in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Venice… An excellent research blog on water: louiloui.wordpress.com
  16. 16. Solutions
  17. 17. SolutionsCity & national water campaigns
  18. 18. Solutions
  19. 19. Process: Brainstorming, notebooks, concept/mood boards
  20. 20. H²0 – ecology the new luxury 1 Imagine a scenario to communicate the thesis of ‘H²0 – ecology the new luxury’ 2 How can water = ecology + luxury? 3Positioning, naming, branding, volume and packaging design.
  21. 21. So, lets get started…
  22. 22. H²O water - ecology - the new luxuryEcole de Design Nantes AtlantiqueLuxePack Workshop 2010-2011