About us, Capita Symonds


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About us, Capita Symonds

  1. 1. About Capita SymondsCapita Symonds is one of the UK’s largest multi-faceted consultancies, delivering propertyand infrastructure projects on a local, national and international scale.We have over 4,000 staff at 50+ offices in the UK and internationally, offering a vast rangeof professional and technical expertise across an unrivalled number of services. The breadthand depth of our experience ensures that we are able to add value to any project,regardless of size, complexity or sector.We do much more than simply delivering projects; we design, manage and partner, buildingstrategic relationships with our clients and delivering a comprehensive service across theirportfolio. We support them at all stages of a project or programme, and our understandingof the key risks and challenges means that we direct effort where it is most needed.We are a wholly-owned division of The Capita Group Plc, a FTSE 100 member and the UK’sleading provider of integrated professional support service solutions.successful people, projects and performance
  2. 2. Our divisionsDESIGN & INFRASTRUCTUREWe play a lead role in shaping communities across the UK and around the globe, touchingevery aspect of people’s daily life from their daily commute, to the spaces in which theywork, live and play. As the world moves towards a low carbon economy we are helpingeveryone from governments, to corporations and individuals make the transition to a moresustainable way of living. We offer a wealth of expertise spanning building design whichencompasses architecture, building services and structures, and infrastructure-relatedservices including regeneration, environment, planning, sustainability, technology,industrial and civil engineering.REAL ESTATEOur ‘end to end’ property proposition is truly unique in the UK and international real estatemarkets, providing a full spectrum service from front-end advisory, acquisition, planningand development through to multidisciplinary construction design and projectmanagement and ongoing property and estates management. As well as targeting propertydevelopers, investors and businesses in the commercial sector, we are market leader insupporting property asset management and estates rationalisation initiatives with bothcentral and local government through both our Real Estate and Regions divisions.REGIONSOur strategic partnerships have been transforming and improving the delivery of localauthority services across the UK for the past 10 years. We are currently involved in eightsuch partnerships, offering a full range of multidisciplinary and technical professionalservices to partnering councils, as well as the broader private sector market and even otherLocal Authorities. With local government challenged with finding efficiency savings of over£6.5bn in the next four years, combined with delivering improved productivity and qualityin order to provide ‘more for less’, we have the proven expertise to help the public sectormeet its post-CSR challenges. successful people, projects and performance