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Insight to hrm


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Human Resources Management is about attracting, selecting, interviewing, developing, monitoring and keeping record of human capital in the organization.

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Insight to hrm

  1. 1. Insight to Human Resources Management BY Paulus Kaupolo
  2. 2. What is HRM HRM is bout attracting, selecting, interviewing, developing, monitoring and keeping record of human capital in the organisation.
  3. 3. Roles of HR Manager Conducting job analyses Planning and identifying labour needs Recruiting and selecting job candidates Training and developing employees  Managing wages and salaries Managing employee’s performance
  4. 4. HRM Cycle Career Management Reward & Retention Management Performance Management Training & Development Recruitment & Selection HR Planning Workforce
  5. 5. HR Planning • Determine the degree of workforce • Conduct job analysis • Consider staff required • Decide where staffs to be recruited • Consider salary and wage programme
  6. 6. HR vs Organisation Strategy • The HR strategy must be inline with organisation strategy HR Strategy Match Not Match Organisation strategy HR Strategy formulation Implement the Plan
  7. 7. Factors affecting HR Planning The allocated budget Degree of expected employees leaving organisation Labour market condition Qualities of employees
  8. 8. Recruitment and Selection Recruitment is the process of attracting more qualified candidates for the job. It can be internal or external recruitment What are the sources of recruitment? Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidate for the job in the pool of applicants. It can be done in a form of ; interview, personality test and cognitive test
  9. 9. Training and development • In the world of competition, training and development of employees are the tools to keep you ahead your competitors. • Employees need to be trained on technical skills and developed to assume greater position in the organisation What are the types of training programme?
  10. 10. Performance Management • It vital to establish a performance standard s • Measure employee’s performance against those standards • Identify top performers and reward them Note: Employees will be motivated to their work if there is an effective performance management system at place.
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