Lean Innovation Overview


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BrightIdea Lean Innovation Overview by Paul Tran

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Lean Innovation Overview

  1. 1. Manufacturers face Challenging Times “Where once we optimized our organizations for efficiency and quality, we must now optimize our entire society for innovation.” Council on Competitive, National Innovation Initiative “Innovation and Idea Management (are) a competitive strategy of First world manufacturers against price competitive businesses from low-cost countries.” IDC Research, 2005 “While 74% of executives planned to increase spending on innovation this year, the majority were disappointed with their ROI and unclear how to do a better job.” Boston Consulting Group, 2005 LEAN INNOVATION
  2. 2. Selected Clients LEAN INNOVATION
  3. 3. Industry Awards and Recognition 2005 Technology of the Year Notable Innovations Category IndustryWeek's Technology and Innovation Awards Program celebrates the primary drivers of the world's economic progress -- innovators and technologies. The awards are given in the spirit of Josef Schumpeter, the distinguished Harvard economist and social theorist who posited more than 50 years ago that the mission of both organizations and societies should be to accelerate the pace of innovation. “The (Brightidea) application accelerates innovation by enabling companies to source ideas from a wider audience of employees, prioritize new ideas more efficiently and track projects based off of the ideas through completion -- leading to faster results in cost reduction, efficiency and time-to-market .” LEAN INNOVATION
  4. 4. How it Works… LEAN INNOVATION
  5. 5. Ideas Submitted on Configurable Web Form LEAN INNOVATION
  6. 6. Ideas are Forwarded for Decision LEAN INNOVATION
  7. 7. Track Portfolio of Strategic Supply Chain Projects LEAN INNOVATION
  8. 8. Share the Best Ideas with Other Locations Distributed Manufacturers share successful Ideas across locations to multiply savings. Track Response and Utilization Rate for Across All Facilities LEAN INNOVATION
  9. 9. Capture Financial Impact per Idea Financial Impact Summarized on the View Idea Screen (See Also Audit Report on Right Side) LEAN INNOVATION
  10. 10. Points are Awarded for Participation End User sees available Points. Administrative Setup for allocation of points LEAN INNOVATION
  11. 11. Clients
  12. 12. Client Success ADS Advanced Views and Visions Streamline manufacturing and identify opportunities for cost-savings. Advanced Views and Visions   Similar Production Facilities in Multiple Locations   Limited budget   Reduce Administrative work Why Brightidea.com?   No end-User training required   Limited up-front investment   Share Best Practices Across Plants “You guys are great!” Scott Anderson, Director AV&V LEAN INNOVATION
  13. 13. Client Success Honeywell International Streamline manufacturing and identify opportunities for cost-savings. Associate Involvement Matters (AIM)   Needed to cut costs, fast (downsizing)   Limited budget   Reduce clerical work Why Brightidea.com?   No end-User training required   Limited up-front investment   Rapid deployment and ROI “We tracked $37,000,000 in savings in the first year in conjunction with our Six Sigma initiative.” LEAN INNOVATION
  14. 14. Client Success Harley Davidson Streamline manufacturing and identify opportunities for cost-savings. Objectives   Improve Safety   Continuous Improvement   Reduce Administrative work Why Brightidea.com?   Quick Setup, No I.T. Required   Add Users as Needed   Low-Cost Try Before Buy LEAN INNOVATION
  15. 15. Client Success Emerson Process Management Micromotion Division Challenges   Create a Culture of Engagement   Keep the Program Fresh   Demonstrate Value of Program to Senior Management Why Brightidea   Responsive Customer Support   Configurable Workflow   Easy and Quick to Deploy ““A single individual in our mailroom saved us $70,000 in mailroom costs through her ideas. Employees really like knowing they have made a difference, no matter where they are in the firm.quot; Kenny Jerabek, Business Improvement Manager LEAN INNOVATION