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Case StudyCountrywideCountry wide SeleCtS webroot’S HoStedemail SeCurity SolutionWith a network of 1,300 estate agent offi...
“We found Webroot particularly attractive as it doesn’t offer just one solution,” he         continues. “It has a range of...
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Webroot countrywide casestudy


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Webroot countrywide casestudy

  1. 1. Case StudyCountrywideCountry wide SeleCtS webroot’S HoStedemail SeCurity SolutionWith a network of 1,300 estate agent offices providingnational coverage through over 46 well-known high streetbrands, Countrywide is the UK’s largest estate agency andproperty services group. The company recognised the needto maximise the effectiveness of its email communicationswithout compromising on the levels of protection neededto safeguard its financially sensitive and personal customerinformation.buSineSS driverSCountrywide, with over 9,000 employees across five different lines of business, makesthe most of its local knowledge, with it’s network of expertise, Countrywide helps wHeremore people move than any other business in the UK and is a leading provider ofestate agency, lettings, mortgage services, land and new homes, franchising, auctions, Country widesurveying, conveyancing and corporate property management services. gained An email security solution thatColin Tigg, Countrywide IT procurement manager, is charged with making sure the reduced costs of ownershipselected email security solution is not only robust, but also efficient. across the business.“Over the last two years we have gone from five separate business divisions operating Secure email communications; as single entities, to a single company offering a comprehensive range of market- protecting its customer and leading property services,” explains Tigg. “Email plays an increasingly dominant role in employee duty of care, as well company-wide communications, underpinning the delivery of these integrated services.” as its brand. An average of almost 4m spamThe use of email is also important because it comes under the scope of industry emails stopped every month.regulations. Securing the sensitive information it may hold is vital to mitigate risk andensure compliance, and also to maintain service excellence. One central, simplified management point.“Some parts of the group have simple email security requirements,” explains Tigg. “But others are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which states that we Rapid and easy deployment. must ensure the information we send is transmitted securely, reaches the intended The ability to easily scale with recipient, and that there is a preserved audit trail.” the business.Taking this into consideration, the IT team needed to find ways to support the Future-proofed securitycompany’s business integration strategy by consolidating its group email security protection that will be able tocapabilities. grow across different IT areas, as the company needs.finding an email SeCurity Solution tHat fitSTigg worked with a Webroot partner to evaluate a number of competitive emailsecurity products. The initial introduction effectively demonstrated how Webroot‰Email Security Service could meet Countrywide’s technology and business needs.“The cost of the other products we evaluated, whether they were on-premise or other hosted solutions, were higher than Webroot’s costs, even when training and management were factored in,” says Tigg. “This made Webroot the most cost- effective. Software as a Service (SaaS) keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum, while still being straightforward enough to use, which also reduces training overheads.”
  2. 2. “We found Webroot particularly attractive as it doesn’t offer just one solution,” he continues. “It has a range of other products that we could see ourselves using in future. For instance, we’re looking at its Web browsing security and filtering service.” Once the decision was taken to deploy Webroot Email Security Service, the actual installation process only took a few days. Ivan Brooks, Countrywide Chief Information officer adds “The SaaS delivery of Webroot was an important factor in terms of speed and simplicity of implementation. And we are automatically upgraded to the latest versions so it’s future proof. We found Webroot Since then, the company has deployed Webroot Email Security Service across 40 particularly attractive domains. In an average month the Webroot service filters about 813,000 genuine emails to some 4,000 users and blocks around 3.9 million spam emails. “I get as it doesn’t offer an update on Webroot once a week,” says Tigg, “and it’s always the same – that just one solution. It everything is fine.” has a range of other Tigg also commended Webroot’s pre and after-sales service. “I’ve always found, when dealing with Webroot, that their service is exceptional. They keep me fully informed products that we about their products and new services. And the account management has always could see ourselves been through one point of contact, who has managed the account from end to end. I was struck by how simple the whole process has been from the initial selection phase, using in future. right through to deployment. There aren’t many solutions out there that do what they colin tigg, countrywide promise without taking more of people’s time and effort than expected.” it procurement manager Dan Szelazek, Countrywide Infrastructure Solutions Manager, also comments, “We have found Webroot easy to work with since it was deployed. Both technical and end- using staff have found Webroot very straightforward to use.” benefitting from eConomieS of SCale In addition to being very pleased with the selection and deployment process, Countrywide has been able to enjoy the benefits of the more robust and cost-effective There aren’t many companywide email security solution. solutions out there “We would struggle to provide that scalability in-house, where we might have to buy in new infrastructure and ensure we had enough bandwidth,” explains Tigg. “With that do what they Webroot, we can now manage 1,000 new users that might come over in an acquisition and it’s an easy ‘click and go’ to just add them to the Webroot service.” promise without taking more of email SeCurity provideS tHe way forward people’s time and Now that Countrywide IT staff and end users have had such a positive experience with the Webroot Email Security Service deployment, this pioneering project is paving the effort than expected. way for wider use of the IT delivery model to promote further economies of scale, cost colin tigg, countrywide savings and efficiencies. it procurement manager Tigg envisages that the Webroot service will help support Countrywide’s continued, strategic IT consolidation programme. “We have a project to move more users over to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment, which will require extra Webroot licences and harness more widely the economies of scale its service delivers across the business.” Tigg concludes: “Webroot has saved us money and has a total solution offering, which means we can use other elements of its portfolio in future.”Webroot Software, Inc. | NORTH AMERICA Webroot International Ltd. | EUROPE Webroot Services Ltd. | EMEA Webroot Software Pty Ltd. | APAC 2560 55th Street Alexandria House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge Venture House, Arlington Square, Downshire Way Level 14, Tower A, 821 Pacific Highway Boulder, CO 80301 USA Dublin 4, Ireland Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1WA, UK CHATSWOOD NSW 2067 Australia • 866.915.3208 • +353 (0) 1 631 9000 • +44 (0) 870 141 7070 • +61 (0) 2 8448 8144 • 1.800.029.234© 2010 All rights reserved. Webroot is a trademark or registered trademark of Webroot Software, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Countrywide-eu-1110-1.0