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Workbooks CRM Adoption whitepaper

  1. 1. 10 Tips to encourage CRM adoptionamongst your Sales teamSales people have long since come to see the CRM system as anecessary evil. A system that must be constantly updated, a systemthat takes up precious selling time and a system that provides littleor no value to the sales person in return. Most businesses howeverare highly dependent on their sales team for the capturing of keydata needed to fulfil orders and to invoice, and hence it is vital to getthem on board with the deployment of a CRM solution.So when thinking about the implementation of a new CRM system,consider, how open is your sales team to change? Unless you canconvince your sales team that a new CRM system will help them bemore productive or more successful, to what extent can you expectthem to adopt a new CRM system?John Cheney, CEO of, a SaaS CRM provider whichspecialise in the SME market, identifies 10 top tips to encourage MIke STaRNeSthe adoption of a CRM solution amongst your sales team. In other SAlES DIRECTOR,words, how do you sell CRM to the sales team? EST MARkETIng “The initial configuration and1 Involve your sales team early import of data was done for usEnsure at least some of your sales team are involved in the CRM by the Workbooks professionalproject at the very earliest stage possible. These employees will act as services team, so the systeminfluencers and subject matter experts and by considering their ideas was productive as soon as weand opinions for the configuration of the system, they are more likely set up accounts for our staff. Itto embrace the change in working practice. was really simple.”2 Nurture ‘Champions’Identifying and cultivating ‘champions’ in your team for a new systemis one of the most effective tactics to faciliate the adoption of CRMamongst your Sales team. It is often apparent who the more influential
  2. 2. members of the sales team are and by harnessing their influence, you help to ensure the adoption of your new system. Appointing them as part of the project team or even setting MBO objectives should ensure their buy-in. 3 Obtain feedback After a few weeks – or most definitely after the first sales period end – take the time to seek feedback. Invite your CRM application vendor or implementation partner to one of your team meetings, they should be keen to help you address outstanding niggles in your implementation. Your Sales team will respect you for taking their opinions and ideas into consideration and will make 100% compliance much more likely. 4 Make it fun Sales people are by nature competitive, so why not put in place an incentive to reinforce adoption? A CRM system makes it easy to measure the completeness of data on key accounts, or the cleanliness of orders submitted under the new process. Rewarding your ‘CRM Heroes’ with cases of wine or commission, can go a long way. 5 Don’t be afraid to use a little coercion Once properly implemented, the on-going success (and return on investment) for any business application is determined by the quality of data entered into it. From experience, nothing focuses the attention of your sales team like the threat of sanctions for non-compliance. Paying reduced commission where the appropriate order information is not provided, or on deals that are not properly forecasted may seem heavy handed, but having invested in a new system, doing this might just help to ensure you reap the business benefits you seek. 6 keep data entry to a minimum keep the data entry portion of their CRM entry to a minimum. get your sales team to enter just enough data to satisfy management reporting, the more confusing & timely the process, the less likely your sales team will want to play ball. Remember, you want your sales reps selling, and not typing.2
  3. 3. 7 Invest in trainingIt should go without saying that if the sales team are not taughtthe benefits of using a system, they are unlikely to use it andhence it really is worth investing in a couple of days training. CRMconsultants work with the system day in, day out and will not onlyteach you how the system works, but they can advise on bestpractice, offer alternative ways of working & most importantly offer‘hints and tips’ to get the most out of the system, which may not atfirst be obvious.8 Roll out your CRM in phasesOnce the system is ready to ‘go-live’, start with your sales team, orat least a small proportion of. Your sales team will be the first totry and ‘break’ the system, and this will allow you to address anyproblems early, before rolling out to the rest of your organisation.9 Have clearly defined protocolsIdentify early on how leads are to be entered, assigned and followedup, and ensure everyone is on the same wavelength. Having morethan one method is confusing and causes poor CRM data in thelong run.10 and finally…lead by exampleImplementing a CRM solution is a top down initiative. A lot of salesand business leaders pay lip service to the importance of CRM butcontinue to request spreadsheets from their colleagues and maynever log into the system themselves.Senior managers should be seen using and benefiting from thesystem. Everything should be driven from the CRM system, so getinto the habit of running your meetings and reviews from the CRMapplication. You should also make a conscious effort to only passleads to your sales team via the CRM solution.With few exceptions, the most successful CRM implementationsare those embraced by the management team. Workbooks Online limited 400 Thames Valley Park Drive Reading Rg6 1PT Uk T: +44 (0)118 3030 100 F: +44 (0)118 919 7805 E: W: VAT number: gB 925 5677 91 Company Registration: 6393851 Code: WP0611_TIPSCRM_0.1 Copyright © Workbooks Online limited