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Workbooks Lyonsdown casestudy


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Workbooks Lyonsdown casestudy

  1. 1. A WORKBOOKS OnLInE CASE STUDY Lyonsdown Media Group About Lyonsdown Media Group supplement topics and to build sales campaigns around this. Two years ago Lyonsdown Media Group produces high the Lyonsdown sales team started to quality, special interest supplements use Salesforce Group Edition to help which are distributed through many achieve this aim. It quickly became of the UK’s major newspaper and apparent that the tool didn’t provide magazine brands, including the the functionality that Lyonsdown need Guardian, The Economist, The Telegraph and the salespeople started to develop and The Spectator. Established in their own ways of running campaigns 2005 by Bradley Scheffer, the company using different combinations of is highly respected in the business Salesforce, Excel spreadsheets and publishing world and counts many Outlook. These disparate working styles blue-chip organisations among its resulted in incomplete and/or duplicate client base. data being stored on Salesforce and made it impossible to track the Each supplement is focused on a progress of campaigns or to analyse sponsorship client’s target audience, success factors. the issues they want to communicate and the products they want to promote. To address these problems, Lyonsdown Topics are wide-ranging and include: considered upgrading their Salesforce Business Skills; Cosmetic Treatment; subscription and decided to take the Digital Signage; Environmental Issues; opportunity to investigate alternative Offshoring and Technology. suppliers too, including Workbooks. Bradley Scheffer, Lyonsdown’s Managing Director said “The fact that Inconsistent data Workbooks CRM includes campaign management was an immediate plus A key aspect of Lyonsdown’s success point and this, combined with how is the ability to segment their target easy the Workbooks interface was for market based on their contacts’ us to understand, made us keen to expressed interest in specific learn more.”
  2. 2. ‟‛‛ Customised configuration Workbooks ticked all our Once the configuration was agreed, boxes, offering a customised Workbooks carried out the migration solution at the right price, of Lyonsdown’s data from Salesforce with training and support to ″ – importing more than 19,000 ensure the implementation organisation records and 11,000 went smoothly people records. The migration was run twice – first into a test database so that Lyonsdown could verify that the data they expected to see wasUnderstanding needs still available to them and the second time into the ‘live’ database. As partBefore the purchase was agreed, of the migration process, Workbooksthe Workbooks team spent time cleaned up the data and removedwith members of the Lyonsdown many duplicate records. The migrationmanagement, sales and technical staff was timed to take place over just oneto gain a good understanding of the working day to minimise any data lossway people operated and of their future and allow Lyonsdown to start usingrequirements. This enabled Workbooks Workbooks with no down demonstrate a configured systemto Lyonsdown that would allow them to A key component of the implementationcapture all the information they required was training the sales team to usewhilst remaining a quick and easy the database effectively, enablingsystem to learn and use. This included them to organise their daily schedulesa comprehensive way of managing and prioritise their activities. Thiscampaigns so that sales of advertising consistency of approach allows themspace in specific supplements can to develop best practice techniques forbe targeted to prospects who have running campaigns effectively, resultingalready shown an interest in that topic. in increased sales levels and better“Workbooks ticked all our boxes,” monitoring of campaign progress.commented Bradley Scheffer, “offering Training took place whilst the dataa customised solution at the right price, migration was underway so by thewith training and support to ensure the next day, all users were in a positionimplementation went smoothly.” to get started with the new system immediately.‟‛‛ “We’re really pleased with our selection of Workbooks; the product looks great, We’re really pleased with our meets our functional needs and the selection of Workbooks; the support we’ve received has been first product looks great, meets class. We’re looking forward to driving our functional needs and the our business ahead using Workbooks support we’ve received has and I’m confident that it will make been first class. We’re looking running our campaigns much more forward to driving our business effective”, concluded Bradley. ahead using Workbooks and I’m confident that it will make ″ running our campaigns much more effective Workbooks Online Limited o 400 Thames Valley Park Drive o Reading o RG6 1PT o UK Telephone: +44 (0)118 3030 100 o Fax: +44 (0)118 919 7805 o Email: o Web: VAT number: GB 925 5677 91 o Company Registration: 6393851 Code: CS0110_LYOnSDOWn Copyright © Workbooks Online Limited