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Secerno SQLagile datasheet

  1. 1. Secerno DataStream™For Comprehensive Database Traffic AnalysisIntroductionSecerno DataStream™, a virtual appliance available on the VMwareServer platform, brings the powerful analysis capabilities ofSecerno’s SynoptiQ™ Engine technology to deliver comprehensivedata stream analysis to developers, QA teams, and security andcompliance auditors by exposing the way that applications andusers access databases and interact with data.Secerno DataStream’s SynoptiQ Engine automatically analysesthe intent of all database queries. To improve the efficiency ofauditing, it uses a patented technique called Semantic Clustering™to log and group database requests with others of similar intent;clearly and concisely showing how data is accessed. We call this360-degree model of all your database transactions Intent-BasedModeling™ and it spotlights areas of concern such as: Authenticated users carrying out unauthorised activity Non-compliant data access or changes to data Credit card numbers being used by unexpected queries Users changing data, when they should only be viewing it Unauthorised access to sensitive data New software versions that violate the corporate data security policy Unusual database requests coming from any part of the Offering a new approach to compliance auditing, Secerno organisation DataStream offers optional differential auditing capabilities which – rather than logging all SQL requests to a database – can be set to Privilege escalation log only changes in data access and/or exceptions to a Applications with permission to access specific data, compliance-approved policy. This considerably reduces the time but have not used it before and resources spent reviewing logged data and processing alerts for compliance. Vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in applications – in development or live Poor quality queries and stored procedures that impact performanceHow Secerno DataStream WorksSecerno DataStream is part of the award-winning SecernoDataWall™ family of database activity monitoring and database policyenforcement hardware and virtual appliances that deliver the world’smost advanced, comprehensive and intelligent database security.Secerno DataStream, with Secerno’s radical SynoptiQ technologyat its core, analyses all database traffic and automatically buildsup a model of application-to-database behaviour. As a result ofthe SynoptiQ Engine’s deep understanding of the SQL language itsSemantic Clustering groups together statements of similar intentfor a concise, yet extremely granular, Intent-Based Model thatshows exactly how data is being accessed.Differential Auditing for ComplianceSimply logging database access is often impractical because of thesheer volume of logs generated. Secerno DataStream offers a newapproach to compliance auditing. Uniquely, the solution supportsdifferential (selection) auditing of data access which enables abaseline of compliant activity to be easily created. Thereafter, thiscustomer baseline can be simply and easily compared with newactivity – highlighting only changes to this baseline.Differential auditing from Secerno significantly reduces theresources required to process audit trails, since only exceptions – Figure 1: Sample Compliance Reportspossible non-compliant activity – need then to be audited.Secerno.SQL Agile – Data Stream Analysis
  2. 2. Data Stream AnalysisSecerno DataStream™ for Software DevelopmentDevelopment Teams TeamSecernoDataStream data stream analysis capabilities deliver Stagingfar-reaching benefits to improve the security and efficiency of Applicationsapplications that will access an organisation’s – or its customers’ –databases.Applications in DevelopmentUsed by development teams in the development, QA andmaintenance cycles such as in the image here, SecernoDataStream supports multiple development phases and paths. Secerno DataStream Secerno DataStreamThe solution enables application delivery staff to receive highquality analysis of SQL and stored procedure interaction with thedatabase. This allows them to identify SQL code issues such as Secerno DataStream Secerno DataStreampoor performing queries, syntax errors, non-standard formattingand SQL queries that could be vulnerable to subversion. Secerno DataStream Secerno DataStreamWith Secerno DataStream, it is cost-effective and fast forapplication delivery staff to identify and fix vulnerabilities andinefficiencies in applications. According to Gartner, it is estimatedto cost up to fifty times more to do this once an application hasbeen deployed in a live environment. Oracle MS-SQL Sybase Figure 2: Secerno DataStream used in Software DevelopmentSecerno DataStream forPenetration Testing Who Benefits from SecernoSecerno DataStream’s in-depth analysis of SQL queries shows DataStream?exactly how applications are accessing corporate databases andspotlights vulnerabilities in applications both in development and in Secerno DataStream guarantees the most intelligent and effectivelive environments. data stream analysis available for any organisation. It is particularly beneficial for:Secerno DataStream is unique in its ability to: Auditors verifying compliance with regulatory requirements, Measure running systems, rather than scan static code who can easily use Secerno DataStream to audit data access and Classify queries highly efficiently: grouping hundreds of its usage thousands of statements into a handful of Semantic Clusters, Software developers and QA managers seeking to improve based on the true database application efficiency, quality and security through intent of database queries powerful SQL traffic analysis, comparison and measurement Highlight SQL query security concerns, rather than other Penetration testers, who can use a powerful tool providing sorts of concern, such as performance or code errors deep forensic analysis capabilities for client engagements Show changes in live behaviour, relative to either: Security specialists who wish to see exactly what queries are • A security baseline or policy measurement being executed on the database and who is making the requests • Another version of software • Different time periods • Different ways of running the programAbout SecernoSecerno DataStream is Secerno’s award-winning family of database activity The SynoptiQ Engine automatically clusters database interactions with others ofmonitoring and database security solutions – uniquely available as either similar intent; highlighting areas of concern such as authenticated users abusinghardware or virtual appliances. Secerno DataWall protects data at the point at their privileges, attackers masquerading as authenticated users or any otherwhich it is accessed and delivers the highest levels of protection against internal form of SQL injection attack.and external threats, optimises compliance auditing and delivers the ability toimprove the security and efficiency of applications. The Secerno DataWall family of products enforces a positive security policy of only approved behaviour, providing the option to either log, monitor, block or substituteAt the core of all products is Secerno’s SynoptiQ™ Engine technology, based policy violations, all the while delivering zero-defect policy and eliminating theon breakthrough research into efficient grammatical clustering and machine- need for manually-scripted defences or externally-produced signatures.learning. The SynoptiQ Engine analyses all database traffic to automaticallyfingerprint the true intent of all database requests. This enables organisations Secerno empowers organisations to derive the most value from their informationto see and prove with unprecedented granular analysis exactly how their data is and to enable data security without the costs associated with traditional solutions.accessed and changed. Code: UK_DS1008_DataStream Web: Email: Copyright © Secerno