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Triggerspot Client Presentation


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A client services presentation about TRIGGERSPOT INC., a digital entertainment consultancy, that specializes in marketing, promoting, and the business development of online / social and mobile games/apps in North America and the EU. TRIGGERSPOT INC. also aides companies in raising money in the SF Bay Area.

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Triggerspot Client Presentation

  1. 1. The Digital Entertainment Consultancy
  2. 2. What is TRIGGERSPOT? TRIGGERSPOT is a digital entertainment consultancy which provides:! !• Global Online Media Consulting! !• Guidance with go to market strategies for Brands, MMO Developers/ !Publishers, Social Games, Mobile App Developers, Virtual Worlds, and !Digital Media Businesses! !• Expert Deal Sourcing and Implementation! !• Executive Corporate Relationships! !• Best Practices around monetization of Virtual Goods, Launch Operations! ! !and Product/Service Operations of Mobile Games, Online Games, !MMORPGʼs and Social Games utilizing the Free-to-Play and !Microtransaction model.! We also provide a host of services around Game Development, Game Operations, and Marketing and Distribution of online/free to play games & mobile apps!
  3. 3. How we can help… TRIGGERSPOT, INC provides domestic and international services to companies involved in digital entertainment and online games who need assistance in the following areas: user acquisition/marketing, increased paying user rate, content acquisition/partnerships, content distribution, strategy, business development, operations and project management. ! Our consultancy services are designed to assist a variety of early stage digital media companies reach takeoff velocity faster by providing a variety of strategic and operational services. Our services enable clients to operate at a higher strategic, ad sales and business development trajectory, which help attract better industry recognition, talent and partnerships.! Our networks span Gaming, Mobile, Brands, Movie Studios, TV Networks, Music and general entertainment!!
  4. 4. What We Do…! We accelerate business development and put your business on the fast track to success!! •  TRIGGERSPOT can source potential clients and partners, increase deal flow, expedite the deal cycle and provide guidance through negotiations.! •  Our extensive network of contacts and vast knowledge in the online games/mobile games industry can help accelerate your growth and secure strategic relationships.! •  We can also help guide your team through launch operations, user acquisition/ marketing/viral growth, payment gateway selection and optimize your registration funnel through A/B testing and increase your paying user rate.!
  5. 5. ʻMEGA Connectorsʼ TRIGGERSPOT, Inc. helps your company achieve its content and business goals in a fast and cost effective manner by utilizing our extensive media/entertainment experience and our long-standing relationships with:! •  Major Movie Studios! •  Music Companies ! •  Mobile Game Developers/Publishers! •  Broadcast/Cable Networks! •  Online Game Publishers! •  Independent Game Developers! •  Online Game Destinations throughout the entertainment industry and around the !world.! We also have relationships with many investors (Angel & VC) as well as accelerator companies that can put you on the right track…!
  6. 6. Experts…! We deliver solid strategy.! We provide expert strategy, guidance, market intelligence, product ideation and business modeling to digital media and online games companies.! Our team of experts have solid experience from leaders in the space such as Habbo, Outspark, EA, Disney, Bigpoint, WB, Gameforge, SEGA, and many more.!
  7. 7. Just some of the clients our teams have serviced 7
  8. 8. How We Do it! Proven Experience! Top Management level relationships and resources worldwide! Cross-platform expertise on mobile, online, technology, software, devices, and digital and physical media! Industry and media influence and leadership.!
  9. 9. Case Study! Peanut Labs! • Providing Business Development, Strategic Direction and Advisory services to increase sales revenue and exit strategy.! • Developed positive relationships and negotiated agreements with several well known online game companies and social game companies (EA, Zynga, Nexon, and more).! Result: Successfully supported top management in vertical strategy of the company and eventual Sale of the company to Research Now.!
  10. 10. Our Team! Paul Thind, Founder & CEO, is a recognized digital authority in online games, social games and virtual worlds. ! He is the former US CEO for Habbo North America, GM for Disneyʼs Virtual Magic Kingdom, and former COO of Outspark.! Thind also has vast experience in the Music and Entertainment Industry, having produced over 110 record releases and is well known in the Digital Media Space. He frequently speaks at conferences and is quoted in news stories on virtual goods and online games. Thind holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a B.Sc in Business Administration and Marketing from CSU East Bay.! TRIGGERSPOT INC. utilizes a wide variety of consultants native to the Bay Area who are experts in their chosen field.! If you have a problem, we are your solution! !!
  11. 11. Our Team (Contʼd)! Marc LeShay, MBA, Board Advisor Marc LeShay earned his MBA in business management from Pepperdine University and has spent the past 20 years as an external leadership and strategy consultant in Fortune 500 organizations located across North America. Within this span, Mr. LeShay has held numerous executive-level positions where he was responsible for global teams, budgets, strategic development, and operational excellence. Stefan Aronsen, MFA, Art Director His ability to brand, market, and package companies has earned him jobs at two successful music labels as well as with numerous independent musicians. He has learned valuable lessons, first-hand, along the way. He has seen that while different companies face different obstacles, one constant in the sheer level of difficulty in establishing a solid identity system.!
  12. 12. Contact Information! TRIGGERSPOT, INC.! Paul Thind, CEO! 2136 22nd Street! San Francisco, CA 94107! Tel: !+1 (510) 589 6944! E-mail: !! http: !!