From Speaker to Professional Speaker


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From Speaker to Professional Speaker

  1. 1. From speaker to Professional Speaker Paul ter Wal, President
  2. 2. Why Professional Speaker? You speak a lot in public You are a TOP toastmaster You’ve got something to tell; unique signature story you like/love it it’s fun you want to earn money with talking? 2 4-6-2010
  3. 3. The type of speakers Business coaching/consultants Motivational/keynote speakers Facilitators/Masters of Ceremony Humor speakers, after diner speakers Sales & marketing Seminar/workshop leaders Storytellers Writers Celebrities 3 4-6-2010
  4. 4. You’re not alone: PSA Holland No Agency or Speaking bureau Professional Association/guild Founded in 2006; 75 members; NL & Belgium Liaison with Toastmasters NL, MPI/Meeting Planners International EU & several Speaking bureaus Member of the Global Speakers Federation; worldwide 5.000 members; 10 countries 4 4-6-2010
  5. 5. NSA US NSAA PSA ME USA Middle East 3,618 Members Australia In Formation 560 Members Support NSANZ FPSA & New Zealand France Networking 109 Members In Formation Desig- CAPS Global natons & Canada Speakers’ Awards 531 Members PSAC Network China In Formation Special PSA UK Events 300 Members PSAH Holland 75 Members MAPS GSA Malaysia Germany PSASA APSS 61 Members 5 430 Members South Africa Singapore 4-6-2010 74 Members 79 Members Membership as of March 2010
  6. 6. More speakers International working globally Industry Recognition To increase the profile and professionalism of the speaking industry around the world One Community of Professional Speakers • Uniqueness • Learning 6 • Sharing 4-6-2010
  7. 7. GSF Values We value open minds so we can accurately understand, flexibly integrate, and appropriately address the various cultures in audiences around the world. Our members are passionate about honoring the uniqueness of differing cultures. We understand that working in of local and global market places a greater demand on our individual personal development. Our members are committed to ensuring their expertise is aligned with their international clients’ objectives. We are committed to helping the entire marketplace succeed and grow through the sharing of ideas, information and experience. Our members understand the price for failure of one non-local speaker is paid for by all global speakers. 7 4-6-2010
  8. 8. Professional Speakers Association Holland PSA HOLLAND: creates standards regarding professionalism of speakers helps members to develop themselves enlarges the market for professional speaking makes the professional discipline and talk more visible creates quality and added value by organizing mastermind groups, peer-to-peers, trainings, Master study, Register Professional Speaker and the recognition as CSP A yearly (International) Convention: in 2011 the Global Speakers Summit in Holland 8 4-6-2010
  9. 9. 8 Core Skills (1) Professional Awareness: Mastering this competency provides an in-depth understanding of the Professional Speakers Association, related professional associations and sources of information. Professional Relationships This relates to the knowledge and skills needed to communicate with planners, agents, bureaux, professionals serving speakers and the media. Topic Development This is the "creative" competency. It means knowing the best topics for you and tailoring topics to specific audiences. Stage Techniques This "staging" competency includes room, stage and equipment set-up, as well as speaker introductions. 9 4-6-2010
  10. 10. 8 Core Skills (2) Presentation and performance This is the "communication" competency, which includes mastering the craft of presenting and performing. Authorship and Product Development Developing the skill to convert messages in the speech into marketable products. Don’t the book inside you! PR, Sales and Marketing This business development competency results in comprehensive sales and marketing strategies for speaking engagements and products. Managing the Business Mastering this competency will help speakers manage the business side of their speaking activities. 10 4-6-2010
  11. 11. Developments (1) Brightening “Direct value” by the speaker What do I leave behind? F.e. increase Customer Satisfaction by 10%, 15% decrease absenteeism, increase sales by 50% Creation of "Unique value” On what am I unique from colleagues? Customer type Local or Worldwide recognition Different approach Unique subject Certification: CSP Training for speakers: Post-graduate 11 4-6-2010
  12. 12. Developments (2) Authenticity More content than presentation? Better presentation techniques Knowledge of speaking business and speaking conditions Checklist 12 4-6-2010
  13. 13. Your added value for MP’s Get to know the question behind the question of the customer's uniqueness Your added value is in content and less in your name: the market is bigger than the top-10 and most of the time better! Let them know what it takes to speak: an interest in the box Ask a thorough preparation of the planner: checklist Look what the customer wants to do and asks what the agency/MP wants to sell Clear presence requirement 13 4-6-2010
  14. 14. How to use your network? Create a good website Upload video’s: YouTube, Vimeo LinkedIn-profile, groups, Twitter, Facebook etc Get recommendations Write a book and publish it (E-book) Join a or the networks of speakers; know your colleques .. 14 4-6-2010
  15. 15. The First Steps of Professional Career Become a member of a Professional Speakers Association Meet your Peers Upgrade your level of speaking Create your personal speakers SWOT Make money Just do it! 15 4-6-2010
  16. 16. Are you a World Class Speaker? Just start working at it!