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Time Management


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Rocket-Powered Time Management Techniques For Businesses.

Check out some of the best time management tools that are available and find out how to deploy them effectively in your business.

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Time Management

  1. 1. Rocket-Powered Time Management Techniques For Businesses in 2016 Practical tools & tips to help you to squeeze more out of your day
  2. 2. Content covered during this beginner-friendly training: • Using ScheduleOnce with your online diary to get off the phone and automate appointment booking • Using RescueTime to find out where your day went and how you can put a stop to distractions • Sending quotes and invoices with Debitoor • Amazing Gmail and Google Calendar tricks to simplify your working day • Deploying Buffer to super-simplify your social media scheduling • Using Trello to record, manage and share tasks • Setting and keeping goals using Goal Tracker • Using Dropbox to access and share files wherever you are in the world • How Evernote means that you'll never lose a key document, photo or website ever again • The simple outsourcing sites which can save you time, headaches and money • Why it's time to abandon Microsoft Office and head directly for Google Drive • Using Lastpass so that you never have to scurry around looking for a lost password ever again Coming Up Today …
  3. 3. We All Get 24 Hours In A Day! Are you busy ‘being busy’ or are you focusing on only the essential tasks?
  4. 4. We All Get 24 Hours In A Day!
  5. 5. We All Get 24 Hours In A Day!
  6. 6. We All Get 24 Hours In A Day!
  7. 7. Great Time Management Books My favourite time management ‘gurus’ are Robin Sharma & Brian Tracy
  8. 8. We All Get 24 Hours In A Day! Source:
  9. 9. 80: 20 Rule Source:
  10. 10. Aka The Pareto Principle Source: Source:
  11. 11. Time Management Techniques I set Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 Targets on a white board I work to a weekly printed planner
  12. 12. Time Management Techniques Source:
  13. 13. Time Management Techniques
  14. 14. Time Management • I write 5000 words at one sitting ie per day • I work in 90 minute chunks • No phone/internet/interruptions/distractions when I’m writing • When I’m struggling to focus (which is often), I time myself on a 90 minute timer • I lock down my writing days – nothing touches them • I sometimes have to force myself to 5000 words • I reward myself when I hit my targets • I celebrate the wins • I tick off targets achieved on my white board • I plan out my work … I start from quarterly BIG targets, boil these down to weekly MANAGEABLE targets, then create ACHIEVABLE daily target Time Management Techniques I wrote 326,690 words in 2015 alongside full time working - that was achieved using the time management techniques that I will be talking about today ie it’s not just theory 
  15. 15. Using Speed Dial
  16. 16. Why Use Speed Dial? 1 – It’s a massive time saver 2 – It saves you typing and re-typing URLs 3 – It’s massively expandable 4 – It’s better and faster than bookmarks 5 – All your social media sites exactly where you want them
  17. 17. Time Management If you’re really struggling to concentrate, try ForceDraft! ForceDraft
  18. 18. FocalFilter
  19. 19. FocalFilter
  20. 20. Habitica https://habitica.comTurn your time management into a game 
  21. 21. Habitica
  22. 22. Controversial! How Accessible Are You? • I use a system called Vonage to manage my business telephony • I use it in connection with which allows me to answer, forward or send to voicemail • Missed calls are emailed to me, I never miss a thing • I don’t answer the phone unless we have already booked a call ie I schedule calls in advance • I prefer to know what the call is about before I schedule time for it (it’s using up my time after all!) • If I didn’t do this I’d be disturbed by time-wasters, people trying to sell me stuff and people interrupting me on their schedule, not on my schedule • This sounds ruthless, but it’s not … I never miss a call. If it’s important, you’ll get to me straight away … if it’s not, you’ll hear from me when I’m ready • This is all about you controlling your time … don’t let others control it • Don’t create the illusion that you’re busy, you need to focus ruthlessly on being productive on your goals. Are you really busy … or just ‘busy being busy?
  23. 23. Email – The Time Destroyer! Delete it (be ruthless) Deal with it (now) Delegate it (it’s not yours to deal with) Diary it (you can’t deal with it now) I’ll show you how to diary it on the next slide 
  24. 24. Using Boomerang
  25. 25. Why Use Boomerang? 1 – Send an email later 2 – The best email follow up reminders 3 – Remind you if you don't hear back 4 – For mobile and Android! 5 – I use it several times everyday! 6 – Great for managing social media follow-ups 7 – Basic functionality is free
  26. 26. Boomerang can help you: • Remember to pay bills/cancel or renew subscriptions • Schedule essential notes when you have time to write them • Make sure you follow up with a request or task on time • Communicate with people in different time zones Using Boomerang
  27. 27. Using Boomerang
  28. 28. Using Boomerang
  29. 29. Best Email Service: Gmail Gmail wins on customisation and the ability to run multiple inboxes I think that the real power of Gmail is in the add-ons that you can use with it – these are amazing!
  30. 30. Signing Up For Gmail
  31. 31. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses 1: Change Gmail info, 2: Import from Hotmail etc, 3: ‘Send Mail As’
  32. 32. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses You use this option when you have set up automatic forwarding to your Gmail account
  33. 33. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses Click ‘Add Account’ to send via this email address. You may have to dig a bit to find your port number! If TLS doesn’t work, try SSL, but don’t go unsecured!
  34. 34. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses This one is a bit more technical, but if you contact your web host, or check their FAQ, this info is usually easy to find. Don’t worry that you don’t understand it, just follow the steps 
  35. 35. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses Port info and POP server is readily available info via your web host. Ask them via their helpdesk if you’re not sure.
  36. 36. Importing and integrating all of your email addresses This is where you adjust which email address you want to ‘send as’.
  37. 37. Canned responses This is great if you find yourself writing the same thing time and time again!
  38. 38. Canned responses 1: Click on reply 2: Write your response 3: Use the menu at the bottom RHS of the email 4: Save your response and give it a name 5: Next time you reply to an email, just ‘drop’ your response into the text area by using the same menu
  39. 39. Canned responses Just work through the prompts step-by-step …
  40. 40. Using Sidekick to track your emails Sidekick notifies you when people open your emails, and lets you know when leads are visiting your website. I use it to track who’s clicked emails and to see what they click. It’s very useful if you’re chasing somebody and they’re not getting back to you … you know exactly when they looked at your email  See:
  41. 41. Using Sidekick to track your emails
  42. 42. Using Gmail with Google Calendar It sits on the left hand side of my Gmail work area so I can always see my appointments and easily add new appointments.
  43. 43. Using Google Calendar
  44. 44. Using Google Calendar with ScheduleOnce for automated appointment setting Source:
  45. 45. Using Gmail Labs to activate some really useful extras
  46. 46. Using Gmail Labs to activate some really useful extras (Includes ‘Mark as read’) I recommend: • Canned Responses • Mark as Read Button • Undo Send • Google Calendar gadget If you use multiple Gmail accounts, I also recommend: • Multiple Inboxes
  47. 47. ScheduleOnce
  48. 48. ScheduleOnce
  49. 49. ScheduleOnce
  50. 50. ScheduleOnce
  51. 51. ScheduleOnce
  52. 52. Free Alternative
  53. 53. Debitoor
  54. 54. Debitoor
  55. 55. Debitoor
  56. 56. Similar Software Any others to add?
  57. 57. Dropbox
  58. 58. Dropbox
  59. 59. Dropbox
  60. 60. Dropbox
  61. 61. Dropbox
  62. 62. Google Drive
  63. 63. Google Drive
  64. 64. Google Drive
  65. 65. Google Drive
  66. 66. Google Drive
  67. 67. Time Management Skills For Social Media [Part 1] Beware the social media time vampire!
  68. 68. News Feed Eradicator
  69. 69. News Feed Eradicator Web link is:
  70. 70. Remove News Feed Eradicator
  71. 71. Using Hootsuite
  72. 72. Using Hootsuite
  73. 73. Why Use Hootsuite? 1) Monitor Multiple Streams in One Place 2) You Have a Team Managing Your Social Media Empire 3) Managing Customer Service on Twitter 4) You Want to Cross Post to Your Google+ Page 5) Completely Cross Platform 6) Get Free Reports by Email 7) You Want to Connect Lots of Services Together [Source:]
  74. 74. Why Use Hootsuite? Here are some of Hootsuite’s many features: • Manage multiple Twitter, Facebook (profiles and pages), LinkedIn, Word Press, Foursquare and Google+ networks all from one place (not personal G+ profiles yet, only business pages) • Schedule updates (including on a calendar and even upload from a spreadsheet (csv file) • Collaborate as a team (delegate replies, tweets, mark as done, track messages etc) • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) • Customised analytics (including scheduled reports) • RSS integration (post updates from an RSS feed) • Helpful and comprehensive support pages and friendly customer support team [Source:]
  75. 75. Using Hootsuite
  76. 76. Using Hootsuite
  77. 77. Using Hootsuite Hootsuite will only link with your Google+ business pages, it is currently unable to hook up with your personal profile 
  78. 78. Using Buffer
  79. 79. Why Use Buffer? 1 – Manage Multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Accounts 2 – Set Up Your Own Updating Schedule 3 – Easily Add Updates to Your Buffer 4 – Use it Everywhere with Apps, Extensions, and Extras 5 – Use Buffer on Your Smartphone 6 – See Which Tweets Get the Most Engagement [Source:]
  80. 80. Using Buffer
  81. 81. Using Buffer
  82. 82. Using Buffer
  83. 83. Hootsuite vs Buffer As you can see, Hootsuite and Buffer each have their pros and cons. If I had to pick one, it would definitely be Buffer – their scheduling tools are hard to beat! But overall, I’ve found that using a combination of both tools is the best way to manage our various Twitter accounts. Hootsuite obviously shines in the listening department, whereas Buffer edges out the competition with its intuitive scheduling tools and clean interface. Neither is particularly great with analytics, but then again, that’s not really what these tools were created for. There are certainly additional solutions out there that can do it all, but we tend to gravitate toward low-cost, flexible options instead. Source:
  84. 84. Using SocialOomph
  85. 85. Why Use SocialOomph? Free • Unlimited accounts • Schedule tweets easily • Track keywords • Shorten URL’s and track clicks Paid • Linkedin and Facebook scheduling • Import RSS feeds • Schedule and publish blog posts from unlimited blogs • Advanced search tools to target users to follow • Advanced DM management to filter out spam • Your own Twitter dashboard • Delegate account management to other users • Bulk tweet upload
  86. 86. Using SocialOomph
  87. 87. Using SocialOomph
  88. 88. Using SocialOomph
  89. 89. Using SocialOomph
  90. 90. Using SocialOomph Great for bulk follower management on Twitter!
  91. 91. Using Hootlet
  92. 92. Why Use Hootlet? 1 – Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (and more...) 2 – Schedule Your Posts. 3 – It Takes Just A Moment To Schedule & Share 4 – It Reminds You Of Your Available Characters For Each Social Media Channel
  93. 93. Using Hootlet
  94. 94. Using RescueTime
  95. 95. Why UseRescueTime? 1 – Easy setup 2 – Monitor your time use especially on social media 3 – Designate tasks productive or unproductive 4 – It’s secure 5 – It allows you to create and store deadly passwords  6 – You can use it on your mobile phone 7 – You can use it on any PC or tablet – it ‘follows’ you around
  96. 96. RescueTime
  97. 97. RescueTime
  98. 98. RescueTime
  99. 99. RescueTime
  100. 100. Using RescueTime
  101. 101. Using RescueTime
  102. 102. Using RescueTime
  103. 103. Using RescueTime
  104. 104. Goal Tracker
  105. 105. Goal Tracker
  106. 106. Goal Tracker
  107. 107. Some Extra Time-Saving Resources
  108. 108. Using SideKick Track your emails – know who’s doing what & when! See:
  109. 109. Using SideKick Track your emails – know who’s doing what & when!
  110. 110. Using Evernote Never forget or lose anything ever again!
  111. 111. Why Use Evernote? 1 – It's a Universal Inbox: Store Anything You Can Imagine in One Place 2 – It Digitizes Your Physical Notes and Backs Them Up in The Cloud 3 – It's Great for Task/GTD Management (Get Things Done) 4 – It Rocks for Note-Taking, Whether Simple or Detailed 5 – It Works as a Digital Reference System, Great for Research Work or Archiving Material 6 – It Allows for Multiple Special Notebooks 7 – It Allows You To Collate, Save, and Share Anything Virtually Anywhere! [Source:]
  112. 112. • Store everything and access it anywhere • Can be used with URLs, images, audio, video and documents • Synchronisation between all your devices Using Evernote
  113. 113. Using Evernote: Research, collation and collaboration Storage, organisation and retrieval Tagging of multiple items to increase organisation Complex research and planning tasks Replacing browser bookmarks with a more intuitive system Using Evernote
  114. 114. Evernote Console
  115. 115. Using Lastpass Get Your passwords under control!
  116. 116. Why Use LastPass? 1 – Easy setup 2 – It saves a lot of time 3 – It’s free 4 – It’s secure 5 – It allows you to create and store deadly passwords  6 – You can use it on your mobile phone 7 – You can use it on any PC or tablet – it ‘follows’ you around Note: Roboform/Dashlane are a perfectly acceptable alternatives
  117. 117. • Easy and secure data and password management • Save, organise, and access your login data • LastPass employs localised, government-level encryption Using Lastpass
  118. 118. Using Lastpass: Stop having to remember passwords ... one master password Use across multiple devices Store any confidential text data Sensitive data is encrypted on your PC Automatically fill forms and generate secure passwords Using Lastpass
  119. 119. Using Lastpass Source:
  120. 120. Using Lastpass Source:
  121. 121. Trello
  122. 122. Trello
  123. 123. Trello
  124. 124. Trello
  125. 125. Trello
  126. 126. Why Use Rapportive? 1 – Establish rapport. Mention shared interests and connections. 2 – Who is this? See their happy smiling face. 3 – Where are they? See if they're nearby, and arrange to meet. 4 – What do they do? See their job, company and LinkedIn profile. 5 – Grow your network. Connect with them on LinkedIn without leaving Gmail. 6 – Who do we both know? See your shared connections. 7 – It’s free!
  127. 127. Using Rapportive
  128. 128. Other Software For You To Check Out … focus@will is neuroscience based music service that helps you focus, reduce distractions and retain information when working …
  129. 129. Other Software For You To Check Out … Based on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done.
  130. 130. Other Software For You To Check Out … Free social and collaborative online mind mapping software. Mind mapping can be free, fast and simple.
  131. 131. Other Software For You To Check Out … Online time tracking tool featuring 1-click time tracking and helps you see where your time goes. Free and paid versions are available.
  132. 132. Other Software For You To Check Out … Remember The Milk is the popular to-do list that's everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more.
  133. 133. Access all of the slides from today, as well as lots of useful URLs and resources, via this link: Next steps …
  134. 134. How To Remove ‘Always On’ Notifications On Social Media …
  135. 135. Facebook
  136. 136. Facebook
  137. 137. Twitter
  138. 138. Twitter
  139. 139. LinkedIn
  140. 140. LinkedIn
  141. 141. Google+
  142. 142. Google+
  143. 143. YouTube
  144. 144. YouTube