2009 - print portfolio


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2009 - print portfolio

  1. 1. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 1 Portfolio Print 2009
  2. 2. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 2 Olympic Trade Mission Book, DVD, 2008 Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, NL A DVD / Book combination documenting the factories along the ‘plastic river’ in china. The pragmatic, infographic- fed design follows the Chi- nese tradition of gold, black and yellow; the small insert pages document semi-pro- paganda banners collected around the travelled route and function as a quiet critique. facts print run: 1.000 size: 150 x 210 mm, 72 pages Cardboard black DVD inlay Swiss bound with red sew 8 tab pages, 2 fold-outs Cover gold foil print printing: Veenman Drukkers
  3. 3. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 3 Hierisplekzat.nl Event, Map, Website 2008-2009 Gemeente Rotterdam IJsselmonde, Villa Zebra, NL Map, keycord and pro- gramme for a project exploring the qualities and problems in Rotterdam IJs- selmonde from the perspec- tive of the youth. facts print run: 2.000 size: 150 x 210 mm separate sticker sheet printing: Rob Stolk posters A0 copy balloon: Ø180cm
  4. 4. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 4 Viewbook.com Identity design, 2009 Viewbook, Rotterdam, NL Viewbook.com is an online service for presenting im- ages in a very simple and el- egant way. The logo is based on the archetypical slide with a rectangle inside, a rounded corner outside. This concept forms the basis of a custom typeface, avoiding all current web-trends. Viewbook.com Interface icons design, 2009 Viewbook, Rotterdam, NL
  5. 5. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 5 IKEA Insight Magazine supplement concept, 2007 Inter IKEA Systems BV, Delft, NL Proposal (approved, not produced) for internal maga- zine ‘INSIGHT’ for IKEA. The cover features an in-motion picture of an IKEA store, with the hole the cover seam- lessly flows over into the content.
  6. 6. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 6 Green Records Record sleeves 2002 - 2009 Green, Hong Kong / Amsterdam, NL The covers of the GREEN record series is based on two ‘content’ layers; a photographic and a text layer. The text layer is about the inspiration; a quote, a statement about the current status of the vinyl market, a poetic phrase. The photo- graphic layer is mainly based on coincidental, unorganised ceremonies, ‘nature’ and urban life. facts print run: 2.000 each size: 310 x 310 mm printed on uncoated side, spot uv layer
  7. 7. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 7 From a Deep Place CD, LP, 2007 Technorient, Hong Kong The title is taken quite liter- ally in the visual design for this album; different per- spectives of layered ‘graphic photography’ on line tracing paper reveal a trip through different landscapes. The fundamental awful design jewel box is exceeded by materialising the inlays with 100% transparency. facts print run: 10.000 printed in Hong Kong size: 120 x 120 mm, 24 pages booklet, full colour picture disc. printed on 80 grs line- tracing paper. The ‘from a deep place’ cover was ‘cover of the month’ in VICE magazine, #xx, 2007
  8. 8. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 8 From a Deep Place Poster, 2007 facts print run: 10 inkjet print size: 1200 x 1800 mm
  9. 9. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 9 Miloco Identity, Brochures, 2005 Miloco Recording Studios, London, UK
  10. 10. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 10 Liquid Space Flyer, Poster Studio Roosegaarde, Rotterdam, NL Helenfrik.nl Press Release Helen Frik, Amsterdam, NL facts print run: 100 laser print on pre-printed offset sheets size: 210 x 297 mm unprinted cover Levels Flyers, 2003 Lonneke van Leth, Arnhem, NL 5 fundamental emotions are deconstructed and recon- structed by an additional printing layer. facts print run: 5 x 100 size: 105 x 148 mm
  11. 11. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 11 Ripperton - Niwa CD, LP, 2009 Raphael Ripperton, Laussane, CH (in production) Photography and design. Custom packaging. The photography derives from the idea of inserting a portal into a space without using computer software. The light the ‘portal’ projects on its surroundings, create a mys- tical scene. Remf: A Green Night Green Records, 2006 The flyer depicts the fictional flying routes of the DJ’s playing that night. The more frequent the DJ flies, the thicker the lines. The flyer has the size of a placemat, giving it the connotation of a usefull festival attribute
  12. 12. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 12 Sjekjeplek.nl Poster Beyond Leidsche Rijn, Melle Smets, Utrecht, NL The shapes are based on chewing gum on the streets, presented as clouds in the sky layered over the ‘VINEX’ location ‘De Leidsche Rijn’
  13. 13. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 13 Sound Architecture Record sleeves, 2004 An alternative numbering system give the sleeve a new function in a record collec- tion. facts print run: 1.000 each size: 310 x 310 mm white screenprint
  14. 14. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 14 Rejected Description
  15. 15. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 15 Shapes of Sound T-Shirt, 2003 Shapes of Sound Flyers, 2003 With the upcoming printers delivering within 4 days, it becomes possible to reflect on current affairs. By chang- ing the name of ‘Shapes of Sound’ a new title erupts for the event itself. Shapes of Sound Projection, 2003
  16. 16. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 16 AKI Eindexamen fotografie Book, 1999 AKI, Enschede Future History CD, 2003
  17. 17. Office of Paul Swagerman Portfolio 2009 17 Short CV Paul C. Swagerman Profile Clients Born 30.10.1978, Leeuwarden Allround veelzijdig - Archis Publishers, Amsterdam, NL The Netherlands trained in door alle media heen te werken Helen Frik, Amsterdam, NL - total package - concept Green Records, Amsterdam, NL www.paulswagerman.nl Working as a designer I’m faced with the Villa Zebra, Rotterdam, NL post@paulswagerman.nl fact that we handle and deal with infor- Quooker, Ridderkerk, NL mation very differently nowadays than Studio Roosegaarde, Rotterdam, NL Home / Office we used to. I get inspiration from taking Partizan Publik, Amsterdam, NL Aelbrechtskade 112a another close look at whatever it is i’m CBK Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn, NL 3023 JD Rotterdam working on, how it is used now and how Maas Architecten, Lochem, NL that is different to before. Simply put, I Vlieger & Vandam, Rotterdam, NL look at how we interact with the informa- Roxbury Music, London, UK Education tion and what influences it. Aesthetics or Viewbook B.V., Rotterdam, NL AKI Akademie voor Beel- making a ‘graphical’ statement alone is not Beyond Utrecht, Utrecht, NL dende Kunsten, Enschede that interesting to me. For me, the sce- Melle Smets, Rotterdam, NL Graphic design (specialisa- nario people go through when they interact Lotte Stekelenburg, Rotterdam, NL tion Information Design) with information and their personal ways of dealing with it, is what’s important. 2000 - 2002 My aim is to reflect on the subject; what Default Office, Arnhem, NL is appropriate but surprising, and what works well. Creating conjointly, in an 2002 - engaging process with the client is the Office of Paul Swagerman essence of the working method, leading to highly functional as well as meaningful 2008 - designs. Co-founder Viewbook BV (parttime) Grants 2004, Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL Publications 2007, Zoom In Zoom Out, Victionary Publishers, Hong Kong 2008, Color in Graphics, Mao- mao publishers, Spain 2009, De Groene Amsterdam- mer, #50. NL