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Global mission


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Global mission

  1. 1. Global MissionPart 2: 1) I chose to do a PowerPoint and poem for part 1. I think that a PowerPoint is very informative and a poem is creative. The main feature is Ghana. There are many different aspects covered in my PowerPoint for example Intro, History, Weather, Chocolate, Famous People, Conclusion and Football, an important feature is the Conclusion as it rounds up everything. 2) The first reason I think Geography is important is because when you travel when your older you may need geography to check different climates. In my opinion not all
  2. 2. aspects of geography are important. My reason for this is that stuff like whether places are sheltered or not can be determined without the use of geography.3) The advantages and disadvantages are that the world although many seem to say it will end this year using geography you can see the world is healthy and set to go on for many years on the other hand there has been a lot of freak weather this year proving that this is the lead up to the end of the world having considered the main points it is clear that the fate of the world is unpredictable. I predict the world will most likely live on.