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P Spiller personal brand brochure 2016


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P Spiller personal brand brochure 2016

  1. 1. Paul Owen Spiller Senior Manager with a proven track record of growing businesses
  2. 2. As the main board director responsible for network operations and marketing, have built a new business structure resulting in the growth of the life pharmacy symbol group from 6 sites to 65 locations nationwide. This new symbol group has been national consumer retail brand utilising ongoing year round brand response marketing campaigns. With an annual marketing budget of €1million+ which has been permanently engineered into the group structure enabling a multichannel strategy, including national terrestrial TV, Radio, Online, local and charity partnerships. Some highlights from a varied career.....
  3. 3. As a recognised expert of franchise and symbol group business theory, provided training to faculty and students of Limerick Institute of Technology’s National Franchising centre. In a consulting role, mentored a small Galway based business, to rebrand and grow into the industry leading brand, with a network spanning the UK mainland. In a business start up team, undertook the roll out of supermarket sized internet cafés across 8 countries and 2 continents in just 18 months. With a Guinness world record 1,000 seat site in New York’s Times Square. Paul is the man largely responsible for the successful transformation of our company from local operator to the largest outfit of its type in Ireland. Terry Guilford, Owner of The Ultimate Floor Care Company
  4. 4. He is a consummate diplomat, industrious and capable of communicating effectively at all levels... Sean Reilly, Board Chairman Life Pharmacy PLC There’s no doubt that Paul’s contribution was crucial for the development Life Pharmacy into a nationally recognised brand. Conan Burke, Director Burkes Pharmacies I worked with Paul for over two years (at IFM Consultants). He is very strong on sales and marketing and has developed strong relationships with all of the clients. Tony Dignam, Finance Director Compass Group UK & Ireland It is very rewarding and enjoyable working with Paul. He has a very easy going but authoritative manner - I have learned that when Paul speaks it is very worthwhile to really listen to what he has to say. Finbar McCann Partner at IFM Consultants His work was always of an excellent standard and he forged strong and effective relationships with both clients and colleagues through his ability, integrity and natural courtesy. I would be very happy to work with him again. Chris Barker, Head of Marketing Manchester Airport Group Paul Owen Spiller Senior Manager with a proven track record of growing businesses 00353 (0)86 786 2940