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Social Utility: How to Turn Social Media into Social Sales


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A short presentation on how social utility can be used to turn social media into social sales

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Social Utility: How to Turn Social Media into Social Sales

  1. 1 Social Utility: The Secret to Unlocking Sales TIL IT Y LU with Social MediaSO CIA Dr Paul Marsden Social Commerce Today @marsattacks
  2. 2Three insights for turning social media into social sales...
  3. 3 For 34% of women aged 18-34, checking their social media account is the first thing they do when waking upYeah, yeah - social media is big. But so what?
  4. 4 SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION media ju st i ts er it G et ovIt’s not a revolution, it’s just media
  5. 5 TELEPHONE DID NOT KILL THE MOVIE STARSocial media is simply personal communication media - autility to help people connect and share with each other
  6. 6As a business, having a social media strategy makesabout as much sense as having a paper strategy
  7. 7 “IF I HAD TO GUESS SOCIAL COMMERCE IS THE NEXT AREA TO REALLY BLOW UP” MARK ZUCKERBERGBut social media can have a useful role to play in yoursales strategy...
  8. 8For example, consumers are happy to hear from you insocial media if you have a remarkable offer for them...
  9. 9For instance, Heinz opened a pop-up social media storeto sell personalised get well soup; 1 in 8 fans bought...
  10. 10But when there’s no remarkable offer - there are no sales
  11. 11So if you want to sell with social media, you’ll need a clearand compelling value proposition...
  12. 12 Helping people solve problems socially ILI TY U T CI AL SO Helping people solve social problemsSmart brands are using social media to offer ‘social’ valuepropositions that are all about delivering ‘social utility’
  13. 13 “Does my butt look big in this?”‘Social utility’ is just a fancy name for helping people solveproblems socially and helping them solve social problems
  14. 14 SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE “A wise man learns from the experience of others, a fool by his own”Helping people solve problems socially means helpingthem solve problems together; with their social intelligence
  15. 15For example, why not help consumers club together likeMercedes to get better value by buying in bulk?
  16. 16You can also offer social utility by helping people solve theircore social problems: how to ‘stand out’ and how to ‘fit in’
  17. 17Helping people ‘stand out’ with social media is all aboutoffering them ‘social status’...
  18. 18As Burberry does with pop-up social media storesoffering early access bragging rights for new products...
  19. 19Helping people ‘fit in’ with social media is all about helping‘social bonding’ like Starbucks social media gift store
  20. 20Whether you help people solve problems socially or helpthem solve social problems, the secret is to offer social utility
  21. 21 SOCIAL UTILITY using social media to help people solve problems socially and solve social problems social social social intelligence status bonding $$$$$$ SOCIAL SALES $$$$$$So here’s the secret to selling with social media: Offer asocial shopping service that has genuine social utility
  22. 22This is not a revolution, it’s just basic business sense; smartselling is about solving people’s problems - at a profit
  23. 23Find out more in the forthcoming ‘F-Commerce Handbook’& ‘Social Commerce Handbook’ from McGraw Hill