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From Words to Pictures: Imagery in PowerPoint Presentations


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A brief introduction, by example, of how presenters are weaving images and words together to provide lively, cohesive presentations with PowerPoint as a tool rather than a hindrance; delivered as Infopeople mini-demo at the California Library Association conference in Long Beach (November 2008)

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From Words to Pictures: Imagery in PowerPoint Presentations

  1. 1. From Words to Pictures: Imagery in PowerPoint Presentations By Paul Signorelli For Infopeople CLA 16 November 2008
  2. 2. Lots of Information = Little Retention
  3. 3. One begins to build a bridge with the placement of one stone
  4. 4. A New Idea= 1,000 Words
  5. 5. Ideas Floating Upward Like Balloons
  6. 6. From Many to One
  7. 7. We’re On Our Way
  8. 8. Using Rather Than Being Used By Tools
  9. 9. Seen, Not Read
  10. 10. Transfers
  11. 11. Putting It Together
  12. 12. Slide Sorter as an Anchor
  13. 13. Interactive and Collaborative
  14. 14. Motion and Momentum
  15. 15. Stories
  16. 16. Visual Bibliographies
  17. 17. Trying Anything to Build a Bridge
  18. 18. Notes on Style 1: Beyond Bullet Points HOME     BLOG     Sign In
  19. 19. Notes on Style 2: Pecha Kucha  
  20. 20. Notes on Style 3: Image Sources
  21. 21. Credits (All images taken from Title slide: zeema999's photostream at Yawning cat: Catalina Pimentel at Ponte del diavolo: ioilpeggiore Light bulbs: Cayusa at Balloons: mortimer at Single balloon: ms4jah at Tools: macropoulos at Open book: ivomathieugaston at Transferring baton: hueythatsme at Jigsaw puzzle: gualizoe at Anchor: plbmak at Hands: five2b4u at Hawk: sypix at Storyteller: FrogMiller at Chicago bridges: spudart at