Using Technology to Enhance In-Person Training


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This presentation, for ALA Techsource, is the first of two live presentations exploring the use of technology to save time and money in workplace learning and performance (training) offerings. It was delivered on September 16, 2010 and includes a discussion of what technology is; reviews Cliff Atkinson's Beyond Bullet Points as a successful use of technology in onsite training; and looks at how YouTube, Google Docs, and SlideShare can enliven in-person training sessions. For information about purchasing access to the recorded presentation, please contact

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Using Technology to Enhance In-Person Training

  1. 1. Using Technology To Enhance In-Person Training By Paul Signorelli For ALA Techsource 16 September 2010 (First of Two Sessions)
  2. 2. Definitions: Technology is…
  3. 3. Or…
  4. 4. And…
  5. 5. Including…
  6. 6. And more?
  7. 7. And What About These?
  8. 8. Why Does My Head Hurt?
  9. 9. Some Have Strong Feelings
  10. 10. Others Don’t Forget the Basics
  11. 11. And Some Are Innovative
  12. 12. Let’s Start With Basics
  13. 13. And Then?
  14. 14. And Then?
  15. 15. We Control the Technology
  16. 16. Putting Things Together
  17. 17. YouTube, I Tube, We All Tube…
  18. 18. YouTube, We Laugh, They Learn…
  19. 19. Collaboration Tools Onsite and Online
  20. 20. Sharing Your Google Documents
  21. 21. Creating and Sharing Slides
  22. 22. Accessing What We Have Created
  23. 23. Comfortable Learning Spaces: Lied Library, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  24. 24. University of Arizona Information Commons: Small Groups, Big Spaces
  25. 25. Who You Gonna Turn To?
  26. 26. Resources & Questions
  27. 27. Contact Information Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 [email_address]
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