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2015 11-04--learning for-the_future--saint_mary's_college[v2]


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This presentation/facilitated discussion for faculty members at Saint Mary's College of California explores what faculty members can do to better prepare students (particularly in a liberal arts college) for success in the contemporary workplace. (Press the "Notes" button--lower right-hand corner of this SlideShare display--for speaker notes.)

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2015 11-04--learning for-the_future--saint_mary's_college[v2]

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. A Conversation Facilitated by Paul Signorelli Writer/Trainer/Consultant Paul Signorelli & Associates Twitter: @paulsignorelli., @trainersleaders Saint Mary’s College of California November 4, 2015, Moraga, CA Learning forthe Future: Habits of Mind and Teaching forLife Skills
  4. 4. Setting the Context: From Classroom…
  5. 5. …to Workplace
  6. 6. A Different Approach to Working?
  7. 7. Pew on Millennials’ Approach to Learning Millennials “are on track to become the most educated generation in American history.” --Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next
  8. 8. Pew on Millennials’ Approach to Learning A portrait of a generation with a firm recognition of and commitment to the importance of education
  9. 9. Discussion #1 What have you read, seen, or heard from your graduated students about their learning at SMC that has helped them in the employment landscape they are encountering?
  10. 10. Discussion #1 What have you read, seen, or heard from your graduated students about their learning at SMC that has helped them in the employment landscape they are encountering? What are you reading, seeing, or hearing that makes you most concerned about your students’ lifelong employment landscape?
  11. 11. Predicting vs. Preparing forthe Future “Black Swan logic makes what you don’t know far more relevant than what you do know.” --Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  12. 12. Shaping a Future …preparing for “a” future rather than “the” future…
  13. 13. Critical Thinking
  14. 14. Information Evaluation & Research Practice “Crap detection skills and the lack of them are a life-and-death matter for more people every day.” --Howard Rheingold, “Crap Detection 101”
  15. 15. Shared Inquiry
  16. 16. Written and Oral Communication
  17. 17. Discussion #2 How can we help our students prepare to match the skills we are teaching them in the classroom with what employers and customers/clients need?
  18. 18. Association: Social Media
  19. 19. Association: Social Media
  20. 20. Association: Social Media
  21. 21. Association: Social Media
  22. 22. Association: Social Media
  23. 23. Association: Personal Learning Networks
  24. 24. Association: Personal Learning Networks
  25. 25. Association: Personal Learning Networks
  26. 26. Association: Professional Organizations
  27. 27. Association: Professional Organizations
  28. 28. Association: Professional Organizations
  29. 29. Association: Professional Organizations
  30. 30. Association: Professional Organizations
  31. 31. Association: Professional Organizations
  32. 32. Association: Conferences
  33. 33. Association: Conferences
  34. 34. Association: Conferences
  35. 35. Association: Conferences
  36. 36. Association: Conferences
  37. 37. Preparing forBlackSwans, Revisited
  38. 38. Preparing forBlackSwans, Revisited
  39. 39. Discussion #3 What steps can we take over the next few weeks/months/years to more effectively match what we are teaching with what our students need for long-term success?
  40. 40. A Visual Summary
  41. 41. A Visual Summary
  42. 42. A Visual Summary
  43. 43. A Visual Summary
  44. 44. A Visual Summary
  45. 45. A Visual Summary
  46. 46. A Visual Summary
  47. 47. Resources
  48. 48. Questions, Comments, and Next Steps
  49. 49. ForMore Information Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 Twitter: @paulsignorelli, @trainersleaders
  50. 50. Credits & Acknowledgments (Images taken fromFlickr.comunless otherwise noted) Opening Screenshots of Student: From “A Vision of Students Today,” by Michael Wesch, posted on YouTube 10/12/2007 at Collaborative Classroom: From DerekBruff’s photostream at Collaborative Work Space (South of Market, San Francisco: Photo by Paul Signorelli Chessboard: Photo by Paul Signorelli New Media Consortium 2015 Summer Conference Black Swan Session: Photo by Paul Signorelli Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (Washington, D.C.): Photo by Paul Signorelli Black Swan Graphic: Detail (photograph by Paul Signorelli) of graphic facilitator Giselle Chow’s Black Swan design from the NMC Black Swan Ball (retreat) held near Austin, Texas in January 2015 Question Marks: From Valerie Everett’s photostreamat