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2014 08-06--online facilitation2--assessment[v1]


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This second of four webinars on "Mastering Online Facilitation," originally designed and delivered for SEFLIN, focuses on the need to engage in assessment before proceeding with the design and development of webinars and online meetings. It is designed to model the practices discussed with the learners; leaves plenty of time for interactions with and among the learners; and concludes with resources and suggested activities to help participants apply what they are learning.

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2014 08-06--online facilitation2--assessment[v1]

  1. 1. Facilitated by Paul Signorelli Writer/Trainer/Consultant Paul Signorelli & Associates Twitter: @paulsignorelli August 6, 2014 Mastering Online Facilitation: Assessing and Addressing the Need forMeetings and Webinars
  2. 2. Week1 Review
  3. 3. Questions fromWeek1?
  4. 4. 10 Tips forGood Meeting Design
  5. 5. 10 Tips forGood Meeting Design
  6. 6. Reminder: Slide Sorteras Online Agenda
  7. 7. Discussion #1: What Should An Agenda/Outline Do?
  8. 8. Discussion #1: What Should An Agenda/Outline Do? Thinking philosophically, please describe, in one ortwo sentences, how a meeting agenda orwebinaroutline can help you and yourcolleagues (orlearners) create actionable, transformative online experiences.
  9. 9. ADDIE: An Introduction
  10. 10. ADDIE: Analysis
  11. 11. ADdie: Design
  12. 12. AdDie: Develop
  13. 13. AddIe: Implementation
  14. 14. AddiE: Evaluation
  15. 15. Discussion #2: Using ADDIE to OurAdvantage Please briefly describe one concrete step you can take within the next weekto identify a meeting orlearning need that you use to develop an effective online meeting orwebinar. (Thinkabout what tools and practices you can use to collect information.)
  16. 16. Adult Learning: CharBooth
  17. 17. USER: Understand, Structure, Engage, Reflect
  18. 18. USER: Understand, Structure, Engage, Reflect
  19. 19. USER: Understand, Structure, Engage, Reflect
  20. 20. USER: Understand, Structure, Engage, Reflect
  21. 21. Thomas Kuhlmann: Rapid Development
  22. 22. Michael Allen: Rapid Development
  23. 23. Assessment Opportunities: Polling
  24. 24. Assessment Opportunities: Polling
  25. 25. Assessment Opportunities: Exploring
  26. 26. Discussion #3: Applying What We’ve Learned What is one thing you will do in the next weekto connect yourlibrary’s meeting orlearning needs with activities and tools we have discussed today?
  27. 27. In Summary
  28. 28. In Summary
  29. 29. In Summary
  30. 30. In Summary
  31. 31. Resources (1) “10 Tips for Good Meeting Design”, accessed August 1, 2014 meeting-design-tips.html “How to NOT Suck at Meetings,” by Eli Rubel Lifehacker, January 17, 2013
  32. 32. Resources (2) “Seven Free Online Tools for Scheduling Appointments,” by Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers, January 5, 2014 http://www.freetech4teachers. com/2014/01/seven-free- online-tools-for- scheduling.html#.U- AE9uNdX9o
  33. 33. Resources (3) Formore on web conferencing and online presentation skills:
  34. 34. Resources (4) Formore on web conferencing and online presentation skills:
  35. 35. Going Underthe Hood
  36. 36. Questions & Comments
  37. 37. ForMore Information Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 Twitter: @paulsignorelli
  38. 38. Credits & Acknowledgments (Images taken from unless otherwise noted): Gazing Into the Future: From Sean McGrath’s photostreamat Teacher and Students in Classroom: From’s photostreamat Analysis: From PennStateNews’s photostreamat Rube Goldberg Design Contest From PennStateNews’s photostream at Development: From Fraud Arts’ photostream at YouMedia Center: From The Shifted Librarians' photostream at Evaluation: From BilloPhotoo’s photostreamat The Explorer: From Knockton’s photostream at Question Marks: From Valerie Everett’s photostreamat