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2014 07-30--online facilitation1--leading-engaging_meetings_and_webinars[v2]


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This first of four webinars on "Mastering Online Facilitation," originally delivered and delivered for SEFLIN, provides an overview of how to design and facilitate webinars and online meetings. It is designed to model the practices discussed with the learners; leaves plenty of time for interactions with and among the learners; and concludes with resources and suggested activities to help participants apply what they are learning.

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2014 07-30--online facilitation1--leading-engaging_meetings_and_webinars[v2]

  1. 1. Facilitated by Paul Signorelli Writer/Trainer/Consultant Paul Signorelli & Associates Twitter: @paulsignorelli July 30, 2014 Mastering Online Facilitation: Leading Engaging Meetings and Webinars
  2. 2. Discussion #1: Engagement vs. Disengagement Please briefly describe one memorable onsite oronline meeting orclass you have attended, and describe what made it memorable.
  3. 3. Discussion #1: Engagement vs. Disengagement Please briefly describe one terrible onsite oronline meeting orclass you have attended, and describe what made you wish you had stayed home and read a book.
  4. 4. Focus: People and Communication
  5. 5. Building Upon What We Know
  6. 6. Blended: The Future That Is With Us Now
  7. 7. Myth-busting: Is Face-to-Face BetterThan Online?
  8. 8. Myth-busting: Is Face-to-Face BetterThan Online? “…most chief academic officers ratethelearningoutcomes for onlineeducation‘as goodas or betterthan’ thoseforface-to-face instruction.” --I. ElaineAllenandJeff Seaman, 2013
  9. 9. Myth-busting: Is Face-to-Face BetterThan Online? ml
  10. 10. Personal Experience: Online Meetings
  11. 11. Personal Experience: Afterthe Online Meetings
  12. 12. Personal Experience: Meetings as Learning Opportunities
  13. 13. Personal Experience: Webinars That Engage
  14. 14. Discussion #2: What Holds (Y)ourInterest? Please name at least one thing you have noticed in this session that you could immediately use in yourown online meetings orwebinars.
  15. 15. Becoming Comfortable Online: Essential Elements
  16. 16. Becoming Comfortable Online: Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide
  17. 17. Becoming Comfortable Online: BuildingOnlineLearningCommunities
  18. 18. Becoming Comfortable Online: First Webinar/NineLessons http://michelemartin.typepad
  19. 19. Basic Tips/Reminders: Practice, Experiment, & Embrace Failure
  20. 20. Basic Tips/Reminders: Practice, Experiment, & Embrace Failure
  21. 21. Basic Tips/Reminders: Practice, Experiment, & EmbraceFailure
  22. 22. Discussion #3: Fear What (if any) fears do you want to overcome as a result of your participation in these webinars?
  23. 23. The Audience You Cannot See: Picturing YourAudience
  24. 24. The Audience You Cannot See: Addressing and Responding
  25. 25. Discussion #3: Applying What We’ve Learned What is one thing you will do in the next weekto improve youronline presentation skills?
  26. 26. In Summary
  27. 27. In Summary
  28. 28. In Summary
  29. 29. In Summary
  30. 30. Resources (1) “Hanging Out With the Tech Crowd,” by Paul Signorelli Am e rican Librarie s blog, January 25, 2014 Chang ing Co urse : Te n Ye ars o f Tracking O nline Educatio n in the Unite d State s, by I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman Babson Survey Research Group and Quahog Research Group, LLC, 2013
  31. 31. Resources (2)
  32. 32. Resources (3) Formore on web conferencing and online presentation skills:
  33. 33. Going Underthe Hood
  34. 34. Questions & Comments
  35. 35. ForMore Information Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 Twitter: @paulsignorelli
  36. 36. Credits & Acknowledgments (Images taken from unless otherwise noted): Herding Cats: Screenshot from EDS Company’s video on YouTube at v=m_MaJDK3VNE Teacher and Students in Classroom: From’s photostreamat Empty Steas: From Eric James Sarmiento’s photostream at Communication: From Paul Shanks’s photostreamat Cisco Telepresence: Photo from DolanH’s photostream at ALA LITA (Library Information and Technology Association) Members With Google Glass: Photo by Paul Signorelli, at ALA Midwinter Meeting (Philadelphia), January 2014 Practice: From WoodleyWonderworks’s photostreamat Experiment: From JDHancock’s photostream at Edsel: From Ron Cogswell’s photostreamat Invisible Man: From Robert Huffstutter’s photostreamat Question Marks: From Valerie Everett’s photostreamat