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2014 06-10--hidden garden-steps--sunset_branch_library


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This presentation, prepared and facilitated for local library branch programs and neighborhood association meetings in spring/summer 2014, is an updated version of a conference presentation originally given in Davis, CA by Paul Signorelli and Aileen Barr in March 2014. Presenter notes are included with the slides.

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2014 06-10--hidden garden-steps--sunset_branch_library

  1. 1. Paul Signorelli Licia Wells San Francisco Public Library Sunset Branch June 10, 2014 Hidden Garden Steps: Creating Community, Art, and Gardens
  2. 2. Prelude: A Virtual Tour Flight by Flight Photos by Gilbert Johnson
  3. 3. Inspiration: Rio de Janeiro Escadaria Selarón
  4. 4. Inspiration: Caltagirone (Sicily)
  5. 5. First Steps: (Moraga Street and 16th Avenue)
  6. 6. Collaboration
  7. 7. Hidden Garden Steps: Solving a Problem
  8. 8. Hidden Garden Steps: Solving a Problem
  9. 9. Hidden Garden Steps: Solving a Problem
  10. 10. Hidden Garden Steps: Solving a Problem
  11. 11. Listening to the Community
  12. 12. Listening to the Community
  13. 13. Building Community: Peerto Peer
  14. 14. Going Where Our Community Is
  15. 15. Going Where Our Community Is
  16. 16. Going Where Our Community Is
  17. 17. Creating Community Hands On
  18. 18. The Landscape as Some See It
  19. 19. The Landscape as Some See It
  20. 20. The Landscape as Some See It
  21. 21. The Landscape as It Was forUs
  22. 22. The Landscape as It Was forUs “Theproject is poignant inits sweetness.” --JoeEskanazi, SFWeekly
  23. 23. OurWebsite
  24. 24. Combining Tradition and Innovation
  25. 25. Combining Onsite & Online Communities
  26. 26. Combining Onsite & Online Communities
  27. 27. Personalizing OurOnline Presence
  28. 28. Personalizing OurOnline Presence
  29. 29. Personalizing OurOnline Presence
  30. 30. Others Extending OurOnline Presence
  31. 31. Others Extending OurOnline Presence
  32. 32. Indiegogo , Kickstarter, and YouTube
  33. 33. Indiegogo , Kickstarter, and YouTube
  34. 34. Telling More than 600 Stories
  35. 35. Thanks, Thanks, and More Thanks
  36. 36. A Postscript
  37. 37. Resources
  38. 38. Questions, Comments, and Next Steps
  39. 39. ForMore Information Licia Wells San Francisco, CA Twitter: @liciawells Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 Twitter: @paulsignorelli http://buildingcreativebridges.wordpres
  40. 40. Credits & Acknowledgments Slide DeckDesigned by Paul Signorelli Flight-by-flight Hidden Garden Steps photographs were taken by Gilbert Johnson Other onsite Hidden Garden Steps photographs were taken by Paul Signorelli and Liz McLoughlin Opening Day Celebration Photos: Steve Bowles at Caltagirone Steps: From Brka’s Flickr photostream at 16th Avenue Tiled Steps (Moraga Steps) photographs were provided by Aileen Barr The Hidden Garden Steps project was completed through the support of numerous volunteers, government and nonprofit organizations, local business owners, existing neighborhood groups, and more than 600 donors. More information is available at More photographs are available on the website, as well as on Google+ at the following sites: Creating the Mosaic: Preparing the Site: Installing the Mosaic: Sustaining the Steps Community: