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Genesis pure's flip chart presentation

  1. 1. Genesis Flip Chart PresentationPage 1Welcome and thank you for evaluating Genesis PURE• Fastest growing co. in the United States• Genesis Pure is only 2 1/2 years old.• Genesis stands for “ a new beginning “• PURE is an acronym that means People United Reaching Everywhere• We are Pure in our products and Pure in our opportunity• Health and Wellness is the fastest growing industry in the World but the hottest trend in that industry is anything that is organic, all natural and Pure. Guess what guys? That is what Genesis Pure is all about!Page 2This is our company page• These are the men behind our company making it the fastest growing company.Our founder, formulator and owner is Dr. Lindsey Duncan• He is a clinical nutritionist and naturalpathic doctor.• Dr. Lindsey is somewhat of a Rock Star in the media these days in the Health and wellness movement. He has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show, Fox News, The View, and Dr. Oz.• He had clinics all over the world. In his clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, some of the biggest names in Hollywood called Dr. L their personal doctor. He has been flown into the white house to treat presidents and their families. This guy is world renowned in the field of natropathic medicine and clinical nutrition. If we wanted to see him we would have to wait 18 to 24 months.• Several years ago he closed his clinics down so he take his products to market and effect more people!• He selected a few of his Hi-impact products to move through Independent Business Owners who could help the average person have the same nutrition that only past presidents and the whose-who of Hollywood could afford in the past.• Dr. Lindsey ‘s claim to fame was that he developed a product that became the number 1 selling whole body cleanse and detox in the world.• He made millions on this product and thats why our company is debt-free!• Daren Hogge- is our president and he also has 20 plus years in the industry. His expertise is taking companies from good to great and small to big! With his background and relationships in other countries, he has already brought Genesis Pure into 10 countries.• We sometimes refer to Genesis Pure business model as “Costco meets Facebook” meaning wholesale meeting the social network. Very Unique! We don’t resale or sell products out of the back of the trunk of our cars. We don’t take orders or deliver either.
  2. 2. This is the business of the 21 Century! A “Now” business, made for today’s society that are too busy and don’t have the time. For our fast paced life style.• ? CF Whether you are here to ....Page 3Inc 500The Inc 500 is the top 500 privately owned companies, like the Fortune 500 is the topcorporately owned companies.• Genesis has already made the Inc 500 for two years in a row. This is the parent company called Genesis Today which has products that are mainly food based. Genesis Pure is the Direct Sales Arm of this company. We take Dr. Lindsey’s latest supplements to the market place.•