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How to use NOW 2012


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Demonstrates how to use the virtual learning environment at NTU called NOW

Published in: Education, Technology
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How to use NOW 2012

  1. 1. How to use NOW – NTU’s Online WorkspaceAngela Donaldson - Liaison Librarian, Law Boots Library 0115 8482893
  2. 2. You can access your NTUemail account from here
  3. 3. You can view your timetable here –check this regularly
  4. 4. Use the drop-down menu to find the correct week
  5. 5. Click on the MyHome button to return to your home page
  6. 6. From the home page, you canaccess your HomeDirectory (H drive)which is your own storage area onthe NTU network
  7. 7. The Library OneSearch link will allow you to launch thelibrary’s databases, including the legal ones.
  8. 8. To view the content of aLearning Room, click on the Learning Room name
  9. 9. A new menu appears on thelower left hand side, helping you to navigate your way around the Learning Room.
  10. 10. Click on the Study Unit Index, to access the content.
  11. 11. Individual items ofcontent will be listed here. Click on individual items to access them. Content items may be Word files, Powerpoint files, PDFs or html files.
  12. 12. Click onLearning Room at any time to return to the Learning Room’s front page.
  13. 13. Additional programmeinformation isavailable here
  14. 14. Remember that the My Home link will alwaysreturn you to your NOW Home Page.
  15. 15. For help and support with NOW,