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Guerilla testing for the IoT / REST jungle


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The Internet of Things is an exciting and scary place, full of new protocols, completely lacking standards, and never as simple as it should be. There are plenty of people telling you what to build, how to build it, and how to make money on it…but what about making sure that your IoT solution works, that it’s fast, and that it’s safe? Learn how you can test IoT devices using REST, MQTT, or an SDK to make sure the IoT of tomorrow actually lives up to all the hype. Examples will be based off of real-world and virtualized environments.

Published in: Technology
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Guerilla testing for the IoT / REST jungle

  1. 1. Guerilla Testing for the IoT / REST Jungle Paul Bruce Developer & Engineer Communications Mgr. Full-time Scotsman
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  5. 5. How to thrive in the IoT jungle? Iterate, iterate, iterate Test earlier Contribute to open standards The whole picture
  6. 6. Paul Bruce Developer, Engineer, Communications Manager, and full-time Scotsman @PaulSBruce @SmartBear @Ready_API @SoapUI