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Siyamakha Christian AIDS Project is aimed to assist church community in HIV/AIDS awareness.

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  1. 1. Siyamakha Christian Aids Project 2010 (SCAP) Siyamakha Christian Aids Project NPO Reg. 078/764 10 Turfontein Street, Victoria Park, Somerset West, 7130 +27 (0) 83 958 7933 +27 (0) 74 525 1817
  2. 2. Introduction This business plan provides a planning function that outlines the actions needed to take the SCAP idea to a “reality”. The document presents the strategy, management plan, marketing plan, PR and communication plan, financial plan, funding plan and risk analysis for the SCAP. This document will be used as SCAP working manual and guidelines will assist to secure funding from different Funders. Background Information Siyamakha Christian Aids Project (SCAP) was established in January 2010, with a vision from God. Wayne Carolus and Celeste Cloete-Carolus, committed to empower church communities on issues around HIV, Aids, TB and other related illnesses, founded it. SCAP through the founders’ involvement in the HIV, Aids and TB field has developed considerable expertise in training, research and advocacy. The projects that will be rolled out by SCAP will have a gender specific focus, and consider the gender imbalances and the impact thereof in the fight against HIV, Aids and TB. Violence against women, including sexual violence, is very widespread in South Africa. In a large survey, more than four in ten South African men reported to have been physically violent to an intimate partner. Over a quarter of men reported never having raped a woman with nearly one in twenty committing rape in the previous year. Little difference was found in the HIV prevalence of men who had raped a woman compared to those who had not. However, the generally high HIV prevalence among all men surveyed means there is a good chance that a man who commits rape has HIV. ( The disempowerment of South African women – revealed by such high levels of rape and domestic abuse – is a factor in the country’s HIV epidemic. Women who are unable to negotiate safer sex and the use of condoms will inevitably be at a greater risk of HIV. Research has found that woman who have been physically and sexually assaulted by their partners, as well as those who are in relationships with men who have a greater degree of control over them, are at a higher risk of HIV infection. (http// ) ‘At another moment in our history, in another context, the liberation movement observed that the time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices: submit or fight. That time has now come in our struggle to overcome AIDS. Let us declare now, as we declared then, that we shall not submit.’ Pres. Jacob Zuma. The time has come for churches and church communities in South Africa to stand up and take authority. We have been given authority and we need to use it. For too long the churches have allowed things to happen by being silent, No more! When the churches started preaching freedom and democracy from the pulpit during the liberation-struggle that is when things started to change for the better. It is time to bring the churches together, it is time that they start realising the power they have; and together they will be able to overcome this famine in the land. 2
  3. 3. Corporate Data Non-Profit Organisation Details NPO Registration nr: 078/764 Contact Person(s) Celeste Cloete-Carolus Executive Director Email: Cellnr: 0745251817 Wayne Carolus Operations Manager Email: Cell nr: 0839587933 Professional Advisors / Bankers Account Name: Siyamakha Christian Aids Project Account Number: 40-7619-3069 Account Type: Cheque Account Branch Code: 63 20 05 SCAP Description Siyamakha Christian Aids Project (SCAP) is a Non Profitable Organisation and is governed by a Management Board. SCAP Strategy The SCAP strategy consists of a vision, mission, strategic objectives and finally the actual high-level strategy, which will achieve these goals. Vision SCAP envisages equipped and empowered churches and church communities in South Africa and abroad to fight the HIV and TB pandemic in a unified manner. Mission The overall aim of SCAP is to empower churches and church communities to have a unique Christian response towards the HIV and TB pandemic. This will be done through capacity building, teaching and raising awareness, training, lobbying and advocating for improved services and access to healthcare. 3
  4. 4. Value principles Siyamakha Christian Aids Project (SCAP) is built on the following value principles: Ephesians 4:12 “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ….” NKJV Strategic objectives The SCAP’s 3-year goals are to: SCAP has identified the following Key Objectives for this proposal 1. To create awareness around HIV, Aids and TB in 6 districts in Western Cape Province. 2. To educate 1000 Men, Women, Youth and Caregivers of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) yearly in churches and church communities around their role in their communities and as individuals in the fight against HIV, Aids and TB. 3. To train 36 trainers per district to conduct learning events and special events. 4. To host 6 roundtable HIV/Aids strategic debates, one per district per year. 5. To conduct 2 information sessions a month in schools in which OVC’s are attending to create awareness around Prevention, Treatment, Care and Stigma 6. To host 30 capacity workshop in Western Cape. 4
  5. 5. SCAP Strategy The strategy defines how SCAP will achieve its value principles and goals. SCAP’s strategy is as follows: 5