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Persuasion, Personality, Conversion - PPC for the Smart Kids


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Paul Rouke, Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD, presentation slides from ConversionSummt 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. It looks at examples of the most effective persuasive techniques, where brands are combining multiple techniques to improve conversion, and one of the biggest missing ingredients of most online experiences - humanising the content and demonstrating personality

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Persuasion, Personality, Conversion - PPC for the Smart Kids

  1. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?A brilliant reference for persuasive techniques
  2. @paulrouke #CS13 Persuasion, Personality, Conversion – PPC for the Smart Kids by Paul Rouke (@paulrouke) Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD 5th Septmber 2013 @ Conversion Summit, Frankfurt
  3. @paulrouke #CS13 PRWD work closely with brands to optimise their online conversion rate across desktop, tablet and mobile About Us
  4. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?About this session • Leading examples of where brands are using some of the most influential persuasive techniques • Examples of where brands are combining different persuasive techniques to enhance their influence on positive user behaviour • Examples of one of the most significant missing ingredients in almost all online experiences
  5. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?A brilliant reference for persuasive techniques
  6. @paulrouke #CS13
  7. @paulrouke #CS13 ScarcityRecency Social Proof How use scarcity and other persuasive techniques... Saving
  8. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience? See how persuades visitors to book
  9. @paulrouke #CS13 Tips to demonstrate scarcity & encourage action Use words such as “selling fast” on some products to introduce social proof Use words such as “last few remaining” to create intrigue If you indicate current activity (like make this genuine Provide a filter in your navigation for “low stock availability” as some users will be attracted to these products Position the stock message in close proximity to the call to action Indicate when someone last made a purchase decision Indicate scarcity more than once, using different language to say the same thing
  10. @paulrouke #CS13
  11. @paulrouke #CS13 Vancouver Convention Centre pay considerable attention to the importance of establishing & demonstrating social proof – they also provide different types of content to engage visitors in ways appropriate to their behaviour
  12. @paulrouke #CS13 When I see examples of big organisations who have hosted events and conferences at a particular venue this has a strong influence on how I think about that venue. Video testimonials are more convincing than written testimonials. “ A user taking part in an in-depth research study
  13. @paulrouke #CS13 As well as showing ratings on the lister pages, Speedo position the star rating & number of reviews in the ideal position where users will focus attention on
  14. @paulrouke #CS13 Ratings are provided in a number of important areas, which visitors can filter by, and Speedo go to considerable lengths to ensure visitors can empathise with the reviewers
  15. @paulrouke #CS13 I really like how the reviews are designed with the little bar-charts. You see where people are happy or disappointed with a product. I really like how you classify what type of swimmer you are. I can tell if the reviewer is in the same mind-frame as me. “ A user on the Speedo website
  16. @paulrouke #CS13 Tips to showcasing social proof Don't rely on ratings being on your product pages - use them through the user journey in key areas of focus for visitors Bring customer comments to the surface, not hidden away in tabs Combine both famous & non famous people to provide social proof about your proposition & service/products Allow visitors to filter reviews to find the most relevant ones that they can empathise with Provide reviewers with the opportunity to describe/categorise themselves – demonstrate authenticity & allow visitors to empathise with them
  17. @paulrouke #CS13
  18. @paulrouke #CS13 ASOS have provided customers with a perfect way to consider a wider range of products rather than having to make a decision to ‘add or not to add to my basket’ – plus they provide a seamless experience to purchase items
  19. @paulrouke #CS13 So how many visitors are using this feature?
  20. @paulrouke #CS13 Short answer? Shitloads. Hundreds of thousands of saves a day. “ James Hart, eCommerce Director at ASOS
  21. @paulrouke #CS13 When we started working with Molton Brown their shopping basket wasn’t encouraging visitors to proceed to checkout
  22. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  23. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  24. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  25. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  26. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE
  27. @paulrouke #CS13 AFTER
  28. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  29. @paulrouke #CS13 BEFORE AFTER
  30. @paulrouke #CS13 The revised shopping basket aims to encourage visitors to act on their previous decision to add products into their basket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Checkout is now the most prominent CTA 2 Dynamic messaging encourages additional purchases 3 Delivery costs & timescales are now visible Emphasis is drawn to the FREE samples & gift options 4 5 Ticks are used to demonstrate positive messaging 6 Users are discouraged from trying to obtain a promo code Security assurances are provided to increase confidence 7 The call to action provides security assurance 8
  31. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?How did these combined changes impact the performance of this page? Visitors proceeding to checkout increased by 37%
  32. @paulrouke #CS13 Tips to maintaining visitor’s momentum Repeat key proposition messages through the user journey, not just at the initial decision making point Provide customers with a lower level of initial commitment, not just ‘add to basket’ Focus the user on what they are there to do - distractions can be toxic Use colours to draw peoples attention to your key persuasive elements - just being there isn't always enough Use ticks to provide positive, visual affirmation of what the user has done and what benefits they will be getting
  33. @paulrouke #CS13
  34. @paulrouke #CS13 ASOS originally used the phrase “create an account” in both the copy and on the call to action for new customers. They also had 3 competing calls to action using the same button style
  35. @paulrouke #CS13 ASOS now provide one the most simple, barrier free checkout pages for new customers – simply asking them to continue
  36. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?How did this message change and call to action impact the performance of this page? Abandonment Rate Was Reduced by 50%
  37. @paulrouke #CS13 AllSaints originally provided new customers with 2 different options at the start of checkout – create an account or continue as a guest
  38. @paulrouke #CS13 The redesigned checkout provided new customers with one option which was to start entering their details, whilst de- emphasising the login facility for returning customers so as not to distract new visitors
  39. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?How did this reduction in choices for new customers affect conversion rate? New customer conversion rate Increased by 18%
  40. @paulrouke #CS13 The new order confirmation page for this retailer aims to focus first time buyers attention on choosing to create their account – see also the aspirational imagery to get customers thinking about the goal of their online shopping journey
  41. @paulrouke #CS13 Tips for reducing choice & improving completion Provide visitors with as few options as possible, just one if they are new customers and you are selling online On key landing pages limit the number of calls to action to focus the visitor on what you want them to do Pay particular attention (and test) the wording on your call to action elements, to understand how they impact completion Reduce or even remove text that accompanies primary action buttons as this slows down progress or is often disregarded Use tick icons to highlight the benefits users will get by making a decision Aim to create a sense of momentum by allowing visitors to make quick & easy decisions early on within a process of pages/tasks
  42. @paulrouke #CS13
  43. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience?
  44. @paulrouke #CS13 Believe it or not on first viewing, Lings Cars feature a wealth of persuasive techniques to encourage visitors to buy
  45. @paulrouke #CS13 Assuming you can fulfil the service or goods supply that you offer, the biggest thing to get right is simply to emotionalise your offering “ The irrepressible Ling Valentine (@LINGScars)
  46. @paulrouke #CS13
  47. @paulrouke #CS13 It is about gaining trust and then providing a way to deliver a 100% digital service, while remaining personal. “ The mad as toast Ling Valentine (@LINGScars)
  48. @paulrouke #CS13 Would you trust this woman?!
  49. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience? In 2012 the RRP of the cars they leased online was over €58million
  50. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience? See how Lings Cars persuades visitors to buy
  51. @paulrouke #CS13 Bella Center in Copenhagen provide a very boring, in- personal experience when visitors are interested in making contact
  52. @paulrouke #CS13 Manchester Central have a clear understanding that “people buy people” and provide visibility of who are the key contacts that potential buyers will be working with
  53. @paulrouke #CS13 Richer Sounds also recognise the importance of demonstrating their personality and humanising their online content
  54. @paulrouke #CS13 You need to bring people and emotions to the front. We do business with people, the human touch is the way things are moving towards “ A user looking for a service provider online
  55. @paulrouke #CS13 Tips for introducing delighters, personality & humanising your online content People buy people - show visitors who they will be dealing with, not just names, emails and telephone numbers Pay close attention to goal completion pages of your site and provide content which adds value Look at opportunities in your copy to demonstrate some personality Don’t be afraid to show your human side Use language which resonates with visitors & potential buyers Provide short video case studies & client testimonials to let your customers sell your products & services for you
  56. @paulrouke #CS13 What is Usability and User Experience? Summary > Persuasive design is everywhere (in small bits) > Instilling trust is fundamental, no matter who you are > Avoid the dark arts (see to remain credible & trustworthy > Focus on the full customer journey, including the end Combine usability, persuasion & personality for the biggest commercial (and user experience) impact
  57. @paulrouke #CS13 Extensive usability, persuasion & conversion resources available online here: