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My Virtual Resume

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My Virtual Resume

  1. 1. Paul Roemer<br />1475 Luna Drive<br />Downingtown, PA 19335 <br />Home: 610-383-7022<br />Mobile: 484-885-6942<br />Email: <br />Summary ofI am a professional services executive and business transformation strategist with expertise in building and managing profitable consulting practices. My core strength is building deep, executive client relationships that yield multiple opportunities within those clients. I manage risky and highly visible projects. <br />Prior to founding my firm I built profitable consulting practices for Arthur Andersen, Coopers & Lybrand, KPMG (BearingPoint), and IBM. I founded my international consulting firm, Pale Rhino, in 1996, and built successful <br />practices focused in IT consulting and strategy in telecommunications and healthcare, focusing on a range of functional areas including Customer Experience Management and Social-CRM. <br />My deep skill set is transferable across several industries include retail, manufacturing, utilities, financial services, and technology. I am a respected, principled leader with earned reputation for high level of integrity who thrives in international and multicultural arenas. <br />Education:MBA Vanderbilt University 1981<br />DuPont Scholar<br />B.A. Mathematics & Economics University of Maryland1978<br />University /- Guest Lecturer, Temple University<br />Speaking <br />Professional Experience:Pale Rhino Consulting<br />1996 to PresentDowningtown, PA<br />Position:Partner, Founder<br />Scope: International management consultancy<br />Launched a strategy consulting firm to $5 million annual revenue within 3 years and achieved 270% annual revenue growth with profit margins exceeding 43% and a staff of seventy. Industry focus included convergent telecommunications (wireline, wireless, cable, satellite, internet) and healthcare IT strategy (starting in 2009). We delivered consulting services in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Seventy percent of revenues resulted from selling additional services to existing clients; thirty percent of consulting revenues came from referrals. I never lost a consulting client to a competitor or from having failed to deliver.<br />Starting in 2009, I developed a healthcare IT strategy consulting practice and added six new clients within the first twelve months. Published frequently in six prominent online trade journals including my own blog which has 46,000 readers. Expertise includes HIT/EHR strategy, Meaningful Use, the implications of healthcare reform, and its relationship to improving operations and the competitive landscape. In addition to my blog, I am a regular contributor to,,, and, and a frequent keynote speaker on a range of Healthcare IT topics. <br />Engaged by a group of hospitals to help them align their healthcare IT strategy with their business strategy. Deployed that strategy as the foundation for developing their strategy regarding Meaningful Use.<br />Hired by the CEO of an EHR vendor to develop a repositioning channel strategy.<br />Hired by the COO of a multi-billion dollar Swedish medical device manufactured to rescue a failing PLM implementation.<br />Engaged for six months by a business intelligence vendor to develop new strategic marketing channels.<br />Engaged for a year by an outsourcing firm to grow their telecommunications practice.<br />Personally consulted to nine of the top ten leading CRM/OSS/Billing applications vendors.<br />Consulted to CRM vendors’ clients with a combined customer base of more than 200 million,<br />Created strategic partnership with the head of IBM Global Services Europe. <br />Developed a strategic plan for the client focusing on four specific areas: combating competitive threats, developing tactics to increase revenues of their core products, developing profiles of its subscriber base, and positioning the operator for launching paging and internet services.<br />Sold and led two-year customer service reengineering project to Spain’s largest phone company, Telefonica. Analyzed, developed, and implemented the strategic IT plan. Assessed their call centers in Europe and South America, defined requirements, issued an RFP, implemented new processes and assisted in the consolidation of their call centers and platforms. Results included a 25 percent staff reduction, reducing call volumes by 32%, and reduced churn by 7%.<br />Sold and led disaster recovery engagement to Spain’s startup phone company, Retrovision.<br />Performed an acquisition strategy for a leading international CRM vendor in New Zealand. Reviewed the functional requirements for a leading international customer care and billing applications developer to more readily adapt their application to meet the requirements of the convergent market. In addition, helped them develop a market strategy to penetrate the North American cable television and telephony market. <br /><ul><li> Turned a three-day engagement in Brazil for a startup phone company into a multiple engagements lasting two-and-a-half years and employing thirty consultants. Defined and wrote all of their business processes and business rules.
  2. 2. Analyzed the functional and technical requirements for customer care and billing and call centers for a CLEC that offers local and long distance telephony, cable television, and internet. Developed a request for proposal, and assisted with the vendor selection.
  3. 3. A large North American cable operator had already completed analysis of billing vendors and was in final negotiations to build its own convergent customer care and billing application. The project included reviewing their analysis, functional, and technical requirements. Concluded that their requirements could be met more inexpensively and quicker by partnering with an existing applications vendor. This resulted in the client selecting a vendor who had not been included in their first analysis, and saved the client in excess of $30,000,000. Helped the operator define the requirements for a proprietary rules-based multi-media front-end.</li></ul>Delivered best practices in customer experience management to a large cable operator which resulted in a thirty-five percent cost savings. Reengineered cable operator’s call center and customer care business processes for cable television, digital cable, high definition television, high speed internet, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Reengineered the interface between the operator’s installers and tech services and the direct sales reps to ensure it worked effectively with the customer care processes. Designed their intranet to ensure paperless operation for the CSR’s.<br /><ul><li>For a large US cable operator I conducted an in-depth operations review at the system and operating levels to determine which operational changes were required to implement company-wide “Best Practices”. The analysis provided the client with realistic ways to increase revenues and decrease costs, and it provided tangible recommendations to decrease churn, decrease the number of truck rolls, increase revenue per subscriber, and increase customer satisfaction.</li></ul>Previous Employment:IBM<br />1995 to 1996Philadelphia. PA<br />Position:Principal, Practice Leader—Cable Television Consulting <br />Scope: Management Consulting<br />Reporting to Partner-in-charge of Telecommunications Consulting<br />Recruited by the head of Global Services Telecommunications Consulting to start IBM’s cable consulting practice.<br />Created cable television consultant training programs.<br />The world’s largest direct broadcast satellite video provider was preparing to launch a service using Smart Card technology in 32 countries in Latin America. Reviewed the design of the selected customer care and billing system, including the policy, regulatory, cultural and procedural implications for Latin America, and developed recommendations of the functional changes required to adapt the application to that market. Assisted in the design of customer care training, and the writing of policy and procedure manuals.<br />Reengineered customer service and call centers for the largest Canadian cable operator.<br />Analyzed a cable operator’s in-house customer care application that was under development and developed recommendations for finding a short-term solution to allow them to launch telephony services two years early. Worked with them to define long-term options for dealing with their in-house application.<br />Developed strategic partnerships with leading CRM vendors.<br />Created 170% revenue growth for products and services in eighteen months and created new service lines.<br />Previous Employment:KPMG<br />1992 to 1995Denver, CO<br />Position:National Director Cable Television & CRM Consulting<br />Scope: Management Consulting<br />Reporting to Partner-in-charge of Cable Television Audit & Tax<br />Recruited by member of KPMG’s board and Managing Partner of KPMG’s National Tax Practice to start the consulting practice.<br /> Built practice to 30 professionals using audit and tax professionals to yield higher margins <br /> Added a dozen new domestic and international clients. Cross-selling added new audit and tax clients <br /> Increased consulting revenues from cable television clients from $3,000 to more than $14 million.<br />Added more than a dozen new clients<br />Used lower cost audit and tax professionals as industry experts which delivered higher margins.<br />Sold and led business strategy in the UK to National Geographic that lead to the creation of National Geographic’s cable television channels.<br />Co-managed a strategy project at US WEST to define their cable television market entry for Europe. Developed a strategic plan to assess the opportunities to launch voice, video, and data services in Europe including call centers and OSS. Analyzed the capabilities of their existing European operations, and on a country by country basis developed an analysis and recommendations of the existing voice, video, and data providers, and regulatory barriers.<br />Sold and led competitive assessments and channel strategies to all three of the leading cable CRM/billing applications vendors.<br />Sold and led due diligence project to TCI for cable properties they would acquire in South America.<br />Sold and led process improvement projects to large cable operators in the UK and Italy.<br />I was the highest ranked partner admission candidate in the region.<br />Previous Employment:Telecommunications Inc. (TCI)<br />1990 to 1992Denver, CO<br />Position:Director of Business Development<br />Scope: Full responsibility for the development and launch of a new business unit to eleven million customers.<br />Reporting to COO<br /> Responsible for the planning and marketing strategy for a new telecommunications premium product launch (digital music); achieved $90 million run rate at 35% profit margin.<br />Developed forecasts and projects, recruited, hired and trained staff, implemented the business plan.<br />Developed and managed strategic channel partnerships with Bose and Magnavox for sales, marketing, and distribution.<br />Launched the project nationally.<br />Previous Employment:Coopers & Lybrand<br />1987 to 1990Denver, CO<br />Position:Senior Manager<br />Scope: Management Consulting<br />Reporting to Managing Partner<br />Project co-leader for systems plan and ERP selection and implementation for the largest US natural gas pipeline. Managed a staff of 30 client and consulting personnel, managed a twenty-four million dollar project.<br />Sold and managed IT strategy for US WEST.<br />Sold and managed and IT/Business strategy engagement for Manville Corporation, reporting to the CEO. Reengineered three of Manville’s mining operations, two in the US, one in France.<br />Started a cable television consulting practice at C&L which resulted in bringing eight new clients for the firm, five of which became audit and tax clients including clients in the UK and Taiwan. The practice had a running rate of one million dollars within its first twelve months, and resulted in hiring and managing seven new consultants.<br />Previous Employment:Deloitte Touche<br />1984 to 1987Denver, CO<br />Position:Consulting Manager<br />Scope: Management Consulting<br />Various Partners<br />Contributed to increasing the staff from 11 to 24 consultants.<br />Sold and managed an engagement to develop the IT strategy and systems plan for a multi-state concrete manufacturer.<br />Project manager for a customer service improvement project for a large interstate banking system.<br />Project manager for a large ERP requirements definition and implementation for Texas Gas and Electric.<br />Previous Employment:Arthur Andersen Consulting<br />1981 to 1984Dallas, TX<br />Position:Senior Consultant<br />Scope: Management Consulting<br />Reporting to various partners<br />Developed a consulting practice in natural gas regulatory issues for Andersen’s oil and gas clients resulting in new clients and additional revenue stream for existing clients.<br />Project leader on an MRP engagement for a local manufacturing firm.<br />Project leader to define ERP requirements for a national gasoline retailer.<br />Lead analyst for ERP implementation for a large Texas bank.<br />Married, father of three adorable children. Author, painter, runner, and mountain climber. Adjunct instructor at Temple University’s school of business. Various boards.<br />