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Healthcaré GO! Is Healthcare's Moonshot

  1. This Is Healthcare’s Moonshot Imagine This World: Healthcaré GO!
  2. Evolution Of Consumerism In Healthcare 1900’s 1970’s 2000’s 2020
  3. What Makes Pokémon GO! go? • It’s free, easy to download, and easy to use • It rewards habitual use • It knows who you are and where you are • It works on every smart device • And it spawns Pokémon near you
  4. What Makes Pokémon GO! go? • Pokémon GO! eliminated the hardware constraint • It bypassed Siri, Alexa, and Cortada • It went straight to the cloud
  5. Scheduling Healthcare Appointments Doesn’t Work for Providers Or Patients, So Why Do It? • Patients don’t want to call • They have to call multiple times • Patients find other providers who can see them sooner • Many patients don’t call to cancel their appointments • No-shows and cancellations waste resources & cost money
  6. • Don’t schedule a consultation • Just have it in real time • The technology already exists to do it Keep reading to see how Instead Of Fixing Scheduling, Why Not Eliminate The Need For It?
  7. What Will Make Healthcaré GO! go? • You are seeking a doctor in your area • It knows who you are and where you are • It has your pharmacy information • It knows your insurance and coverage
  8. Instead Of Selecting A Car You Select A Doctor • You tell Healthcaré GO! the type of doctor you need • You tell Healthcaré GO! the time you want for a Telehealth or office appointment • Healthcaré GO! shows doctors available during that time • You add your requirements and the list is narrowed • You can read about the doctors who meet your requirements
  9. Healthcaré GO! Will Be A Little Like Using Uber • Healthcaré GO! will spawn available doctors in your area • You add your unique health requirements • Healthcaré GO! tells you the cost to see each doctor • You select a doctor • The doctor accesses you personal health record • You have your Telehealth appointment
  10. What Does Healthcaré GO! Give Consumers? • Choice • Doctors make an you an offer: • Waive your copay • Discount the price of the visit • Frequent flier points • Discount other services
  11. An Office Visit Without The Wait Time • You have your appointment • Healthcaré GO! sends a prescription to your pharmacy • Healthcaré GO! can schedule a follow up appointment • Healthcaré GO! collects your copay • Healthcaré GO! bills your payer • Healthcaré GO! updates your personal health record
  12. Healthcaré GO! Will Drive Health & Wellness • Remote patient monitoring • Assess data collected using health apps & wearables • Proactively notify you to see a physician • Manage your family’s health • Be available 24 x 7
  13. Healthcaré GO! Will Facilitate Modifying Behaviors • Healthcaré GO! will develop health recommendations based on your data • Gamification will increase consumption, drive wellness and health-commerce • Make health fun and absorbing like Foursquare, Klout, and Pokémon • Use PBL’s—points, badges, and leaderboards
  14. How Will Providers & Payers Benefit? • In one week, Nintendo’s value more than doubled. It now exceeds Sony’s value • Patient acquisition and retention • Healthier people • Proactive care • Going from care to wellness
  15. What’s In It For People? • Healthier people • Proactive care • Shifting from care to wellness
  16. Doctors Bid For Your Business 20% Discount No copay I take Aetna No referral required Open Until 10 p.m.
  17. Healthcaré GO! The Magic Is The Healthcaré GO! Cloud • Knows what you need • Knows who can provide it • Handles the referral • Applies any discount • Calculates your copay • Collects your copay • Submits your claim • Connects you to the doctor • Updates your health record • Submits your prescription • Schedules your next appointment