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Healthcaré GO! Is Healthcare's Moonshot


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Instead of arguing reality, why not augment it? What if healthcare could learn how to change the behavior of consumers and make them healthy by doing it the way consumers want?

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Healthcaré GO! Is Healthcare's Moonshot

  1. 1. This Is Healthcare’s Moonshot Imagine This World: Healthcaré GO!
  2. 2. Evolution Of Consumerism In Healthcare 1900’s 1970’s 2000’s 2020
  3. 3. What Makes Pokémon GO! go? • It’s free, easy to download, and easy to use • It rewards habitual use • It knows who you are and where you are • It works on every smart device • And it spawns Pokémon near you
  4. 4. What Makes Pokémon GO! go? • Pokémon GO! eliminated the hardware constraint • It bypassed Siri, Alexa, and Cortada • It went straight to the cloud
  5. 5. Scheduling Healthcare Appointments Doesn’t Work for Providers Or Patients, So Why Do It? • Patients don’t want to call • They have to call multiple times • Patients find other providers who can see them sooner • Many patients don’t call to cancel their appointments • No-shows and cancellations waste resources & cost money
  6. 6. • Don’t schedule a consultation • Just have it in real time • The technology already exists to do it Keep reading to see how Instead Of Fixing Scheduling, Why Not Eliminate The Need For It?
  7. 7. What Will Make Healthcaré GO! go? • You are seeking a doctor in your area • It knows who you are and where you are • It has your pharmacy information • It knows your insurance and coverage
  8. 8. Instead Of Selecting A Car You Select A Doctor • You tell Healthcaré GO! the type of doctor you need • You tell Healthcaré GO! the time you want for a Telehealth or office appointment • Healthcaré GO! shows doctors available during that time • You add your requirements and the list is narrowed • You can read about the doctors who meet your requirements
  9. 9. Healthcaré GO! Will Be A Little Like Using Uber • Healthcaré GO! will spawn available doctors in your area • You add your unique health requirements • Healthcaré GO! tells you the cost to see each doctor • You select a doctor • The doctor accesses you personal health record • You have your Telehealth appointment
  10. 10. What Does Healthcaré GO! Give Consumers? • Choice • Doctors make an you an offer: • Waive your copay • Discount the price of the visit • Frequent flier points • Discount other services
  11. 11. An Office Visit Without The Wait Time • You have your appointment • Healthcaré GO! sends a prescription to your pharmacy • Healthcaré GO! can schedule a follow up appointment • Healthcaré GO! collects your copay • Healthcaré GO! bills your payer • Healthcaré GO! updates your personal health record
  12. 12. Healthcaré GO! Will Drive Health & Wellness • Remote patient monitoring • Assess data collected using health apps & wearables • Proactively notify you to see a physician • Manage your family’s health • Be available 24 x 7
  13. 13. Healthcaré GO! Will Facilitate Modifying Behaviors • Healthcaré GO! will develop health recommendations based on your data • Gamification will increase consumption, drive wellness and health-commerce • Make health fun and absorbing like Foursquare, Klout, and Pokémon • Use PBL’s—points, badges, and leaderboards
  14. 14. How Will Providers & Payers Benefit? • In one week, Nintendo’s value more than doubled. It now exceeds Sony’s value • Patient acquisition and retention • Healthier people • Proactive care • Going from care to wellness
  15. 15. What’s In It For People? • Healthier people • Proactive care • Shifting from care to wellness
  16. 16. Doctors Bid For Your Business 20% Discount No copay I take Aetna No referral required Open Until 10 p.m.
  17. 17. Healthcaré GO! The Magic Is The Healthcaré GO! Cloud • Knows what you need • Knows who can provide it • Handles the referral • Applies any discount • Calculates your copay • Collects your copay • Submits your claim • Connects you to the doctor • Updates your health record • Submits your prescription • Schedules your next appointment