eHOM (enhanced Hospital Operations Map)


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eHOM (enhanced Hospital Operations Map)

  1. 1. e-HOM : Healthcare Operations Map A Service Management Business Process Model Patient Patient Interface Management ProcessAccess to Admissions Scheduling EMPI EHR Discharge Planning Information management processesCareDelivery of Patient Identification Safety/Meds Management Orders/Results Clinical Data Medical RecordsCare Clinical Emergency Specialty DocumentationDiagnostic Pharmacy Radiology Lab Cardiology PACSServicesAccounting Material Management Financials AP/GL Cost Accounting HR Payroll Billing, AR, CollectionsFor Care Information Technology 1
  2. 2. Layers correspond with Business eHOM horizontals Management Delivery Of Care Accounting for CareBusiness Support Systems TOM processes are captured in “FAB” area of eHOM Operations eHOM maps the NGOSS Business Business Support View Systems 2
  3. 3. eHOM - the Enhanced Healthcare Operations Map Business of HealthcareManaging the Business of Healthcare Managing the Delivery of Care Strategy & Infrastructure Services Operations Access to Accounting Financials & Commit Lifecycle Lifecycle Support & Care For Care Billing & Management Management Readiness CollectionsMarketing & Offer Management Patient Relationship Management (PRM)Service Development & Management Service Management & OperationsResource Development & Management Scheduling & StaffingSupply Chain Development & Management Supplier/Partner Relationship Management Enterprise Management Strategic & Enterprise Enterprise Risk Enterprise Effectiveness Knowledge & Research Planning Management Management Management Financial & Asset Stakeholder & External Regulatory and Human Resources Management Relations Management Compliance Management Management 3
  4. 4. Level 2 Managing the Delivery of Care ProcessesManaging the Delivery of Care Operations Support Access to Care Accounting for Financials, Billing & Readiness Care & Collections Patient Relationship Patient Interface Management Management Selling Dispute Problem Patient Billing & PRM CRM Marketing Order QoS / SLA Collections Social Management Handling Support & Fulfillment Handling Management Management Media Readiness Response Retention & Loyalty Service Management & Services Service Service Service Service & Coding & Revenue SM&O Operations Configuration Management Problem Quality Specific Instance Assurance Support & & Activation Management Management Rating Readiness Resource Management & Resource Resource Resource Resource Scheduling Trouble Performance RM&O Operations Provisioning Management Management Support & Readiness Resource Data Collection & ProcessingSupplier/Partner Relationship S/P S/P Problem S/P S/P Settlements Management Requisition Reporting & Performance & Billing S/PRM Management Management Management Management Support & Readiness Supplier/ Partner Interface Management Supplier/Partner 4
  5. 5. Level 2 Managing the Delivery of Care Processes Managing the Business of Healthcare Strategy & Commit Infrastructure Services Lifecycle Lifecycle Management ManagementMarketing & Offer Management Services & Offer Services Marketing Development Communications Communications Market Services & Offer Marketing Services & Offer & Retirement & Promotion Strategy & Portfolio Planning Portfolio Planning Capability Capability Delivery Capability Policy Delivery Delivery Sales & Marketing Sales Development EffectivenessService Development & Management Service Service Service Strategy & Capability Development & Planning Delivery RetirementResource Development & Management Resource Resource Resource Strategy & Capability Development & Planning Delivery RetirementSupply Chain Development & Management Supply Chain Supply Chain Supply Chain Development Strategy & Capability & Change Planning Delivery Management 5
  6. 6. eHOM Information ArchitectureMarket / Sales Market Strategy & Plan Marketing Campaign Contact/Lead/Prospect Market Segment Competitors Sales Statistic Marketing ChannelAccess to Care Registration Scheduling EHR Admissions EMPI Discharge PlanningPatient Applied Patient Billing Patient Medical Record Patient Order Patient Problem Patient Bill Collection Rate Patient Interaction Patient Statistic Patient SLA Patient Bill Patient Bill InquiryCare Services Safety/Medication Mgmt Clinical Documentation Pharmacy Labs Operating Room Orders/Results Emergency Department Radiology Cardiology PACSResource Resource Resource Scheduling Resource Performance Resource Strategy & Plan Resource Specification Resource Configuration Resource Usage Resource TroubleSupplier / Partner S/P Performance S/P Bill Supplier/Partner S/P Interaction S/P Order S/P Problem S/P Bill Inquiry S/P Plan S/P Services S/P SLA S/P Statistic S/P PaymentEnterprise Revenue Assurance Materials Management Supply Chain Financials AP/GL Cost Accounting HR Payroll 6 Billing & Collections, AR Business Intelligence Budgeting
  7. 7. Corporate & Institutional Care Delivery Insurance Management and Care Analysis Corporate and InstitutionalAdministration Billing AdministrationFinance and Accounting Electronic Patient Record Practice Management Solutions Clinical Data Warehousing Call Center ManagementHuman Resources Enterprise Resource Scheduling Eligibility Verification Master Patient Index Personal Health Information SystemsExecutive Information Systems Medical Imaging Systems Referral Management Controlled Medical Vocabularies Patient Medical ServicesMedical Device and Materials Laboratory Systems Insurance Billing and EDI Integration Outcomes Analysis Marketing/salesManagement Pharmacy Management Systems Patient Billing and Collections Risk Pool Management Benefits ManagementPurchasing and Procurement OR/ER Information Systems Claims Administration and Utilization Review Enrollment and Patient SupportFacility and Infrastructure Support Adjudication Medical Specialty Software Provider/Facility ProfilingBack-office Automation Claims Coding and Audit Systems Dictation/voice Recognition Packages Decision Support SystemsDesk Office Systems/Desktop Billing ComplianceManagement Wireless/Computer-Aided Research Management Documentation tools Physician Credentialing Telemedicine